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  1. Northants Pie

    County v Luton (final preseason)

    Me, my little lad & my wifes cousins partner, anyone else?
  2. Northants Pie

    Notts County v Leicester

    Great game, both sides taking it semi seriously, you could see the development from the Derby game in terms of passing and more importantly out of possession work, Duffy was class again today, having him & Vaughan in the team will be our secret to success next year, both Brisley & Hall looked good, to save me from typing loads I'm glad that we have genuine class in every position, we also seem to have it in reserve also which is the biggest plus point going into the season. Exciting times ahead me thinks
  3. Northants Pie


    No i wasn't so much talking about that its more his approach to doing deals, he starts by saying what can you do for us not how can we lay down for you like our politicians.
  4. Northants Pie


    The issue for me with any politician is that they are working in favour of their funders & friends, irrelevant on which political side you stand, thats the truth unfortunately. They being the politicians gave our power away for favours back in the 80's, they being the politicians should now for once do what is best for the people they apparantly represent. Donald Trump can be an abhorrent pig but if you take notice of what he is trying to say on certain subjects like brexit he's actually bang on the money.
  5. Northants Pie

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    I think he & Husin would work best in a 4-2-3-1 and your right we need a ball winner to be in the squad, Alex Howes can do that very well. The Thomas lad doesn't like defending, hence why we moved Enzio over there after the drinks break
  6. Northants Pie

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    Yep I did go to the game, I'm sure the majority did want to a performance like the second half in the first but the Derby second half team didn't have anywhere near as much quality as the first half team did
  7. Northants Pie

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    I normally agree in the most part to what you post but after the first 10 minutes of wondering what the fork he was doing playing with lads who he was he was the only one on the wavelength of a very good Derby team and was let down badly by his team mates, it would of been nice to have seen him with Husin in the 4-2-3-1 formation we went for in the second half
  8. Northants Pie

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    You guys were class, it was quite clear that there were a few new tweaks that Lampard has made to how you move on set pieces, especially from back to front diagonals, what you guys were doing which caused us headache after headache and is something i first noticed Mourhino doing 10 years ago, it worked wonders for Chelsea and I can see it doing so for you guys also
  9. Northants Pie

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    Come on they had £6 million Bradley Johnson, £1 million+ Richard Keogh, £2.5 million+ David Nugent, European Championship semi finalist Joe Ledley, to name but a few, they were two games away from the premier league last year, and our fans are moaning??!!?? The game was all about being out of possession and next weeks will be to see how much of what they do this week to combat being out of possession will pay off so to speak.
  10. Northants Pie

    Will Fitzsons be County’s number one next season.?

    Also some of the balls back to him were shocking, got to give the guy a chance, that seems to have carried over from last year, the fork it, its now the keepers issue style of back pass
  11. Northants Pie

    Will Fitzsons be County’s number one next season.?

    He did look nervous at times but he had no chance with any of the goals and pulled of three excellent saves. Its a new role for him this year, he will grow into it undoubtedly, he wasn't helped in the slightest by the defence getting the run around, there were a few people sat around me who from the Derek Pavis said he should of done better with the first one!! Love to have seen them faced with a ball being smashed at them from 5 yards away, absolutely no chance.
  12. Northants Pie

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    Also the lad that I have been raving about for two years Remaye Campbell was the lad that came on with Kane Hemmings and played right up top, he turned their centre half for the penalty. The team that started was GK - Ross Fitzsimmons LB - Dan Jones CH - Shaun Brisley CH - Ben Hall RB - Matt Tootle LW - Nathan Thomas CM - Elliot Hewitt CM - David Vaughan RW - Enzio Boldewijn AT - Jon Stead AT - Lewis Allessandra Then the team that finished the game was GK - Max Culverwell LB - Tyreece Kennedy-Williams CH - Richard Duffy CH - Pierce Bird RB - Sam Osbourne RW - Terry Hawkridge CM - Noor Husin CM - Tom Crawford LW - Alex Howes AT - Kane Hemmings AT - Remaye Campbell Although in the second half we changed to a 4-2-3-1 formation once all the subs had been made. Hopefully now all can see the difference Richard Duffy makes to our team, we were a disorganised mess before he came on, class player whose work goes unnoticed most of the time, no surprise though that he is rated so highly by his peers
  13. Northants Pie

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    No he, Kellett &Patching didn't play through injury
  14. Northants Pie

    New kit

    The shorts are as bad as the shirt is nice tbh, they are at least two inches shorter than previous years and it feels like they've added the those two inches onto the width

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