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Chesterfield sign Tshimanga


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Great signing for them but we shouldn't be going crazy like everything is bad in our world because of this signing, or the fact we haven't signed a "proven goalscorer."

Take his pens away, he has the same league goals as Wootton last season. Also, he has been bought in to start for Chesterfield, whilst we bought Mitchell in to provide competition for Wootton. We have also got more threats than just KW. Mitchell can contribute, then there's Ruben, Roberts, Palmer, Nemane and O'Brien. Mitchell's goalscoring for King's Lynn, when he's played the full 90 (as mentioned in another post) is decent. 

Wootton has scored 13 and 15 in his last two seasons respectively (in the league) and 18 and 16 respectively (in all competitions). He also contributes assists and hold up play, bringing players into the game, which is good news for Roberts, Ruben, Palmer, Nemane etc. These players can help Wootton as well and every players finishing can be worked on in training.

The two promoted teams from last season (Sutton and Hartlepool) didn't have a player who scored 15 or more. 

I'm also hopeful that we'll be able to keep our key players fit as Cameron and Vincent have mentioned that the fitness and physio side of things is under good control with Marco and Craig. Remember Ruben played Sat-Tue-Sat during the run in last season and was a constant fixture in the team. I also hope this means, Lewis Knight's return to action will be handled well. 

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Incredible signing and I really rate him as a player. Surprised he hasn't got the chance to go to a league club.

Chesterfield will be really happy with that signing, however it doesn't change much for me how their season will go. Their manager is toxic and a genuinely unlikeable character. If they are doing well, he will jump ship at the first opportunity. If they are not.... fireworks and everybody else's fault. Let's see how it pans out. 

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Also, what is the financial situation at Chesterfield? I'm sure somebody from the government will want to check to see how exactly it is that they can't afford to keep paying their players and put them on furlough, only to sign a whole load more and then pay big wages to Rowe and now splash 250k on a new striker - all within a year? I thought they were fan owned - maybe they have a wealthy bloke behind the scenes?

If not, then this season of all seasons seems to be a strange one to implement the **** or bust strategy. 

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Wow. I thought he’d have an EFL club by the end of the transfer window. The Boreham Wood chairman said they received an amazing offer. It’s definitely a six-figure sum and Sorba Thomas went to Huddersfield for £250,000, I think it’ll be close to that which at this level is insane. No idea, where they’ve got the money from… Remember what happened to us when we spent silly money. Good luck to the teams throwing huge sums around I say.

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A friend messaged me about it via Facebook Messenger, I felt disappointed that we didn't actively pursue him because there's no way we should be losing out to Chesterfield with this sort of deal.

The only thing I can take from it is that we probably couldn't afford the fee.

Yet it's annoying giving a rival money, to which they strengthen up with possibly one of the best signings in this league. I hope Mitchell turns out to be a good signing, yet I don't think the two compares in terms of quality. If we couldn't afford it, then I do accept it but it still slightly annoys me.

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I felt disappointed at first but I wonder if the club didn't feel he quite fitted what we need? Could the club guarantee him a starting place within the squad? He would be able to make a fair amount of appearances had Notts been able to sign him, but it would impact other players. I think its an incredible signing for anyone at this level and part of me still wishes that he had signed for Notts. I won't dwell on it though.

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