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  1. I will be choosing the streams based on who Notts plays.
  2. Welcome to the community @SteGee, would you care to tell us a little about your background as a fan?
  3. I hope and STRESS, the pre season isn't something which anyone should pass judgement on the squad. Wait until 10 games in and access things, but lets avoid these panics. Moving forward as a club will take time, it's not as simple as having one good season. It takes time to create that environment which has been missing from the club for decades, progress is going well. Recruitment looks good, some fans need to have a little perspective.
  4. If Liverpool are crowned champions of England, I see no reason why relegation and promotion couldn't be worked out.
  5. A lot of clubs are having this modern shiny gloss look and I think it makes them look worse. This would look nice if the style was right.
  6. Can every Notts fan just pretend we didn't see this?
  7. There's some lovely parts of Australia that I would recommend people visit, such as Adelaide which is a beautiful city. The Great Barrier Reef is also a joy to behold in person.
  8. Hello, welcome to PoN @Bennybigbear
  9. Gordon Banks Gary Neville Bobby Moore Rio Ferdinand Ashley Cole Paul Gascoigne Steven Gerrard Bobby Charlton David Beckham Harry Kane Alan Shearer
  10. I am not a member but I know there's only like a 100 spaces left.
  11. Good looking wallpaper, any other players released?
  12. I don't think this needs to get political, that is far more dangerous than the Coronavirus IMO. Just leave it out.
  13. This is the type of day I am having, I just cannot be bothered.
  14. Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: Vinny Samways Club I hate the most: MK Dons Favourite ever player: Don Masson Favourite ever manager: Jimmy Sirrel Legendary player: Les Bradd Favourite ever Keeper: Peter Shilton Favourite ever Defender: Stuart Pearce Favourite ever Midfielder: David Beckham Favourite ever Striker: Fat Ronaldo

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