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  1. TM1993

    Match Discussion: Game 32 - Green Devils (A)

    Yeah, I agree. It's a must win game. With the other teams picking points up, it just makes it harder for Notts. The fight must happen now!
  2. He appears to be improving with his own players in the squad, we'll have to see how he does today and in a few more games.
  3. TM1993

    One more?

    He would be a depressing signing, I doubt Neal Ardley or Alan Hardy would bring in that kind of talent.
  4. TM1993

    best january signing?

    I think Virgil Gomis will prove his worth, he seems a very exciting prospect and one that offers the club a lot.
  5. TM1993

    Pride of Nottingham Merch Delivery

    I have seen them and I do aim to buy a couple, I am waiting to find frames suitable for A3 prints. I don't want any old frame, I want something that will look good and give them a home the designs deserves. It's got to be wood!
  6. TM1993

    Branislav leaves

    Oldest professional league club to the first of club of that nation, do they know the guy doesn't have any hands?
  7. TM1993

    Help me welcome rob1824 to PoN

    Welcome to the site and community @rob1824.
  8. TM1993

    Welcome FrogFace to PON!

    Welcome to the site and community @FrogFace.
  9. TM1993

    Club up for sale

    New change of direction might be best for all parties involved. I don't knock what Alan Hardy has done or attempted for the club, he has always seemed like a genuine guy who wanted the best for Notts County.
  10. TM1993

    Alan Hardy

    I'm not interested in his mistakes, life's too short to let it concern me but he's made the right decision. If he does the right things from here, he will be left be. It's those from opposition clubs like Mansfield who may carry on the torture. If I was him I would go away with his family for a few weeks.
  11. TM1993

    Notts County's OUTS and Where are they now?

    @allardyces tash I feel the same way, I expected a few more to depart but it doesn't seem likely to happen now.
  12. TM1993

    Guardian cartoon on Alan Hardy

    "A basic error"....
  13. TM1993

    Remaye Campbell and Kion Etete?

    I want to see youngsters given more of a chance. Managers won't know if they're ready unless they are prepared to give them several games and a good run, it's what happened with the likes of Curtis Thompson and Haydn Hollis. They might not have been something special but at the time their willingness to work for the chance did help.
  14. TM1993

    Please join me and welcome Jon Christie to PoN

    Welcome to PON from me @Jon Christie.
  15. TM1993

    Can we welcome Lowestoft magpie to Pon

    Welcome to PON from me @Lowestoft Magpie.

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