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  1. Not watching much tv apart from Gogglebox and friday night dinner. I'm mainly watching Disney+ or YouTube.
  2. We are finally in April, another month closer to the end of the year and DECHOX finally ended (raised £90 this year, highest amount I've raised in the 5 years of doing). Not really much I can report on this week apart from being inside all day every day. I have been to the shop but it's been to get my grandparents some shopping. I finally caved into getting tik tok made two (that's even worse). Just been baking and eating really. How has your week in isolation been?
  3. There is a couple of things that I would have changed in my past, even though you just asked for one. One of them would be that I wish I spoke to my nanna more before she passed away. We all had a massive argument with my dads side and now we dont talk to that side of family anymore, we dont even make eye contact if we see each other in the shops. Another thing would be as soppy as it sounds, I wish I said yes to going out with @ARLukomski earlier than I did, even though I had a thing for him since we were 12 (sorry to embarrass you Dec).
  4. I have to admit these weekly round ups are going to be harder and harder to write each week, not much to write about when I'm stuck inside 24/7.
  5. Well... Its definitely been an interesting week, probably has been for all of us. Worked monday night for 3 hours, little did I know it was the last time for maybe 3 months. Done quite a lot of things this week. I've baked, watched a lot of things on Disney+ and YouTube. Spoke to @ARLukomski a lot due to not being able to see each other. I've even painted, not done that since school. How has you're week been?
  6. Yeh, I'm finding it difficult. Saturdays would be where my family, my cousins, aunties and uncles would all go and spend time with my grandparents. Unfortunately, my grandad have underlined health conditions. I luckily saw them a couple of times last week before we got put on 'lockdown'.
  7. I posted this yesterday morning, I am doing alright, cried a couple of times, not over the virus but some other things, its finally kicking in. I want to try and encourage people to come back to this topic and write updates. But it's down to the individual. Not every day but whenever you want to.
  8. @liampie I've not worked since monday evening and cant wait to go back, we have a group chat for work, and we are all still talking to each other on that, which is really helping. I'm reading the harry potter books at the moment.
  9. I know there is a weekly round up that I try to do every sunday, but I thought I'd do a separate topic on just to see how everyone is doing at the moment. I know people who have trouble with mental health could be finding this time very difficult. I'm doing well at the moment, I am keeping myself busy by baking, cooking some what decent meals, listening to music, writing and watching things (youtube, netflix and disney+). Found a fun thing to do but it's so sad. I watch people out of the window and count how many times they've been out. If anyone is struggling and wants a chat, I am always here, my handles for my social medias are in my profile. How are you doing and what are you doing to keep busy?
  10. @cheeky~k8 People do need to listen, I got things book in for summer, and been saving for them, it's a lot of money as well. Tbh I've been off 2 days, I've hardly eaten because I am distracting my mind with other things
  11. @cheeky~k8 my routine has been be knocked right off. Was meant to be working today and I looked at the time and panicked that I was going to be late. My brother has been off for a while, he has homework that he has got to do and it's quite hefty. I can't remember where I read it but it might only take 2 months so that would be the middle of june when it could be gone, just in time for summer. If people listen.
  12. @CliftonMagpie It would, thing is I understand supermarkets, pharmacies and other essential places to open. My mum works in argos, but they are still open, only for deliveries. But they are on about transferring her to sainsburys. It has, just stay in. My dad is self employed and he don't know what he's supposed to do. If we all stayed in, then we can all have a summer, at this rate we won't be getting one
  13. I'd say do whatever you feel is right for you. I'm the same, I want to be working (I can't, I did my last shift today), but can't risk getting the virus.

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