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Derry and Abbot have got a lot of things right, the current formation is impressive away from home (in terms of results) and it does suit our players. However, at home I don't think it does anything more than set us up for drawing. I am not a fan of a lone striker, so naturally if we use this I'd prefer to see support from the wide man. Yet Notts seem to slow down when we play teams who are either more dynamic, talented or faster. Orient for example pulled of the strings.

So what formation do you think would suite better? Which players would you choose?

Is anyone concerned that Cassidy isn't getting the service? Surely having Murray playing more closely would suit boths games?? Let's discuss this, naturally Derry will know better but this could be interesting to see opinions. I'd also give Jones a rest! He looked very tired the other night, however it didn't effect his game in my opinion.
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Personally I'd like to see more rotation in the squad, not enough so that it effects the balance but so that players can be rested when needed. Cassidy shouldn't play alone upfront, at least without support. I think Zeli and Brown could be provide more support, they group up so narrowly at times and on occasions you see them both near by to each other.

I'd love to see who getting practice in on the way we break in games.

Last season it was good when did this spot on, even with aging players we can still break cleverly. Gary Jones doesn't act like a 37 year old, he's really impressing me but we need to make sure we stay in the lead in games.

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i dont think zeli is a striker, i have seen some comments calling for this. he offers pace but he would be useless upfront in my opinion, we need to get haynes fit and then i can cassidy having less pressure. we some natural to playing upfront!

its the only thing i think we are missing.

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Away from home - no probs with the formation.

At home no whee near enough attacking mentality in the team. Even though the results are good in themselves as such, we don't want the siege mentality to stick too much.


I'd swap the middle out totally for a few games. Give Jones and Smith a break and put Drizzie and Noble in the middle. With Zeli on on wing and ...another... on the other wing. (probably Brown, but I'm not convinced that the wing is the best place for him. Murray and Cassidy up front from the start. 442.

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Like so many have said away from home fine, but we are severely lacking any real pace in the team.

At home i'd go for,




Dumbuya, Hollis, Laing, Cranston,


  Balmy, Traore,  Noble, Ismail,


         Haynes,  Murray 


No need for any long ball with some real attacking threat in the team hence no No 9 style forward just two real quick forwards

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Under heavy sustained pressure, I personally would rather them hoof the ball. It's just a bit annoying when we can bring the ball down, look for a pass and keep the ball moving forward. At times our players just morph into a circle and it allows us to fall into dead mans land. I find defending we have improved, it's nice to relax a little when opposition team have free kicks/corners.

I'd welcome back Danny Haynes, we need to make his wages mean something.

Hopefully when he is 100% fit he can come in and impress, every Orient fan said they would take him (apart from one). A chap called "Richard" said that he looks to have lost his confidence and just needs a run in a team. I'd agree!

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I have never liked to see one player up front. Cassidy is hard working but not suited to this formation. It's a very negative tactic especially at home. It also seems to encourage the opposition to attack us and they gain advantage. I want to see wingers with fast attacking football. I am not convinced by Zeli, he loses the ball too often and went missing for most of the second half against orient! I know we were lucky to have Grealish and Mcgregor last season but we are really missing these types of players. We never looked like scoring in open play on Tuesday and I was totally bored by the display!!

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For me, the best formation is 4-1-3-2, the most crucial part of it is the 1. Get it right and you are going to win far more than you lose. Of course the others matter, but I always admired Claude Makelele and IMO he was pivotal to that Chelsea side. I haven't been to a game this season yet, but hope to quite soon, perhaps then I might be in a better position to put some names to the positions.

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