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  1. Not a great week managed to escape in to my kitchen to play with my train set try a few dishes and work on my burger blend and some other dishes
  2. There should be a pot of money that top teams such as man united Chelsea and Man City among other teams who declare or makes x amount of profit contribute to. This I believe would not only help teams in trouble but help grass roots. Why should united and city make a substantial profit and give something back.
  3. So tomorrow’s game at meadow lane against Halifax is the first chance for season ticket holders to bring a friend to meadow absolutely free of charge. How to claim your free ticket for tomorrow’s game and the list of being a friend games is below. So who will you be bringing to the lane to cheers on the lads. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/bring-a-friend-matches-280819/
  4. So the Notts County training kit is finally out and available to buy at the club. What every thoughts on the training kit and who fancy’s buying.? https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2019/september/training-wear-launch-120919/
  5. So Notts host Halifax this Saturday at meadow lane who’s going to cheer the lads on hopefully to three points.
  6. Blackburn 0-1 Millwall QPR 2-0 Luton Town Burton 0-2 Coventry Oxford 2-2 Tranmere Swindon 3-0 Macclesfield Crawley 1-1 Mansfield Dagenham Redbridge 2-2 Hartlepool Harrogate Town 2-0 Boreham Wood
  7. Mate I’m still in shock now mate .. it’s not gunner happen again . Wish I would have had a bet now
  8. Regan booty what a player what a acquisition the first few games I wasn’t sure I said he needed time and bang he’s had time and now he’s showing what he can do. Tom needs game time or we may loose another young magpie .. maybe back out on loan to afc flyde I think it is could be the key to him improving.
  9. I’m not bothered what he’s done before or at Scunthorpe this is a new year new challenge. 1 goal in to games not to shabby and what a goal as well. I’ve got high hopes for him this season.
  10. Well we got a point and take our average of points per game as 1.1 per game not to bad when you think about really
  11. Guess he wasn’t a soldier there either .. after the stuff with Notts I’ve got no time for him.
  12. Cash flow this season is paramount importance so we don’t fall in to the same trap/Situation as before
  13. Hello @Michael welcome to pon my friend. Unfortunately in front of the camera isn’t my place or I would be happy to help. The very best of with it though mate
  14. Bloody Nora 3 correct ? You sure it’s mine @DangerousSausage . Blimey I’m shocked .. Thanks mate appreciate that
  15. Fantastic bloke the very best of luck to him he deserves a team that will see his potential and his ability
  16. You are spot on mate kelly-Evans has pace gives everything but play him where those attributes can be put to good use. Tootles is experienced and w need that right now
  17. That’s one thing the new owners have sorted out and the fact it’s with forest is good .. it’s repaired the burnt Bridges and the facility’s look good as well
  18. We did so I’m very glad we have signed him and I can’t wait to see what he can on the wing if he can cut in and cross from the area rather than near the corner flag where it makes no impact.
  19. We need to win .. play with at least four at the back and two up front. We need to score first and hold on to goal cause that right now is our down full. I think a few players shouldn’t retain there place but that’s for another time. Away from home not a fantastic record but always room for improvement
  20. Not been a great week been Ive been ill for most of it. Went to Notts on Tuesday with the family as I always do. Since then just resting and trying to recover. Watching cooking programs and some old wrestling.
  21. Well not what I expected to read I guess .. the article may suggest he needs a bit of help . But the time for talking is over we need results.

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