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End of Season Player Ratings and IN or OUT

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I missed the arse end of the season, so my ratings may be a tad off, but here we go....

(I've only included players that have played a significant part in our season)

Bart - 7.5 - He's saved us so many times this season. He's not without his moments however, but is definitely a solid keeper at this level, and maybe even above.

Freeman - 5 - At times looked very good, at times looked rubbish. A little bit inconsistent for me, but no doubt a decent option at this level.

Undecided (Not our player, fee, wage demands, possibly better options)

Dumbuya - 5 - He's improved recently, he was quite decent from memory at the start of the season, but with such a poor side, his defending came into question, and well, he doesn't really have much defending ability.

IN (Contracted - otherwise undecided)

Leacock - 2 - He's crap. I don't understand the excuses people make for him. He looked rubbish and/or disinterested. Captain? Captain of the water boys, at a push. There was no coincidence in our turn of form and him being dropped.


 Smith - 3 - Slightly better than Leacock. At least he looked like he wanted to put a shift in. Not good enough though.

Hollis - 7.5 - For the part he's played in our turn of form, his goal-scoring, his ability to cope under a massive amount of pressure with no real experience apart from a few games here and there, he's been excellent. No nonsense and definitely not the finished article, but a potential to be a started or dependent 3rd choice CB next season. 


Mullins - 7 - I've only seen him play CM and as posted above only seen Magpie Player highlights since his switch to CB. However, I gather he was very good in giving that experience that Hollis needs next to him and his ability to read play has been invaluable.

Undecided (Age, not our player, wage demands)

Sheehan - 8 - Always looked like he gave a flying fudge about the results even when we were getting battered every week (Most the season, really!). He is dependable, can get forward fairly well and his ability to slip into CB when needed was immense. 


Roberts - 5 - Played his part, too old and slow for next season.

JCR - 6.5 - When on fire, he's practically unplayable. However, when we were suffering a lot of the time he was so frustrating in beating and beating a man again. His crosses were at times woeful. How much of this poor form can we attribute to the team in general being rubbish? Not sure. However, when he's on form he is absolutely on form and very dangerous. With a better midfield and team as a whole, he is a very valuable player. 


Fotheringham - 1 - People said 'we don't realise what he does for the team'. I think we saw exactly how little he gave our team when he was replaced by Thompson who was so much better.


Thompson - 6.5 - As above, haven't seen a lot of him, but looked impressive on Magpie Player and didn't make too many mistakes when he was used at RB earlier in the season.


Boucaud - 2 - At times plays balls that are Premier League quality, the rest of the time you wouldn't even know he was on the pitch. Formed possibly one of the worst midfield pairings in the football league, and possibly even below.


McGregor - 7 - Without his goals earlier in the season, there would have been no 'Great Escape' as we'd probably have been relegated in Feb.


Undecided (Can't afford him)

Liddle - 6.5 - We have found his position in CM I think, he's a dependable player and we missed him largely throughout the season.


Grealish - 7 - See McGregor. Been pretty solid throughout the season, draws a lot of fouls and is the bit of skill we need on the wing.

Undecided (Can't afford him)

Shwounmi - 5 - At times the scapegoat. He started the season really well, but this never lasted. He doesn't really win headers, or use his body much, and was lacking with the ball at his feet. Whoever wanted to pay money to sign him should see a mental health professional. I like big Enoch, however I don't think he's good enough.


Haynes - 1 - Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Contributed absolutely nothing all season. Probably thought he was above the team, but in actual fact I would've stuck JCR as a target man than see him float about a football field. Summed his attitude up when he got sent off against Coventry, offered no apology to his team mates, no appeal to the decision, and practically sprinted to get a shower. Reports from one of my Hibs supporting mates has said that he's been equally as rubbish up there aswell.


Spencer - 8 - What a God-send this boy has been. Holds the ball up well, wins things with his head, and even capable with his feet. Hopefully we can keep a hold of him


Murray - 6.5 - Looked quite good whenever we used him, let himself down a bit with a silly sending off at Peterborough, but we should be looking to keep him, without a doubt.


Coombes, Ball, Balmy ect.. not worthy of a rating - OUT

I've almost certainly missed some out, apologies for that, and the long post! :P

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Bart - 8.5 (He's had a good season despite the odd mistake, all players do and nobody is perfect but I have witnessed games he's single handily kept us in, a good few where the quality of the opposition was blocked and kept out by him. Games in my opinion we should have won!

Keep - If we can!

Dumbuya - 6 (Started off well, he got injured and inconsistency stuck in. He's a great player going forward, lacks defense mind but with focus and form he does both very well. We just haven't seen much of it, however I think Derry will offer that stability a player like Dumbuya needs)


Leacock - 3 (I'm not going to waste typing out my thoughts)


Smith - 6 (When given a run he shows why he can be a regular CB, however at times he becomes used to playing and the performance suffers for that. He's a good backup and a first team player with the appropriate push.)


Hollis - 7 (Progressing very nicely, yet he highlights how important it is for our young players to play regularly. He does the simple things very well, I hear people saying he's only got the quality of a lower league one player but he's certainly shows ambition outweighs opinion. Very reliable home grown player!)


Mullins - 6 (He's done well, yet nothing I witnessed suggested we have player with much better pedigree than we already have. In midfield he was like a ghost, at the back he was just reliable. He did give 100% but I think his legs have had it, experience is a great quality tho)

Let him pass through - No contract offer.

Sheehan - 9 (He's come out as one of our strongest players, moved positions and lead the team well. In the darker period where players was turning into shadows, he didn't)

Keep - Get his contract sealed

Roberts - 3 (Did well in the odd game, played okay others but the bad games stand out)

Out - Don't look back

JCR - 8 (His form greatly improved when Derry took over, he always gave an 100% and hes a great attacking player. He's done us proud this season, games like Shrewsbury at home highlight his importance... Also the home game we went 2-0 down and he went straight on the attack to get us 2-1 - back in the game)

Keep - Get him a new deal!

Fotheringham - 4 (He does contribute but not enough, by him slowing down his game and skills it really limits him. I know fans think this is the problem but when he does it with a bit more effort and speed, he looks a far better player IMO)


Thompson - 6.5 (Showing promise, he does play well when he's supported. When he doesn't have someone to anchor and help him, he goes into the youth mode. Good player but needs time.)


Boucaud - 5 (Good player but becomes to inconstant, mainly I see this because he starts games he shouldn't. He a rotational player for me, he needs form to cement the position and similar to Thompson he needs someone capable around him.)

Keep - Rotational player

McGregor - 7 (Good player, yet his confidence was built around him being the star and not a team player - which he is but it doesn't reflect this way because CK chose to ignore that and Derry benched him)

Perhaps we could re-loan him - If so, I would.

Liddle - 6.5 (He players two positions, with a capable CB partner he's great at the back but I prefer him in midfield when he can tidy up and push forward)

Keep - Get him signed up

Grealish - 7.5 (Exciting player who gives his all, he can take players on and he's done that. Creating chances and assisting player)

I doubt his club would let him return on loan.

Shwounmi - 4 (No question he gives and he tries, yet if we want to be midtable and above. He needs to go!)


Haynes - 4 (He needs a partner, we have a good partnership now but I would give him the chance provided he would be willing to reduce his wages. If not, we don't need him.)

Keep - If the terms can be altered otherwise sell.

Spencer - 7 (Good ability, can hold up the ball and win challenges without going to ground. With a stronger midfield, I can see him easily scoring a few more goals and that gives me bright hopes for him)

Keep - Get him a longer deal.

Murray - 7 (He's very similar to Spencer, he does just as much but doesn't get noticed in the same way. I like his ability to run into positions long balls can be played and his control is second to none, very reliable player. When he scores, it's very hard to prevent him from taking chances and that is exactly what a club like us need)

Keep - Get him a longer deal

I've gone off SDA's list, so if I've missed anyone. I personally blame him, who I gave 5 due to absence. Key player when he's not busy working ;) hehe

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Good assessments overall, agree with most in/out calls.

However, I'd certainly keep Mullins, wouldn't bother with Freeman, prefer Dumbuya by a mile. Coombes has been injured for ages & he's worth another look, he went backwards with Kiwomya but he has ability.

We still need another striker, Murray remains raw & a tad inconsistent for me. He's busy and has an eye fir goal but his form in the last 6 or 7 games has been indifferent. A couple of midfielders and a central defender are also key priorities.

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Agree with most of Joes list. Not sure about Dumbuya, smith or Boucard. I'd personally get rid of all 3, maybe keep Muzzie as a backup right def/mid when needed. Smith...If he was going to stay he would have played yesterday. He didn't. enough said. Boucard...flatters to deceive far too often. In fact goes missing far too often!!!


Haynes has to go one way or the other. I actually think next to Spencer he'd come good, but after sheenans comments yesterday I can't see him being welcomed back with open arms and thats the sort of issue we need to avoid at all costs.

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I haven't seen Notts enough to say too much but from listening on the radio and reading comments here it seems obvious to me who should go and who should stay.The above comments seem spot on to me.After hearing SD's post match interview I assume he's more or less made his mind up over his player preferences.The next few months negotiations and transfer activity are going to be very interesting.

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