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  1. Give him time, constantly changing does nothing. I am still a bit peeved that Kewell wasn't given time. I still think it was a mistake to sack him
  2. Expecting it to be the saddest day of my {footballing} life. I am shell-shocked at what has happened to this great club. Hoping for, but not expecting, a miracle. Such a sad state that the club is in now. Absolutely dreading the game
  3. Needs to change things, I'm sure he is aware what's needed, question is can he replace the players who, in truth, probably need to leave. Needs time, but have slipped badly. Thought we were heading in the right direction
  4. Have to admit, I like the way he talks, and he seems to have a good understanding of what needs to be done.
  5. I would be very surprised to make the play offs, though I am more than happy to be..... Baby steps, had some decent results, without playing particularly well, but the more we are on the right side of results, the more confidence will be instilled into the team. We are getting there, but would still like to see more before I'm convinced. But happy days, onwards and upwards
  6. Hope you're right, definite improvement over the last few games, but confidence still looks frail. Not sure relegation is a worry, should have too much for that, but the play offs looks a long way off. But you never know, a good run and gain some momentum and confidence, it could happen, but I will be honest, not really expecting it to. Credit to HK though, he has them at least trying.
  7. I think the improvement was there for all to see, despite the setback of being incapable to hold onto a lead. If we continue to see that kind of improvement we should be fine, going to take time though, not expecting to finish high up in the table, despite it being early days. Game management on the agenda please HK, some appear not to have a scooby doo.
  8. Only been a member for a few weeks, started following Notts in the 80s
  9. I like what I have heard him say, but talk is cheap. Actions are needed. If he reacts as well as he talks he could be a good appointment. A couple of wins will make a world of difference, I would say we are too good to go down, but other teams have thought the same and come unstuck.
  10. Think he will soon realise changes are needed, if he hasn't already, forget giving them a chance, if they ain't good enough, they ain't good enough.
  11. Very happy with that, great appointment in my opinion
  12. Good signing, but to be honest, jabba the hutt is better than what we appear to have at the moment. Welcome to Notts
  13. Time will of course tell. Let's hope he proves to be the right man for the job
  14. Wouldn't have been my choice, hasn't really done much. But now he is here, we have to give the guy a chance. Welcome to Notts Harry.
  15. The board have reacted, now it's the turn of the players. They should at this moment be worrying for their livelihood, they let a manager, who wanted then, down, now with a new manager coming in, probably with different ideas, they need to prove they can/want to be part of the future. Over to the players.
  16. Whoever the new man is, he needs to get the players on board and turn things around pretty quickly. I think, even at this early stage, the play offs look a long way off, so plenty of work to do. He needs to sort out those who want to play for Notts from those who seemingly show little interest, and ask why they they didn't perform under Nolan. If he doesn't like the answer, time for them to move on. Easier said than done I realise, but I personally would rather see a team willing to battle for the club, and who hurt, like the rest of us, when we lose.
  17. As others have said, the man who puts up the money makes the decisions, I respect that, is it the right one?, time will tell. Let's hope so
  18. Surprised by the decision, too early in my opinion, but the guy has put a lot of money into the club, so it's ultimately his decision that matters. May turn out to be the right one, only time will tell. Hope so.
  19. Hard to find any positives at the moment, we are desperate for a win to kick start the season, the longer it goes on the harder it will be. We need the monkey off our back asap
  20. Has to be given time. Come Christmas see where we are, personally think we will be nearer top than bottom. Remember that old saying it's a marathon not a sprint.
  21. It's a poor start yes, but a couple of games in to be talking about replacing the manager is ludicrous. If we are in the same position come Christmas, I will worry and maybe start to think differently.
  22. Bit gutted after pulling it back, but what do you expect with schoolboy defending. Need to be much better.

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