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Alan Hardy: 'Notts County paying over £40k per month in win bonuses'

Joe Jones

Alan Hardy has revealed that Notts County are paying over £40,000 a month in win bonuses to manager Kevin Nolan and the club's players.

Hardy took over the Magpies from Ray Trew in January with the club facing a winding-up petition brought by HM Revenue & Customs and has done a fine job of repairing the club from top to bottom.

County are currently second in the League Two table and beat Oxford City 3-2 on Saturday to reach the FA Cup third round, which brings the prospect of a bumper tie against a Premier League giant.

Hardy told BBC Radio Nottingham: "It's going the wrong way [financially] due to the fact the players are doing so well on the pitch.

"Each month we're paying out over £40,000 in bonuses to players and management because they are on great win bonuses. That's how you motivate people, by putting it out there.

"You get bonuses for being top of the league, bonuses for [being in the] top three, and that's why players are scoring in the 96th minute, because it all goes towards motivation."

Hardy also admitted that, if the upward trend on the pitch were to continue in the long term, he might have to seek outside investment or step aside.

"I can sustain it up until we get to the Championship and then I think it's a different model and I don't think it's a model that I can personally sustain," he said.

"Whether that's foreign investment and they bring in their own management team, or they want me to stay on.

"We're a few years away from that, but I think I've got to be realistic in the fact I won't be taking this club to the Premier League because I haven't got the means."

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Well done Alan Hardy thus far and come the day when it is beyond your means us fans have a huge debt of gratitude for getting the club going again building it moving it forward , when that day comes and hopefully it will , how much more attractive it would be to investment, but till then keep up the incredible work you are doing , hopefully you are getting great enjoyment and satisfaction out of it .

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The changes at ML this Season are absolutely palpable under this Chairman...and long may he reign!

From his clearly chosen words, it's clear that he's thought about his commitment to the Club and it's future. I have not a doubt in the World that he's already working on plans for the future.

I LOVE that we're, yet again, (and for me) experiencing times like "The Sirrel Years" - both on and off the pitch; with a degree of 'honesty' from everyone concerned - that makes it feel like we're a part of 'something special'.

I think there are 'lost' revenue opportunities too, at the Club.

For example, I've looked for a night out for my family/friends close to Christmas: at least 10 of us. We're all 'young at heart', like good Dance music; probably a meal and (obvs) drinks. We'd have paid up to £50 a ticket for it but I'm afraid a 'Michael Buble' tribute night just didn't cut it for us; yet there are no alternatives offered at ML. (I'm ignoring the Casino night too, cos it ain't our thing either!)

Also wondering where Santa is for the kids... Tickets sold and shop 'present' could see more revenue in; and how about a Christmas Disco (ticket only) for the kids too, with maybe a few players attending?

How about more 'variety' in available food, too? (Although Bovril to be left alone...and always available!)

Read too about 'flats' being built/sold opposite.

Having lived a lot of years close to Twickenham Stadium and watched the humongous changes that happened there over the years, I can tell you that they've now made an absolute killing by making everything around it, being 'Rugby-led'. That derelict ground needs some investment in it that will ENHANCE what's trying to be achieved at Meadow Lane. A Hotel would be excellent - especially if we're looking at playing host to sides with a good following.

But I'm a little ahead of myself here...maybe?



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