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  1. Either they don't know what the manager is asking of them or, more likely , they lack the ability and mentality to carry out what he wants.
  2. Not calling for his head as I think we have been there done that many times and it doesn't work. I do however think he needs to take some responsibility , yes when the players take the field they need to take ownership, but they take their instructions from the manager.
  3. Great.Yarmouth, was supposed to be America for our 40th wedding anniversary, but still enjoyed it.
  4. Depends which Notts team turn up, will we have the attacking side that look dangerous, then hopefully hold out when we collapse, or the team that generally folds in the second half for the whole game
  5. As they say a win is a win. All that matters.
  6. Couldnt have wished for a better start
  7. Another season for us all to look forward in optimism, not convinced we are good enough and as ive said before, the longer we stay here the harder it will be. Fingers crossed and all that, but not expecting to go up. Sincerely hope im wrong.
  8. Glad we hit the bar before we scored or I'd have missed the goals. Woke me up
  9. I agree a point is a point, and in general terms a good one against a very good well managed team. But it was a home game and if we harbour Hope's of promotion these are the games we need to win. We have not been bad this season, just not good enough in too many games. I would say that while we may still be in contention for promotion, we look a long way off at the moment.
  10. Now with the funding issue I can see at least a temporary halt to the season, maybe even a premature end.
  11. I just like to see us win games, regardless of the competition. I appreciate that not many fans are interested till the later stages, but to play in a final should be every players ambition. If they don't want to win football matches why play?, I think it would be great to get to the final, if only for the revenue it would bring. I'm certain that the club will prioritize the league above all, rightly so but as an additional get away from the league and give fringe players a chance competition, I think it's great.
  12. Inability to score poses a big problem, you can have all the possession in the world but if you can't score you are not going to win. Officials did not help, but were not the main reason. Another season in this division beckons
  13. I think promotion is a must or we could be facing years at this level, or even below if things went wrong. Like another said, I am old enough, and lucky enough, to have seen Notts in the top division. Whilst I'm not expecting to ever see that again, I think we should be championship club. But that has to be earned and I can't for the life of me see it happening in my lifetime
  14. Think we need games, can't be helped though in these strange times
  15. One step forward two back. The life of a Notts fan
  16. Very frustrating, good performance until we got within sight of goal, but to be fair they set up to frustrate and defended well.
  17. That's the get out of jail free card played
  18. Not an ideal build up but that's no excuse, there will be many games where that will happen this season. Need to find a way to win these games if we have genuine promotion expectations. 3 points dropped for me
  19. We did not have a particularly good team selection against Denmark, quite how grealish was not picked to start is beyond me. I agree Southgate is too negative with his selection and tactics, and I believe Kane drops deep out of frustration and to get involved. Not sure what the answer is though, we don't really have a vast choice of top class English managers, and call me old fashioned, but I think he should be English.

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