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  1. If Notts can play proper football, I would be more than confident. Crewe have a pretty weak side but they do have some good players, their inexperience could be our gain.
  2. No teams can be relied on for doing Notts any favours, every game will be a cup final from here. No loses and all are must wins.
  3. Notts could have done with someone focused on their youth, Watford are building in the right way. The club should emulate them and others!
  4. Some update that, did Alan provide it whilst in the bath tube or something?
  5. Welcome to the community here at PON @rsg26.
  6. Macclesfield won Exeter City in a goal fest tonight, Notts are now back to the bottom of the League Two table. 5 remaining games, each one as important as the next one. Will Neal Ardley regret going for points rather than wins? If Notts controls the game its a win, if not he parks the bus and I am skeptical if its good enough. We best hope Crawley or Macclesfield slip up.
  7. Yes @Chris, that worked. I have purchased a ticket now.
  8. If the players don't talk the talk on th pitch, we might aswell accept the worst case scenerio now. A win could have a significant difference on the table but now is the time to act, I fear a draw which simply wouldn't be good enough.
  9. Yes but it has been all season, the players will either crumble tomorrow or keep us on the edge for a few more weeks. We are best accepting the worst case scenario now.
  10. Hello, I am trying to purchase a ticket but I just get an error when I proceed to buy one.
  11. Welcome to PON! It's the best community out there for Notts.

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