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  1. Bainbridge NCFC

    will you get behind the next manager?

    Great appointment. Hopefully he can turn this club around.
  2. Bainbridge NCFC

    Experienced manager required.

    @cheeky~k8 but he spent a lot on a rookie like Kewell..
  3. Bainbridge NCFC

    Players to take responsibility?

    @Piethagoram so that would make it down to the players then like I said? @samwatto2008 could the rumours be true that the new lads didn't get on with the old lads from last season then?
  4. Bainbridge NCFC

    Players to take responsibility?

    Having read Alan Hardys recent comments on reasons why he sacked Harry Kewell has brought up some interesting talk. He stated that in 2 games we played well but didn't get a result, those being against MK Don's and Swindon. While the MK game was down to a poor refereeing decision, the Swindon game was down to poor goals once again. Nolan had the talk and often gave the team a rollicking for bad performances which was a main feature during the start of the season and Harry Kewell talked a good game from the start in the post match interviews. Having said that, Hardy accepted that we played well in both games we lost v MK and Swindon. If Kewell had the team performing well then the question should be are the players to blame for both managers being sacked? and should they take some of the responsibility?
  5. Bainbridge NCFC

    Experienced manager required.

    @CliftonMagpie considering we've had rookie managers over the past couple of years, I think it's safe to say we need experienced manager. If they were terrible before they wouldn't be that experienced really as opposed to those who have experience in doing a good job. @upthepies I didn't want Nolan gone, I thought he could have turned it round. But we won't know for sure. It's all ifs and buts. What I think is give Chettle the job till December end then appoint new manager so he has a window to work in. @cheeky~k8 Nolan would come back based on what he said in the after sacking interview but Hardy might look 2 ways and try to rectify things or he will keep to his word and appoint new well known manager who has a history and great reputation in this league
  6. Bainbridge NCFC

    Experienced manager required.

    @Piethagoram I'm sure there was a report that Alan Hardy wanted to sign majority of them players and released some of the plays Nolan wanted to keep to make way for the new players arriving. Nolan had a list of players and Hardy did the rest. Nolan wasn't given enough time with the new set of players. We are league two not Premier league players take longer to gel.
  7. Bainbridge NCFC

    Match Discussion: EFL Trophy - Rovers (H)

    @upthepies I'm not a fan of the efl trophy tbf but it's nice to have some cup run
  8. Bainbridge NCFC

    Experienced manager required.

    Might only be one game, could even be a one off, but after tonight should we see how Chettle goes till end of December and then bring in a manager so he has a January window to work in and build squad?
  9. Bainbridge NCFC

    Match Discussion: EFL Trophy - Rovers (H)

    League run not so good but could we make a good cup run?
  10. Bainbridge NCFC

    Experienced manager required.

    @samwatto2008 probably one of the few but I'd be happy to have him back. Especially after his interview the day after he was sacked. Think he could of turned things round eventually.
  11. Bainbridge NCFC

    Experienced manager required.

    @samwatto2008 forgot Paul Hurst recently sacked by Ipswich. Great shout mate.
  12. Bainbridge NCFC

    Experienced manager required.

    Now that Harry Kewell is gone should we start looking for someone with experience? Given our current position and how disappointing this season is turning out to be surely we need to be looking into getting a manager who has a great reputation in league 2 and can get us out of this rot. Neal Ardley, recently left Wimbledon, could be a great shout. Has a great managerial cv. We need to stop recruiting rookie managers in the past it hasn't worked. Fullerton, less said the better. Nolan, felt he did great last season reaching play offs and great cup run however we should have been automatically promoted but form wasn't great. Kewell, didn't seem the man who could turn us round and that strange decision to replace dennis with Duffy was probably the last straw realistically. Phil Brown, has been sacked by Swindon Town, another possible manager to look at.
  13. Bainbridge NCFC

    Kewell gone

    It wasn't a great appointment in the first place. No real managerial experience. His talking in press conferences were top draw but his actions were anything but that. Right decision by Hardy but at the wrong time. Maybe he could of succeeded had he recruited more inn January but just like Nolan they haven't got the time to prove it. I'll still say Nolan should of stayed. But now I want to see a manager who has experience preferably Neal Ardley.
  14. Bainbridge NCFC

    Slater/Stallard commentary

    Stallard in every game I've listened to this season is bang on everytime. Knows what he's talking about and knows exactly where notts are lacking and gives you great explanations of where it's going wrong. Slater is in with the facts and has a great knowledge to go with games and is enthusiastic about games. They bounce off eachother with one explaining the football and the other with information for the other to react to.
  15. Bainbridge NCFC

    Match Discussion: FA Cup - The Tykes (A)

    Normally I'm optimistic, more than I should, but as soon as that first goal went in I was dreading the rest of the half.

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