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    Guess the magpie

    Craig Short
  2. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagoram learn from history? So just because something wasnt too great before means it won't be at a second offering? You doubt the abilities of the UK. Its people like you who buy into the scare tactics that put doubts in your minds. You're forgetting all those who move abroad to Spain etc most are pension age and the there are others who take it with them and don't pay into the UK due to being in a new nation. Maybe if they get sent back more contributions will be made to the UK. Contract expired due to brexit oh my you really are deep in sacre monger. You really believe deportation will happen cause we are out? It will be controlled any legal working paying in to the state person who has immigrated over here will remain. If it came to Enzio having to leave or any other player due to a hard brexit then it'll be what it will be. You not seen all the elections going on recently in Italy, Germany and Holland? The parties making the biggest strides are those who wish to leave the EU. Coincidence? Nope after brexit 4 countries wanted to follow suit. Juncker, eu main man, making a mockery of himself in public stumbling. Yeah I want to be part of his establishment And your old enough to know? Tell me why the majority who voted out was over 65 then? Surely they know what it was like and want it back.
  3. Bainbridge NCFC


    @DangerousSausage @Piethagoram Like I said believe what you want. Be scare mongered if you want. Times change. Sawing an arm off is a different subject how can you compare leaving eu to that oh dear. Joining Real Madrid seems like a good idea for many players doesn't always work does it. Southgate didn't seem good appointment turned out OK. Nothing is certain unless you have seen e future. @Fan of Big Tone 25, we might not have been as great as is thought but times change we have moved on and without eu we can be stronger. Like I said I couldn't care about brexit. If you want to be remoaners fair enough doesn't change the result does it. We voted out. We're coming out. Move on. Its a farce.
  4. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagoram Its all proper gander, they didn't want us to leave and our government don't want us to so they will do everything in their power to suggest that we'd be worse off It ain't a fact that we'd be worse off. It's not been proven cause it hasn't happened. Before the EU? We were a great nation. Times change. Fisherman voted out so they can have free roam of their waters which was restricted by the EU, our own waters we were restricted from. Farmers voted out so they can produce as much as they want and all shapes and sizes. Which the EU restricted. Butchers voted out so they don't have to be restricted to size from the eu. Imagine all that money we spend on the EU and pay them what we could do with that over here. You say about NHS there's the money for the NHS the money that we give eu it can in turn be used for this purpose. Believe what you want, until it happens you can not say for sure that it's a bad decision because it hasn't happened yet. If you want to believe media lies and proper gander you go ahead. Let them get to you with scaremongering. But that's your choice. I've made my choice and I'll stand by it. Brexit is a farce and I couldn't give two f's what happens as the government are bending over backwards for the EU who desperately want to keep us. The only reason we'd lose out isn't because of rules but because the EU will be a little baby and have a sulk and it'd b like "my toy you can't have this" it's nothing to do with brexit it's being spiteful that's all.
  5. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagoram Do you really not see how much they take from us rather than others and use us as a door mat? Are you a psychic or time traveller? Can you see in to the future? So you can not say 100% it will be bad. Its just opinions at the minute and they are using scaremongering tactics to try get a second referendum they so desperately want. People aren't being told the whole truths or consequences about what would be remaining in? You believe what you like pal but you won't change my opinion. Until it happens you can't say it's a bad decision because unless you can see into the future you just don't know.
  6. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagorammedia are scaremongering, government is scaremongering. Did the UK not do well before joining the EU? Since EU laws were implemented how many pubs and jobs have been lost here due to this? We have no obligation to Greece but cause the EU made them how they turned out we were told to pay up as usual. We did say no but then backed into a corner by the EU and our cowardly government is too scared to stand up. But the EU bully us in that way. And just for your information I am NOT a tory, I am NOT a Labour fan. I don't like any government as they all lie. People are just too scared to be out the EU because of the scaremongering. When the vote happened people voted but people didn't like the result which brought on self sabotaging and scaremongering tactics. As we are witnessing. It will work, if we stand up to the EU as they are more scared to lose us then we should be to lose them.
  7. Bainbridge NCFC


    On to the food standards, we import food that we produce ourselves. Now for me it's common sense rather than importing why not kee local produce. Fishing supplies will be up, farmers will be up. Hence why farmers and fisherman majority voted out. The food standard will not drop, its not a proven fact.
  8. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagoram https://fullfact.org/europe/why-uk-being-asked-pay-17-billion-eu/ https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4666072/amp/EU-tells-Britain-Med-migrants.html https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/7002595/brussels-fears-eu-will-be-worse-off-after-a-no-deal-brexit-than-britain-and-may-be-forced-into-signing-agreement/amp/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/european-debt-crisis-not-just-greece-drowning-debt/amp/ Have you been to the future? Do you know for sure we won't be better off? Are you gonna be one of them who don't accept the result as a remoaner? They are scared of losing us, you ever wondered why? Because they know under the right rule we can make Britain a powerful country. They see this as threat that there main contributers will be leaving.
  9. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagoram @Piethagoramfrom@Piethagoramfrom what is said in the court cases it states headed by the EU. Who have the final word. The fact is they dictate to us, take for example when they needed a bail out didn't ask Germany France or any one else. It fell to us in Britain because they bully us into paying. Membership fee was paid but they still came back for more. Hence the reason why we struggle financially. Then we come to the point of the UK government who bend over backwards for the EU who scaremonger which in turn the UK government do to the public. We can thrive without the EU, people are just stuck in what is current. If we never joined the EU would people want in now? Considered how many of its members want out or are in financial trouble? No. The EU are a power party and would struggle without the UK not the other way round. With the right governing party we can leave the EU and thrive.
  10. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagoram we have a housing crisis and state we can't provide more but the EU butted in telling us we need to take so many more eu nationals in, refugees coming over we get told to accept them even though theres France Germany Italy etc who are able to take them, Abu qatada being deported was prevented by the EU even though he posed a threat to the country. No matter what we say housing crisis, NHS crisis, deportations while under the rule of the EU we will forever suffer crisis after crisis.
  11. Bainbridge NCFC


    Tories - give to the rich, take from the poor Labour - borrow money put us in debt and corbyn and Abbott in the party no way they should be in power EU - we are the punch bag for them anything they can squeeze out of us they take for nothing. No reason. We have rules here but we are dictated to, we managed for so many years without the EU we can do it again. How many time have you seen this country want to do something for the better of this country only for the EU to reject it.
  12. Bainbridge NCFC


    @Piethagoram still not changed my mind, the EU is a bad part to be in. Switzerland one of the thriving countries in Europe not in EU. Greece bankrupt, France almost bankrupt. All because EU. We are the punching bag for the EU. We need out. In or out, the party in power will do whatever they want anyway.
  13. Bainbridge NCFC

    Prediction League Round 10

    Birmingham City 2 - 1 Ipswich Town Hull City 1 - 3 Middlesbrough Luton Town 1 - 1 Charlton Athletic Shrewsbury Town 3-2 Gillingham Grimsby Town 2-2 Morecambe Port Vale 1-3 Exeter City
  14. Bainbridge NCFC


    Twitter is good for news and interactions but too many idiots use it. Social media is a bad place. My personal opinion.
  15. Bainbridge NCFC


    @cheeky~k8 tories are for the rich, Labour are against British values under corbyn. We have no alternative. "the last person to enter parliament with honest intentions was guy fawkes" believe that.

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