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  1. It was a lovely ground I enjoyed going .. a very humble ground with a charm about it. The staff was polite and made you feel welcome there was enough leg room and the seats I felt were fantastic.
  2. A bit disappointed for us not to take the 3 points but we did start 6 out of the 7 new signings. They only had 48 hours to gel and a couple of players yesterday it was actual there debut. Micheal Doyle being sent off ideal and for me that proves he shouldn’t be captain his performance was mediocre at best and thst not good enough for a captain.
  3. Welcome to the pon community mate see you on Tuesday for the first home game of the season.
  4. Guys and girls can you help me welcome @Magpie callum to the pon community.
  5. So it it’s emerged on transfer news LIVE that Scottish side St Johnston are eyeing up a possible bid for our very own Kane Hemmings. who has experience of playing in Scotland first with Rangers and then Dundee.
  6. So I thought as the national league is still new to us and some of the teams and grounds are not like ours I thought it might be nice to see the away grounds we will be playing at this season. First up is silver lake stadium the home tomorrows Opposition Eastleigh. Eastleigh Football Club have played at the Silverlake Stadium since 1957. Previously known as the Sparshatts Stadium, it has a capacity of 5,192.(3,210 seats)
  7. I’m buzzing I can’t wait .. if the ore season qualifies continues I think tomorrow may be a good game. We have to be confident and attack from the start and force a early goal. And keep the defence tight and the defenders as one and working to the same way.
  8. This lads have saved our bacon it’s that simple god bless them that’s all I have to say.
  9. Not bothered what they look like I’m grateful to Alex and Chris for stepping in to some very dirty and messy shoes and sorting this mess out so tomorrow our boys will proudly the new kit. And we can also wear it as well and its a sign things are getting better. I think this kit is what it represents not what it looks like.
  10. I think just rotation players but the right players not just any players. Who are happy with that but put the work in waiting for there chance to shine.
  11. I had a chat with someone about this chap and they told me if his lighting with running so hopefully that will be something we can use next season because counter attacking is something I think we could well with.
  12. Great this rumour was true a very good player and will do I think
  13. Like Tyson wasn’t great on his first time on loan but this time he looks good if he can stay injury free I’ve got high hope for it to help fire us back to league 2.
  14. Very happy with this they played well in the trials and I think can only bolster the defence and help build a brick wall defence.
  15. Old school takes no prisoners defender he has a voice and we need that in the defence. I think he will organise and help the defence leaving the keeper to concentrate on the set piece.
  16. He has a good pedigree and a good cv so I'm looking forward to seeing him play. I’ve read he command his area well and is vocal.
  17. Great to have him back great player and fantastic attitude on the the pitch just right for notts.
  18. Welcome to pon @ISupportTheNotts great to have you with us.
  19. Just 24 hours before the first game and I’m buzzing I can’t wait and the feel around with the Signing Notts are making is helping that feeling. All positives right now
  20. Welcome to pon hope you enjoy your time in the group.
  21. Guys and girls can you help me welcome @NottsCountyTalk. To the pon community.
  22. Wellcome to pon great to have you with us hope you enjoy our little community
  23. Guys and girls would you help me welcome @SUFC to the pon community.
  24. Hello @OoooooTommy welcome to the pon community. Do I take it your a tommy Johnson fan.?

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