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  1. Well in a squad full of underperforming players for me it would be Stead thus far , gives his all never hides total professional , great example to the youngsters, others have been showing glimpses of what they can do for me .
  2. I don’t blame AH for cutting back the squad if at all possible it’s way to big and full of underperformers , a lesson must be learned from this season of poor recruitment, we have to cut our cloth accordingly wherever we play our football next season. As for players not wanting a relegation out of the football league on there cv’s , well just maybe they should alter that selfish attitude to one of putting there all in to making sure it doesn’t happen, any that has such a pathetic attitude really don’t deserve to be a professional footballer let alone to be one at our proud club , for me they can go the sooner the better. As above very difficult to do much of this in a January window , difficult times ahead .
  3. Seems like Hawkridge off to Harrogate if terms can be agreed with player
  4. It’s all about making January a success in player recruitment
  5. Could say at least it hasn’t got much worse @Magic magpie , another game gone mind may well turn out to be a missed chance , time will tell.
  6. Welcome to the community @Harry Heathcote enjoy the site and share your views in what is a friendly environment.
  7. Well to be honest NA needs to do whatever he can to bring in some experience , some real characters who can add significantly to the remaining group , I personally wouldn’t mind who left to do this , a very high percentage who have played have underperformed and had enough chances to have put there mark on a given position and failed . So what ever player goes I’m fine with , heard a rumour doing the rounds that Liam Trotter is coming in , don’t know if it’s true , was also said Hewitt still off to Salford , but NA kind of said it was off earlier I believe, so the Trotter rumour may be miles off as well .
  8. Well back to back strong performances seem to be beyond us it seems, hoped for a better away day after what was a terrific performance against Bury , but not to be , had some misfortune must be said , it’s true you make your own , maybe if we were going well Bird scores and that fluke doesn’t go in , nothing Changes bottom teams today didn’t do well best was Macclesfield getting a point , January is still massive, that’s not changed really has it ? A game less now , hope NA proves to be the magician we hoped .
  9. Remember that game oh so well love that goal and game , Sir Charlie Palmer after that goal
  10. Happy New Year to all at PoN the community and many visitors to the terrific site , to all Notts fans near and far , hope 2019 brings better fortunes and safety COYP
  11. Enjoyed that as always , good to see your spirits lifted by what was an excellent performance by the lads , if massive meaning for a small word but yes if we perform like that week in week out for the rest of the season we’ll win more than we lose for sure and we would get to safety, the Kop was class as well great atmosphere great support, bring on 2019 and the fight and a Happy New Year to everyone
  12. Oh bother meant to press Pierce Bird thought the young man did well in what was a good team performance
  13. Hope all you fellow magpies are having a better Saturday night , hope you all have a great few days leading up to new year , have a brill time whatever you find yourselves up to New Year’s Eve and COYP in 2019
  14. A good team performance a point that could and should have been three , where has that performance come from , battling and chances as well , that’s what we need now for the rest of the season, gives us plenty of hope we’ll done those players and a special mention for the kop great support , a clean sheet to build on as well , COYP
  15. Well they did do the unthinkable, they did play like a team they did fight for each other and show they care , didn’t think we would get anything from this game feared a mauling, not only did we perform well and get a point , deserved and should have been 3 against what is a good Bury side not allowed to play in this game apart from what a 15 min spell . Well done Notts and see how the fans respond to that , totally appreciated it , well done , let it be a corner turned , time will tell COYP
  16. I think they have a little to much for us at this time , roll on January and hopefully some movement out and into the club , hate being negative but if we get a draw from this I’ll be happy , go on lads surprise me put up a fight and performance and see where it takes us , as ever COYP
  17. Just chilling and catching up on football matters , I read Greg Abbott has become head of football operations at Mansfield strange one that , over the weekend my attention turns to the pies , and family getting together .
  18. You actually encapsulated the feelings I guess of the whole fan base in that pal , it was woeful, it totally disappoints everyone and makes ya want to give up , looks as if they don’t have a system, I don’t believe that for one minute at all , 3 managers + interim , and always the same , roll on January and hopefully get rid of some and if we have bad apples in the bunch WHOEVER they are get rid something is definitely wrong in the group no doubt in my mind at all .
  19. Totally agree @ARLukomski runs about well but with little to no impact , a space free a wage off the books along with the loans going back already creating some wriggle room for NA, if those things happen of course .
  20. No confidence at all in getting a positive result, a draw as things are would be a massive result , they are a good side confident as well , fear a mauling, hope I’m wrong COYP do the unthinkable and play as a team have each other’s back and fight as if you care .
  21. Seem to be following you around the threads @ivansneck can’t argue with what you say , that was as inept a performance from top to bottom as you could get hugely disappointing when you consider the opponent and what the implications were before kick off , spineless to a man , gutted me that . Just to add I don’t think it was a last 10 min thing @Magic magpie that was a full 90+ min thing just dire throughout Just to add I don’t think it was a last 10 min thing @Magic magpie that was a full 90+ min thing just dire throughout

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