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PoN on One - #1


Which club holds the dubious distinction of scoring the fewest goals and conceding the most goals in the Premier League – unfortunately in the same 38-game season?

Dan: I think that was Derby.

Dave: Thats easy (sorry super_ram) - Derby County ;)

Which three English players have each scored five goals in a Premier League game?

Dan: Andy Cole did it for Man U v Ipswich I believe. Shearer must've done & a guess at Robbie Fowler.

Dave: Andy Cole, Alan Shearer, D Burbatov (? not sure on spelling), though I think Defoe may have as well.

Can you name two goalkeepers who moved from Mansfield Town to Notts County and further two who moved from Notts County to Mansfield Town (including loans)

Dan: Liam Mitchell went this season to Stags. I think Darren Ward left us to go to Notts. We had David Grof on loan from Notts. Struggling with the other one. Must be Kevin Pilkington?

Dave: Notts to Mansfield - David Grof and Liam Mitchell

Mansfield to Notts - Darren Ward and, er, I cant remember :)

Who were the 12 founder members of the football league?

Dan: Blimey that's hard. Preston, Notts, Aston Villa, Sheff Wed, West Brom, Wolves, Old Etonians?, Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley, Sheff Utd, Stoke.

Dave: Back to schoolboy days

Accrington, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton, Burnley, Derby County, Everton, Notts County (You Pies), Preston North End, Stoke FC, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers

Can you name Notts County's current highest goal scorer and by how many goals?

Dan: I think its Les Bradd as I've heard him on Radio Nottingham a few times. Dunno how many he got though, I'll say 250.

Dave: Jamal Campbell-Ryce, 8 goals, leading by 1

Which football club does this stadium belong too?


Dan: Nuneaton

Dave: Tyrell Waite could answer this one, Nuneaton Town (Boro to a lot of fans)

A very close response, question 5 clearly misunderstood poor Dan and I'll word things a little better next time.

Dan: 3 Points

Dave: 4 Points

(I would have given Dave full marks had Pilks been mentioned)

Pride of Nottingham would like to Thank Dan (who must be very busy) for taking part, we'd also like to Thank dave (our resident 2pies) for taking part also, adding Berbatov... honestly you astound me Dave!! Well Done.

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LOL I can't believe my answer to question 5!!! I demand a re-match!!!  Well done Dave, don't mind losing to a top bloke like that anyway.

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LOL I can't believe my answer to question 5!!! I demand a re-match!!!  Well done Dave, don't mind losing to a top bloke like that anyway.

I'll hold you to this Dan! What a pleasure and honour (if i'm not going overboard) it is to have you here mate. Re Q5. I blame my wording, though I liked the answer! The details you added was a nice touch also, will be good to revisit this in the future and if Dave is open to the idea we could have ourselves a rematch!

Thanks Mate :D

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In spite of 1st question(agree SteveMUP)a great idea.Full marks as far as I'm concerned to 2pies and Dan and of course your cheeky self.Looking forward to more.

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@Steve; I did indeed to this on purpose.

@Dave; Thanks, trying to spread my time to cover all areas and improve things. I'd love to make a final push before the close season, as I'm not looking forward to this.

@Super_Ram; Yes, both had a good go at it and I'm chuffed. :)

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