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  1. IMO, we do not need another striker or cb, we are doing fine and there is no reason to change it! when you say we need a ball winner up top, i dunno if you have seen oliver alot but he is the guy for that, not a goal scorer but already has 2/3 assists, he is perfect for what we need, espicially as an impact sub plus, has collins ever played alongside stead?
  2. I hope you are right, i feel 3 point coming with oliver scoring and a penalty to us with o connor scoring! COYP!
  3. 1) Richard Duffy - Brilliant player who next to the right guy can be an unstoppable defence, very confident, dont let his size fool you! 2) Haydn Hollis - few bad seasons but his confidence has grown next to Duffy and under John Sheridan. has been brilliant all pre season ( expecting fans to complain about him when another defender doesnt do there job ) 3) Jordan Richards - when given the run out this season he will become a unbelievable player, just like his father was, to say he is 19 years old, he has so much confidence where ever he plays, future player. 4) Stanley Aborah - Enough said. 5) Carl Dicko - more than likely our new captain, very good leader and will only lead us onto great things. finally 6) Alex Rodman - Brilliant on the ball, always looking to pass, wont go wasted this year if stays injury free! What are your thoughts guys?
  4. We need another unique chant imo Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  5. I am sick of the basic ones we sing. ( one ( player name ) and we are the black and white army ) so heres a few i have ( CAUTION: Rude language so please click.off if you do not.like ) In the tune of just can't get enough: When i was a young boy My father said to me Will you be the forest? Or will you be county? I looked my father in the eyes and said Listen here my father, i'm county till im dead Ill wear the shirt and ill wear it with pride because im notts county till i f**king die! Tune to wherever you may be BURKE BURKE wherever you may be They drink guiness in your home country Could be worse Could be a STAG Bumming your mum for a 20p ***! Please leave yours below Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  6. A glass for water. Have fun walking 140 miles

  7. Northampton fans chanting to the best player in the football league ' Hes got a pineapple on his head'

  8. Back to the bottom of the Kop for me 👌

  9. @AwayDaysYT salford i get buy why fcum? They are a treat to football

  10. @GungaChief atm, its one person claiming it. no cheaters as of yet to anyone, we have to wait and see

  11. Notts fans want results to come, week in week out. But then go on fb saying they want our best players gone?! Wha?

  12. @RiceeChrispies not even lying, Jane the virgin😂😂 ******* quality hahaha

  13. Imagine donating all your money to a Youtuber...

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