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  1. Bainbridge NCFC

    Match Discussion: Game 3 - The Glovers (H)

    Awful. Defence seems too easy to break down once again. Maybe its time we introduced Crawford, Patching and Bird. Ben Hall, when fit, will be an introduction we are all glad to see. Nolan needs to either change the philosophy, style of play and replace players. I'm all by standing by the manager but if he doesn't make the changes needed and sticks with the same squad and style of play then it might need contemplating. Hopefully though, he can turn it around and get the players working the way he was as a player. Full in, heart on sleeves playing for the shirt. We need that. Now.
  2. Bainbridge NCFC

    Match Discussion: EFL Cup - The Boro (A)

    Mix it up, make a few changes focus on the league more than a cup competition like this. Baring in mind we have Yeovil on Friday given us 1 less day rest. Take out Brisley and Hewitt give them a run out last 20 possibly to freshen legs both Tuesday and Friday.
  3. Bainbridge NCFC

    How did we play? (Game 2)

    Fitzsimmons didn't get a look in last season after his stupid red card last season, so maybe lacking confidence. Might come good soon enough. Defending was poor, first goal should of been avoided can't switch off like that just get rid or knock it back. 2nd and 3rd goal should have been avoided too much space. Midfield held on well not much criticism. Maybe someone like Vaughan to drop in and play in front of defenders. Attacking chances missed cost us, Hemmings should have made it 3-2 near the end can't be missing chances like that.
  4. Bainbridge NCFC

    How did we play? (Game 2)

    Maybe time for Dennis and Hemmings to join together as one drop Stead. Chances not taken which cost us effectively last season. Need a tougher defensive display even though he scored maybe Duffy needs replacing with younger legs.
  5. Bainbridge NCFC

    The retained list...

    Would of kept Milsom and Saunders. Milsom could have been useful in the middle. But Saunders never really got his chance to prove himself. I heard good things of him playing on defenders shoulders with the ability to run and score which we could perhaps have done with but Forte was wasted last season when he made his starts he was scoring maybe was too late for him. Stead, as much as I appreciate him as a player, shouldn't be playing from the start maybe a player to bring on in the last few minutes maybe be a poacher. Collin, was always below Fitzsimmons in ability, had no distribution or decent goalkeeping ability.
  6. Bainbridge NCFC

    Re-signing lost/former PON members

    If we can regain members who stopped viewing or joining in, we should take to the supporters page catch up with some players on twitter perhaps even get some of the legends of the lane to join in with this site to gain a community and get views from both fans and players. Also commentators, the likes of Stallard who regularly comments after games in post match interviews if he was to join in maybe he could entise people to join in.
  7. First half, we looked like we was fazed by the occasion. First goal, 3 defenders around Biamou no one at back post that was bad but once Grant got that goal we had so much momentum going into the second half it was shown when Forte scored. But having that goal wrongly chalked off and then there 3rd goal wrongly given as twice offside that took the wind from our sales and I think the players heads dropped. Bad decisions in both legs. We might of lost 4-1 but that didn't reflect the game if we had VAR both games we would of been at Wembley. No peno first leg go into 2nd with 1-0 lead, Forte goal to make it 2-2 would of gone on to win it.

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