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Jorge Grant has haters - really?

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I was just reading @Joe Jones‘s article about Jorge Grant and in it he says his celebration of putting his hands to his ears was to block out the haters.

How on earth can a lad who’s scored 18 goals from midfield have haters? If KN had said at the beginning of the season that he was going to sign a midfielder who would score 18 goals before March we would have been over the moon, what is wrong with these people?



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Every player has a dry spell, for me some fans should be asking questions of other players but I can understand why some would speak out against Jorge Grant. The difference for me are those that suggested he could return to the City ground, compared to those who joked about missing posters - the latter is fair enough. Those having a knee jerk reaction mostly do it for attention or because they are being mardy.

He's a good player, the same people who call him will be wanting him back next season.

I have seen some threats and, idiotic comments. It's just very sad to see people saying things rather than encouraging the players, yes some might not deserve it but Jesus this lad has carried us at times.

Earlier in the season you couldn't speak against his poor performances either due to some of the idiotic fans.

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For what it's worth, I think the lad must have wondered what he was 'doing wrong' when he saw how his club (not US) decided, at a most inappropriate time, (for US); to move on/up his mate, Ryan Yates. I can't imagine what it must have felt like - after scoring lots of goals here - to then see someone, younger, newly Contracted and getting the chance/opportunity to go 'on loan' and in the direction, he clearly hoped his own career, would go! I believe, he had a bit of a crisis with that realisation and it clearly showed in his form.

He's young, impressionable (and yes, sometimes, a bit 'lazy'); but when he truly turns it on, he can be fast, slippery and magic for the opposition to 'read'.

Sadly, I attended a pre-Christmas fuction where it was voiced, very clearly, that 'they' thought one of our on-loan players would go far and that the other 'wasn't likely to make 'their grade''! However,  what can't be taken away from Jorge is that he's just one goal away from scoring the same number of goals Cristiano Ronaldo has scored for his club, this season! And before anyone screams "totally different class", I'd question where exactly the screamer thinks we'd be this season... without Jorge's efforts for us? (Scarey, eh?!*)

In truth, I'd be more than happy for Jorge to stay on. I think he's not been helped by NOT having a 'club' of his own (with all the signs from them, he doesn't have a place there); and irrelevant of how much he's learning/gaining experience at ML, surely it can't be the same as donning a shirt for a club, you're signed towhose signing of you, lets you know, they WANT you to play for them? 


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