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  1. Wasn't there but those marks seem generous, how do Sheridan and Crossley mark out of 10? Ex Florist never seem to work at Notts
  2. I'm not sure Sheridan cares enough, keeps picking Duffy week in week out, despite the fact he is one of the worst centre backs in Notts history, this team will be relegated unless major surgery takes place in January, although I'm a season ticket holder I will not be watching this team of parasites any time soon,
  3. Well I have come again and it's half time and worse than Newport, Sheridan has to start to take responsibility for this shambles , let hope the second half improves
  4. Duffy should be dropped, with Laing going back to centre half and Audel coming in at RB who will add an attacking threat, I will be there Tuesday but only because I have a ST, our home performances this season must be up there as the worst in our history.
  5. Oliver 7!! Lucky to get 3 after that awful penalty.
  6. Fantastic to see so many youngsters at the game, I applaud the club on this great iniative, this should be repeated 3 or 4 times st least this season,. and who knows they might see us win
  7. I wouldn't have Tootle any where near the team, doesn't want the ball, no pace and blames others for his own shortcomings, how he gets in the team over Audel is shocking, The biggest critiscm of Sheridan so far is playing players he signed like Tootle and Rodman every game despite how crap they are!
  8. Fantastic second half, scored 3, the clearest penalty ever not given, and a great finish from Collins in injury time, a few more home performances like that should get the fans coming back!
  9. Shocking today, Colin is awful in goal, no leadership on the pitch, Rodman? Forte only player who looked capable of creating anything, crowds at the lowest for years, and that's the positives , I would take 3rd bottom now .
  10. A minutes applause is the least we can do.
  11. Great comeback again, but we have got to stop going behind before we offer any attacking threat, thought Oliver and Collins were excellent when they came on, shame about the trouble after the match though.
  12. I just put it on the planner and fast forward to league 2, not impressed with the show.
  13. I was going to start a topic on channel 5 football coverage , very poor IMO
  14. Another fantastic away performance, imagine what we could do if we actually scored first! Let's hope we can start winning at Meadow lane and start to get a few more fans in, still I have a lot of faith in John Sheridan and this could turn into a very good season. Coyp

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