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Slocombe 6 - Commanded well. Had one iffy moment but sound

Brindley 7 - Kept Whitfield quiet for large parts of the game. Great performance

Rawlinson 7 - Excellent defending and very cool with the ball at his feet

Lacey 7 - Like Rawlo, kept their usually potent frontline at bay 

Kelly-Evans 7 - Got forward numerous times and linked up well with others

Doyle 8 - Superb with the ball at his feet and helped us playing through the middle

Reeves 7 - Started well but takes way way too many touches when he doesn't need to and passes it backwards when he doesn't need too

Boldewijn 5 - Lost the ball too many times and his decision making was a bit erratic. A few good runs forward

Rodrigues 7 - Continues to be a brilliant performer. So much went through him. But please just shoot more

Effiong 7 - Grafted and gave Kyle Cameron nightmares in the 1st half. 

Wootton 5 - Positioning wasn't great but did what he could. How he hasn't scored that late on I will never know. It's unmissable


Sam 6 - Linked the play up nicely when he came on and put two inviting crosses into the box

O'Brien 5 - Didn't really do much when he came on but set up a great chance late on for Kyle

Miller N/A - Subbed for Brindley late on

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Slocombe 6.5 One misread situation but generally radiated calmness

Brindley 7 Blood injury, should have resulted in a Torquay player seeing red. 

Rawlinson 6 experience counted

Lacey 6.5 Defended well, simple passes

DKE 7 The best left back even though he is a right back

Reeves 6 Early promise when he signed, seems to be evaporating

Doyle 6.5 For every good pass, counterbalanced by a poor pass or decision

Enzio 5 Reality check that despite his "star name", he does not deliver

Ruben 7.5 Only player willing to take the ball and try to make things happen

Wootton 6.5 Losing  the ability to convert the chances

Effiong 6 Strong running but not in the correct channels


Sam 6.5 Some good deliveries into the box

JOB 6 No longer a stand out player


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37 minutes ago, Piethagoram said:

I just wasted my time!  Those ratings really do beggar belief, instead of watching the game they must have put several balls numbered 6, 7 and 8 into a bag and just drawn them out at random.

Once again, we had too many average performances, nobody was especially poor or good.  I would probably give Rodriguez MOM, because most of our creative moments involved him.  Enzio and Wootton disappointed, both are capable of better.  On the face of it a draw against the top of the league isn't a bad result, but it's not what we need.  Torquay will definitely be the happier of the two teams, and the playoffs are now our only realistic ambition.

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Slocombe 6 - Generally OK, couple of dodgy decision making but not paid to pay. 

Brindley 7.5 - Very good defensively, some great last-ditch tackles.

Rawlinson 7.5 - Excellent.

Lacey 7.5 - Excellent.

Kelly-Evans 7.5 - Very good defensively and joined attacks with effect sometimes. 

Doyle 7.5 - Spreading passes about and did a captain's job by being in the referee's ear to put Notts' point across, counteracting the Torquay players doing the same. Whether intentional or not, when he goes forward to stand over the player rolling around after Enzio's challenge early on, it takes the attention away from the challenge itself, which was easily a yellow and even possibly a red. These small things are often important.

Reeves 5 - Takes too long to make decisions. Couple of wayward passes in dangerous areas went unpunished. Takes an age to shoot. Why he wanted to take a touch when the ball bobbled to him in the box, only he knows, put your foot through the thing! 

Boldewijn 5 - End product so wayward. It felt at one point a couple of seasons ago that if Enzio got the ball and ran at defenders just outside the box, there was a 80% chance he'd score.... now it feels like there needs to be a warning for low-flying aircraft. 

Rodrigues 7 - Creative... always looks to be positive. Sometimes his final pass was missing today and somebody please coach him to shoot. 

Effiong 6.5 - Exciting signing the way he started. He wins a lot in the air and is mobile too, causes defenders a problem by his physicality and is handy with the ball too. Seemed to fade in the second half (fitness).

Wootton 5 - Really quite poor. Again did a lot of falling over (refs gave him nothing and rightly so). Missed a couple of gilt-edged chances. Sometimes guilty of overplaying...a natural finisher would be shooting when he's trying to play one-twos into the back of the net. Too tidy and it becomes obvious. 


Sam 6 - Far too static at times. Doyle shouted at him twice and maybe he's not much of a thinker? Seemed like Doyle had to tell him what to do. Then played some good balls and had a shot which some of the other forward players could learn from. 

O'Brien N/A- Didn't really affect the game.

Miller N/A - 

Knowles again warming the pine as fourth/fifth choice striker. Either use him if he's good enough or if he's not, send him back and lets try and get somebody in that knows where the net is.

3 hours ago, Piethagoram said:

I don't normally agree with Leigh Curtis' ratings that are often far too high and he has too many favourites, but jesus wept... 

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