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  1. Dead to me is worth a watch, it's on Netflix
  2. Well, all I can say is I failed my theory test again this week, got a new instructor but didn't get on with her, so I am back looking again. It's getting to the point where I am getting ready to quit altogether and putting the money towards a house. Went to the doctors and said that I might need to have blood taken, for some medication they want to put me on for an ongoing problem that I've had since August 2018. Hopefully, I will get some better luck, stuff like this always happens before my birthday. So I'm hoping when I hit 20 everything will get better. I did get to spend some quality time with @ARLukomski, and got some things planned. I'm looking forward to them. All round this week it's just been rubbish. I hope everyone elses week was better than mine.
  3. As a child I always wanted to be a photographer but now I'm a sandwich artist at subway. I do try my best to take photos when I am out, but it's only on my phone, no special equipment for me. Here is a couple
  4. Me and @ARLukomski might be going to Italy this year. Honestly, cannot wait to pass my driving and theory test
  5. Not really an interesting week again, work and sorting my life out really. Been slightly unwell, just a slight cough but getting on with it. Woke up at 6 today for a team meeting and my manager announced that she is going to a different store. As stupid as it sounds, I am going to miss her, the 3 years I've been working, she is one I've been the closest to. My driving lessons start again Wednesday, after finding a new instructor and I take my theory test for the second time on Thursday Very mixed emotions this week for me. How has your week been?
  6. I know my phone cost me £330 and one place said £100 and one said £140. Think I'm going to leave it. It's in the top right corner, but when I go over it with my finger you can't feel anything.
  7. Just want start off with saying I hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year. Sorry I missed last weeks weekly round up, got caught up with work commitments. So I'm classing this one as week 3, even though it should be week 4. Not a very interesting one this week unfortunately, been at work everyday since Thursday and my next day off is Thursday (just thinking of the money). I did however start the new year off right at Maidenhead, with a lovely bunch of people and many memories were made. Smashed my phone screen, which I found out it's going to cost me £100 to fix My new years resolutions are that I want to go down to London to watch a musical, to stay organised and to pass my driving test. How has your week been and have you got any new years resolutions this year?
  8. I'm back at work tomorrow and then off until boxing day.
  9. Sorry it's a late one this week, was up at 8 and was called into work for 9 finished at 16:15, instead of finishing at 14:00, but that's working life for me The place where I work got Just-Eat installed. So lunch and dinner rushes have been a lot more busier what they used to be like, along with all of the uber orders as well. Wednesday night I spent the night with @ARLukomski went to the final ever quiz at Widecombe Fair, which has been part of our lives for nearly 2 years. Took my brother out to buy his christmas presents and after that we went and visited family. Apart from all hectic stuff that's been going off at work, I've had a pretty quiet week. How has everyone elses weeks been? Finally, I hope you all have a lovely christmas and enjoy spending time with your families
  10. Work and catch up with things that I've needed to do.
  11. Either miracle on 34th street or the nightmare before christmas, even though it could be classed as a Halloween film.

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