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  1. All the games they have lost have come against teams that haven't let them settle and kept them turning, their centre halves aren't that quick like most teams with talented ball players, they are extremely good going forward if given the time to play their football, for me we need Dan Jones back in the starting line-up (nothing against Carl Dickinson he's been very good since getting back into the team) as his extra pace and forward ability will give their wingers & full backs something else to think about
  2. Notts County launch Generation 8 scheme

    Wish they'd cross a couple of counties to my lads school, my lad would be so excited words couldn't explain it
  3. A new centre forward isn't going to stop the defenders just humping the ball forward at every opportunity. Whilst I understand we are league 2 and our play reflects this we have players capable of much much more and we aren't utilising the wingers we do have effectively as we are not playing to their strengths. Oxford caused us problems mainly by cheating, by that I mean several of their players didn't follow our midfield when we went forward as they knew that we would be bypassing them, better teams will punish us big time because of this
  4. Sorry mate but your smoking some strong weed if you think we have even the slightest hope against them, our weaknesses were badly exposed by a team two leagues lower and we will get whipped by any proper footballing side, especially one well known for keeping the ball on the deck with smart intricate passing. This is the reason why Alan Hardy will never attain the crowds he hopes for, whilst we might be winning games the standard of football is awful at best, Saturday we cried out for Liam Walker with his obvious quality on the ball to come on in the middle, bring the ball down and make use of the wingers and front runners but yet again we just resorted to thumping the ball into the clouds, not a single person I sat around on Saturday looks forward to watching us play with most only coming sporadically now due to the god awful nature of our tactic, yes it wins games but people want to be entertained and not feel like they are suffering from whiplash when they leave the ground.
  5. Notts County in FA Cup third round!

    Arsenal away, its a guaranteed a £1+ million payout and they pay it not long after the draw is made due to how their ticket system works, meaning we could if we wanted to spend it on a player who could make a difference before the game has started
  6. Lewis Thompson: Comparing Adam Collin and Ross Fitzsimons

    Fitzsimmons is the better goal keeper, he's only going to get better the more games he plays. I would think (without ever working it out) that if you counted the potential points gain from vital saves / saves they had no right to make (to coin that phrase) and the obvious loos from mistakes that Fitzsimmons would be by far the better statistically rated keeper. Lets not forget that Collin's run in the team was for the most part during the period in which we hit a purple patch and Fitzsimmons has been during our more difficult period so far.
  7. Building houses near Meadow Lane is a recipe for disaster for us, undoubtedly we'll have to go to great expense to appease some clown that will complain about the noise or the amount of people standing around the ground before the start of a game. I fear we'll be in a new ground on the outskirts of Nottingham, inaccesible to all those without a car and completely devoid of all atmosphere within 10 years of the houses being built
  8. Just replace the whoomp with HOOF
  9. 3 players you like and 3 you don't

    3 isnt enough for me, so from the last 30 years Like 1) Laurie Cunningham - He should be knighted & have a statue built in his honour for his accomplishments within the game 2) Paolo Maldini - Has there ever been a more complete & better defender? 3) Dennis Bergkamp - Played the game the right way and always always had more ability than anyone he faced on the pitch Dislike 1) Gary Neville - He talks so much sh!te its unbelievable he actually played the game to the level he did 2) Jermaine Jenas - The C word was invented for that bell end 3) Ched Evans - An oxygen thief
  10. Notts County fans forum, 31 October 2017

    We can say no and it go to an arbitration but either way if the player wants to go then there's little point in stopping him / her. The minimum fees are set stupidly low hence why most decent clubs will pay a proper amount, don't forget they're buying potential not the finished product so the figures will always be lower than most fans see as acceptable. The whole system was set up by the FA to benefit the big boys, as it always is. The system has, as always massive flaws that weren't thought about as usual hence why you have situations like he lad at Derby, now I'm not saying there isn't a back story to it but that lad cannot play for anyone other than his school team now pretty much due to the contracts that have been signed and the loophole Derby have found with the system.
  11. Notts County fans forum, 31 October 2017

    We don't have to accept the transfer, nor does the player. If we are doing the right things in the right way, promoting kids then letting them go once they've developed into a first team player then kids won't want to go, Exeter are the best example of this in recent times
  12. Notts County fans forum, 31 October 2017

    Crewe have one of the very best in the entire country, scouting isn't about getting as many people as you can watching games, its about getting people who know the game properly and can take an objective view over a series of games. One good scout is will do the work of 100 normal scouts as these guys have contacts all over the country and they don't rely on dvd's and stats to make their opinion, which is the way mosy scouting is going, for those that agree with this approach, I ask you this; How many Andrea Pirlo's are missed in our country through this approach? I bring him up as statistically (height, build, speed, strength) he wouldn't get a game for Ilkeston let alone a league 2 club, yet he was one of he very very best to ever play the game of football.
  13. Match Reaction: Notts County 4-2 Bristol Rovers, Friday 3 November 2017

    What a difference when we play the football we know they are capable of & we want to see, congrats KN for trying this style & long may it continue!! Its been a long long time since we were top of the league at the start of November, still in the FA cup and still had a shot at the league cup. (Is that what the caraboa cup thing is? I only ask as It just seems to me to be a vehicle for the FA to excuse the lack of opportunity home grown players get at most premiership clubs (Tottenham being the biggest exception))
  14. Moniz is back.....

    The football we played under Moniz was at times absolutely breathtaking, the issue for me was that he seem behind the curve on English football style ie you need to have quick defenders to properly play the slick passing attacking football as teams will and do hoof it back at you. Being a person who loves the passing technical side of the game I loved his tenure for the football we played, closed my eyes when opposing teams had the ball and hated the environment that the club was in when he was here, as it ultimately proved, no manager was ever going to have success during those years.
  15. Alan Hardy: 'Notts County already have an eye on January transfer window'

    Yep we're in the market for some new balls, the current batch are suffering from travel sickness and have developed a fear of heights

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