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  1. Good result, but I would have been disappointed had we not won.
  2. I think promotion is looking unlikely in any form. We don't look like a team who believe it can be achieved
  3. Always nice to win and obviously a trip to Wembley would be a great experience. Personally I'd rather get back into the league..but I'd accept both
  4. Much better apart from the odd defensive lapse which could have been worse against a better team. Barnet were poor but were made to look poor. Will the real Notts stand up.
  5. Being a " big fish in a little pond" attitude might actually be the problem. We are certainly not a big fish in any terms we are where we are for a variety of reasons. No team in the land has a right to do well, they earn it...we are not earning the right
  6. Disappointed, only word i can come up with
  7. Getting into must win territory now for Notts, we need to start picking up wins, draws not enough we are losing ground. At this moment in time I think the play offs are probably where we are heading . Not sure we could change much if we wanted to, though I think changes are needed after the last toothless outing. Players need to stand up and not just bumble through expecting to win and getting caught out by teams willing to fight harder.
  8. If they did i didn't hear about it, personally I think there is a zero possibility that would happen...but I live in hope, after all I'm a Notts fan.
  9. I accept the result because it was vote in a democracy, I have no choice, I voted and was in a minority. If in the future there is another vote I would very possibly vote to rejoin the European Union, but I am not sure there will be much of it left as we knew it
  10. We will have to disagree, for all the reasons stated above i think a united europe could never work. Will what we have be better?, perhaps not time will tell, I actually voted to stay in because I think Johnson is useless, but I was in the few so have to accept it. Not that I thought Europe was the answer, because I don't think it is, we are an overpopulated little island with no infrastructure to cope with the way we were heading, but in fairness we are still on that road.
  11. Very easy to blame brexit, truth is while ever different countries have different rules, health services , benefit systems and such like, a United europe could never work. With freedom of movement people were always going to flock to a select few places where they would be better off. If a united Europe had the same rules etc right across the board I could see it working, but every countries leader looks after their own interests, it really doesn't matter what Joe public think.
  12. I am amazed that after all the knee taking and everything that goes with it that we are even going to compete. Surely what happens over there is as bad, if not worse than what happens here, and I'm not for one minute suggesting there is no discrimination or racism, of course there is , we have all heard/ seen it, but I just wonder how footballers who have been , quite rightly very quick to criticise fans and organisations, can then happily go and play a tournament in a country with a very questionable human rights record. I would have more respect for their viewpoint if they pulled out and made a very significant point. Not expecting it to happen though, but I am certain that they will continue to criticise anyone in this country who may have a different opinion to one they hold. Double standards, if its wrong its wrong, has to be consistency.
  13. Team should be chomping at the bit to get out and play, hopefully use the frustration to good effect and not self implode. IB will need to manage this game well
  14. Could and should be 3 points towards our goal of promotion. We have slipped up in these types of games, where we are expected to win, before. I never speculate on team selection as I can do nothing to input upon it, thats down to the coaching staff, but recently they seem to be making a decent job of it....with the odd blip
  15. RIP Colin, will always be held in high regard by Notts fans
  16. First half abysmal, second half much better, comfortable win in the end.
  17. Could have been a very different game but I'll settle for the one we had:)
  18. As I am now an old man I will be in in bed for 10 30. Happy New year all.
  19. There is a lot worse but still worrying, nobody in their right mind will keep ploughing in money to watch it disappear. Football nowadays is a plaything for large organisations, probably fiddling somewhere along the line, if the game doesn't get real regarding wages etc lots of clubs will disappear, leaving the bigger clubs with what they are actually after....closed shop control.
  20. Exactly how we should be finishing against these teams, though we took our time to get there, but every Notts fan will be happy with that. A step in the direction we need to go, well done.
  21. I really hope your right, personally I think we will be in the play offs due to inconsistency. We just don't have the killer instinct to finish teams off when we are on top. I will be delighted to be proven wrong

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