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  1. Steve Evans resigns

    By the sounds of it Steve Evans went to see Radford demanding more money or he was off and Radford said go, Evans lives near Peterborough & tbh he was always going to use Mansfield as a vehicle to get to a higher up club. Tbh though, with Barry Fry & Steve Evans at the same club I'd be surprised if that doesn't end in tears and or the nick
  2. Steve Evans resigns

    They're on their way to Peterborough & I expect Phil Brown to go into Mansfield.
  3. Back on track is a little far fetched tbh, we were extremely lucky but you never know, this could be a turning point. One word of caution though, if we play like that against Mansfield we'll be extremely lucky not to be on the end of a proper hammering.
  4. Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Us (A)

    Ikpeazu is out of contract in the summer, I think we could do far worse than sign him, all we then need is a smaller more skillful / quick goalscorer and we'll be a match for anyone up top. Personally I'd like to see Jorge play alongside a lad like Ikpeazu, he can drift about dragging defenders into positions they don't want to go and his ability and touch would be better used up top imo.
  5. Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Us (A)

    We'll be outside the playoff positions come the start of March, it was good while it lasted but we were never going to stay up there unless we strengthened sufficiently and we haven't, not blaming anyone just the cold hard facts. Hopefully Nolan will learn that you have to be ruthless to get anywhere and if you look back to the end of last season he had the perfect chance to clear the decks but felt an affection towards players who had kept us up.
  6. Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Us (A)

    Wouldn't mind seeing Ikpeazu in the black & white stripes next season
  7. Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Us (A)

    I think we should just settle for the mid table finish that we are hurtling towards. Dissapointing given our start to the season but we were found out around the end of November and have only managed to get worse since. This squad nearly got relegated for a reason, we need another relatively large scale squad change in the summer to ensure we get a more dynamic defense and a more dynamic front line
  8. Free Transfers: Any players worth a look?

    Or Leon Best
  9. Free Transfers: Any players worth a look?

    Our very own Will Hoskins
  10. Match Report: Notts County held to stalemate at Newport County

    I understand some of your frustrations as god I've had my own recently but I've been thinking and would it be the best thing for the club to go up this year (financially in terms of income obvioisly) or would it be better to ride out the rest of the year then completely reshape the squad ready for a proper go at getting up and then staying up with only a couple of changes? If we go up with this squad then we'll have to have another massive overhaul in the summer but then pay inflated wages, we could & should be able to do that by cherry picking some of the best young players in this league and building proper momentum next year.
  11. Match Discussion: Game 32 - The Bees (A)

    No worries buddy
  12. Match Discussion: Game 32 - The Bees (A)

    He didn't wait till half time mate, no player gave a toss yesterday, its as simple as that
  13. What about Kevin Nolan's mistakes?

    You needed to be at the game to understand it mate, players not chasing after balls they could have easily got to, no one making challenges, no one making any runs for players when they had the ball, absolutely shocking. None of that yesterday was his fault, hopefully it will provide a springboard to play a more dynamic team come Tuesday night. I can only remember one challenge all game from Milsom before Noble came on, he made more in 15 minutes than we'd managed in the previous 75. Tbf to Dan Jones if it wasn't for his 65 yard cross field sprint from left wing to right back to nulify a Barnet attack we'd have conceded in the first half as everyone else has given up as soon as the ball went over Tootles head. Jorge Grant kept trying and he looked better once Noble came on but it was all over attacking wise at that point. As for their goal it opitmised our performance all game & personally I think Collin should have done better with it

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