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Jim O’Brien’s hat-trick secures thrilling Notts County win away against Maidstone United


Jim O’Brien scored a hat-trick in a thrilling win against Maidstone in the final away match of the season. However, Wrexham secured the title with a 3-1 win over Boreham Wood. 

O’Brien and Cedwyn Scott put the team ahead before Maidstone scored two quick goals. Ruben Rodrigues won and scored a free-kick before O’Brien completed his hat-trick.

Manager Luke Williams made several changes to his team. Archie Mair started in goal instead of Sam Slocombe. 

Connell Rawlinson was left out of the defence, and Aden Baldwin and Kyle Cameron formed a back three with Richard Brindley. Frank Vincent replaced Adam Chicksen at left wing-back, and Jodi Jones took the opposite slot over Aaron Nemane. 

O’Brien played in midfield, while Rodrigues and Sam Austin were slightly ahead of him. Scott was given the nod up front over Junior Morias.

Scott opened the scoring after five minutes, with O’Brien adding a second ten minutes later. Maidstone struggled to contain Jones, who set up several chances for the team. 

In the second half, O’Brien extended the lead before Maidstone scored two goals in quick succession. Rodrigues scored a free-kick to make it 4-2 before setting up O’Brien for his hat-trick.

Although Maidstone had a chance to score again, Mair made an excellent save to secure the win.

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jim deserves it, hes been excellent for the most part of the season and always comes into the squad wanting to get the best out of it. i do not know why a small minority would be idiots towards such a player that has given us this amount of loyal service. i personally think they just want to moan and get rid of any connection to the team that got relegated from the football league which seems unfair.

the result was a good one, very pleased by it and their pitch looked shocking.

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Jim is a truly classy player. Despite his comments about being referred to as ‘experienced’, he remains one of the most motivational players Notts has. He deserves nothing but respect for his contributions to the team.

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Just a joy to see the players expressing them, despite what looked like an absoultely awful pitch. I praise Luke Williams for provoking this reaction from the team and, I encourage all of them to continue this. Winning 5-2 is awesome, but we have 2 very big games coming, we must make it a 3rd and win at Wembley.

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It was great to see Jim bag a hat-trick in the game. His experience and skill on the field are truly something to behold. He’s a real leader on the squad and his influence is undeniable. It’s interesting to compare him to Michael Doyle, who was vastly over-appreciated in my opinion. For some reason, Jim doesn’t seem to get the same level of recognition despite being a much better player. It just goes to show how subjective these things can be.

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