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  1. I would be more concerned if it was closer to the season, Notts always starts using the last seasons gear and I am more worried about the takeover finalising than the training wear.
  2. I'll tell you what should happen, Paragon former employees and Notts staff should form to do a proper protest. Tell the media how they have had their lives turned upside down, that would have more effect than 3 people only wanting to have a jolly trip to be on the news and TV.
  3. No, I wouldn't have much interest in supporting another club. It will leave a bitter taste if Notts failed to exist. I would still like football.
  4. Cardiac arrest supposedly, awful news. Rest in Peace.
  5. I bet the money will pay the debt off, if Alan didn't he would only get more hassle and the money is the clubs not his. If you spend it unwisely, you do not deserve to get anything back.
  6. Where would you place the away support? Opening the Sirrel stand up to home fans would further reduce the Family and Pavis stands, I can't see the Kop switching.
  7. We can feel disappointed about being relegated, there was time to turn things around and the loss of income stems down to the lack of application. This £500,000 split over two years seems more than generous.
  8. Not bothered, those out of contract need to go.
  9. Can anyone honestly say any of these lads would feature for Notts next season? I don't think they would, so releasing them will kick start their careers if they manage to find a club.
  10. Two things Notts could be proud of, the community work done by the Football in the Community and the Junior Mapgies. I think the @NottsCountyFITC should look into taking it on.

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