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  1. Consistency is the key from now till the end of the season, something we have been lacking imo. I still think he maybe had enough time to keep us up last year, but the rot in the squad had probably already set in. I said at the start of this season it would be difficult, and it is. I will judge him on the whole season and what we achieve, which could still end up with promotion and a trophy, or just further disappointment.
  2. Think that's a bit unfair to be honest, he is managing the squad, making changes, that's his job. Everyone, including me, is quick to jump on him when we are not winning, I think it's only fair we give him some credit when he changes things and they work. Yes a lot of it is down to the players on the pitch, but they are taking instructions from the manager, all teams do. Credit where it is due. Just my opinion.
  3. The chances of catching them are slim to none. We need to win to keep play off hopes alive, though this game alone won't determine that
  4. Any win is a good win, but a big win is extra nice
  5. As I can't make it to games anymore I couldn't imagine not listening to the games, its something to look forward to, yes even when we are down. It's just Notts County... My Team.
  6. Yes agreed, I just think with the up an down way we are at the moment, they are a long way off, but as you say, not out of the question
  7. Playoffs look a long way off, but I always thought this would be a difficult season. The longer we are in it, the harder it will be to get out, we are seen as a scalp.
  8. Let's give the kid a chance, if he helps great.
  9. I have some sympathy with keepers. When forwards miss sitters its"at least he's getting into good positions", if a midfield man passes astray or the ball goes under his foot, he has the chance to get it back. If a defender misses a tackle or is outdone by an attacker, he can foul him and he's done well, all these situations and more are quickly forgotten. But when a keeper makes a mistake there is no second chance or anyone backing him up, it's generally a goal, and he's the biggest tw@t ever. Very lonely job.
  10. We are on the right track definitely, I think personally we will have to spend another year or so in this league, but at least there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel
  11. It was never going to be a fast start after all the upheaval of the closed season, I don't think it has been too bad a start, starting to adjust a bit. Will obviously need to improve, but that comes with confidence and playing together. Can we go straight back up?.. Heart says yes, head says we will need at least a couple of seasons to build. I would dearly love it to be proven wrong, but I think we will probably just miss out on the play offs.
  12. Fans have no control, fans are just fans
  13. Don't know where that's come from Notts and Meadow Lane go hand in hand.
  14. That's kind of what I said, more info required
  15. Wouldn't dismiss it, but would like to know more. If anything can potentially move the club forward, I think you have to listen. But as I say, more info required.
  16. To be honest I expected more to go, it is clear changes needed making, some tough decisions. If there is a takeover, it will be interesting to see if any more are allowed to leave. After last season, not surprised, or disappointed, to see anyone leave. Only hope that some pride can be instilled into next seasons squad, because I think that has been sadly lacking of late.
  17. First and foremost anyone who doesn't want to play for Notts should just go. Woul rather see a bunch of kids giving their all. After that, it depends entirely on the amount of investment the new owner/owners are willing to invest.
  18. Hopefully that won't be too long, just hope the next owner/owners have a bit more savvy. Too many owners treat clubs like playthings, many clubs are on the brink not just ours, though obviously we're more important
  19. Agree with most of what is being said, I certainly don't think it will be easy to get back in the league, there are some decent teams in there. We need a new or a group of owners willing to invest. I think we are a championship club at best, but I would gladly, at this moment in time, settle for just being a league club.
  20. DonnyNotts


    Big clear out needed, get rid of the dead wood who have let this club down, some showed at least a little fight, too little too late. Absolutely gutted

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