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  1. I've got the the day off work so I'm going to make the most of it. I'm spending it with my mum, Dad, brother, grandparents and maybe some cousins if they come over to my grandparents. It's going to be a day where I drink (but not a lot as I am at work the next day) and eat a lot.
  2. My brother's ranking 1. Wispa 2. Twirl 3. Dairy milk 4. Fudge 5. Dairy milk caramel 6. Eclair 7. Creme egg
  3. Thank you @ARLukomski for the idea. 1. Creme egg 2. Eclair 3. Fudge 4. Twirl 5. Wispa 6. Dairy milk caramel 7. Dairy milk
  4. 1. Bounty 2. Teaser 3. Twix 4. Milky way 5. Mars 6. Galaxy caramel 7. Galaxy 8. Snickers
  5. At work at 5:30 tonight. So I'm spending the day with @ARLukomski until I go. Last night was fun we went to a Halloween quiz, we came 11th, we did better than we thought we would. No trick or treaters either (more sweets for us ). I got a bit creative with some make up thank you @ARLukomski for letting me practice. Little question for people to answer: which wrestler has this face paint?
  6. Been at work since 11:15. Finished about 2 hours ago. Feet are still sore from yesterday and today (bad choice of footwear, especially with being a waiteress). Not a lot has happened for me today.
  7. I agree with @ARLukomski. Lots of different things to do. I do recommend going to watch a show at the play house or theatre royal. Golf is good as well if you go before 12pm you can do 18 holes for £6 each
  8. I've never watched an episode of Doctor Who in the 18 years I've been alive. But, personally I think it's a bit strange to have a woman to play the doctor (no offence to anyone who thinks a woman should play the doctor) as it's always been a male. But, I like programmes to stay how they have been since the beginning, but I have nothing against a female playing the role.
  9. I only started geocaching a couple of days ago, not found any yet though.
  10. Eat breakfast. Would you rather have toes for fingers or finger for toes?
  11. Fanta orange or Dr pepper mainly. Got too many I like.
  12. As I am a waitress, it does not really bother me if I get a tip or not anymore, as it gets put into a pot and at the end of the shift and gets split between the people who was working that shift. Before hand, I used to keep all my tips in my pocket and at the end of the shift we had to count it up and give 25% to the kitchen. (Some customers did not agree with this and some did). But, as a customer I hardly ever tip if at all but on this occasion me and @ARLukomski did. We went to pizza hut, and our waiter was so nice and very patient especially with me having questions about the food, taking my time reading the allergy book and also me noticing a mistake in there.
  13. iD £12.50 a month 6GB unlimited texts and 1000 minutes.

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