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Graham Burke


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There's a couple interesting comments about us “We were training in parks and you would see people walking up with their dogs." 

It must be frustrating/embarrassing as a professional footballer to be training in parks with with people walking dogs and all of that. That said he very rarely did anything professional on the pitch so maybe he deserved to be training on a park. 

It's easy to understand(not saying it was right) why some of the players wasn't playing with everything they had this season, training on parks, not being paid on time or at all very easy to see why some got disheartened. At least Mr Hardy has changed all of that mentality!

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I have little sympathy to be honest, it sounds like he is making excuses. He knew that we didn't have a permanent training ground when he joined us, so if dog walkers are such a grave distraction to him he should have gone elsewhere. Actually, maybe he should be playing indoor football or bridge. I doubt many League clubs have a state-of-the-art, walled-in training centre.

By the way, our players are STILL training on parks and yet performances have vastly improved!

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My consideration and expectations of him has fallen massively since reading his comments.

As a youngster you play anywhere, on the street, in your back garden, parks, at school etc. The conditions don't matter to anyone who 'loves to play', as a professional I don't see how this is any different. He's whining about 'high fields' I think, the areas where Notts train are not a park and although I do not understand why we rotated between Arnold and Rolls Royce as training camps, where Notts have trained is decent conditions for this league.

Of course it would be better if we had somewhere proper to train, I've had various discussions with other PON members about this - like @Super_Danny_Allsopp but provided the training is spot on, location makes very little difference.

We used to train where the nation team did and players like Dean Leacock would moan about Meadow Lane. :lol:

Some players forget about why they become footballers and the glamour takes over, I doubt Shamrock Rovers have facilities much better than League Two - I'd suspect it's more like the Non-League standard.

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Like I say he very rarely did anything professionally on the pitch here, I just thought him slating where we trained was a bit out of order but on the flip side you'd expect to be training in a better place than these so called "parks" but if you love playing football you should be happy to have some grass, a ball and goal posts to train with..

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I don't think Graham Burke would have got on very well with one of your ex managers.


It certainly didn't harm Cardiff !

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