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  1. Been on the WhatsApp group lots of support, but as yet and I’m only commenting on that group not on FB , it’s early stages suggest support is good but needs to pick up momentum, real purpose, structure , and leadership, but I would take part if it’s done properly.
  2. Seems like it’s a 6 figure sum owed to Puma , what a tangled web of financial mess , can only see administration at the end of this .
  3. Apparently leaving at the end of the month , good luck to him , not a shock really maybe the beginning of an exodus .
  4. We all need some clarity as to what’s going on , you would hope the A. May group are miles away from the club by now ??? No clarity . The South African group ? Who are they ? Have they gone now or still negotiating? Having been so close at one point , what’s going on ??? No clarity A new group ??? come on get real . No clarity . If AH is going to still be at the club this coming season it’s now time to start talking with the life blood the heart beat of the club , the fans , you’ve got it nothing no clarity . All guess work , terrible situation #coyp#ctid
  5. Definitely be interested in hearing what the MP can find out maybe she will get told things by certain authorities in confidence and give general reassurance, which would be something I guess . The silence is deafening
  6. I agree with @upthepies dig around ask questions like a journalist should do , do some background checks , it’s a nothing story as it stands . Hope the MP has some answers maybe in a few days to the questions the post said she was going to ask after the meeting she held with supporters groups . The club is a shambles at the moment, and the way Hardy is treating the fans is absolutely regrettable and unacceptable, total contempt for the fan base not so long back he bragged he had engaged with and built up , any good work on that front that may have been done is probably now ruined by this saga . We need clarity , real honesty , and FACTS May group binned ? Are the SA still involved in negotiations?
  7. @ARLukomski totally agree , NCC thank you indeed, surely that will be the end of that group and it’s lies and totally disgusting people in that group . Can’t believe the silence it’s disgusting and shows nothing but contempt for the fans . Feels like the club is on its last legs and the people that care can do absolutely nothing about it .
  8. Well done NCC , that should pull the rug from under the feet of the , fraudster group after our club , as they won’t be having further dealings with them , lies upon lies being told about AM involvement, surely the club we break its silence and come out and say it’s done with them , untold harm is being done , and AH needs to make a statement of intent regarding the club and it’s sale .
  9. End all negotiations with that group, anyone who can do those things is a disgrace and makes me fear the worst from the ones taking his advice/leadership, he doesn’t deserve a second chance and should have been jailed much longer . To call his crimes a mistake is shocking and disgusting , it was a planned and prolonged campaign of fraud on the elderly. Whatever has happened to Notts County the family club ? Just make a statement NOW and tell the fans of our great club that there is no way it will be sold to such people. Dont hold your breath
  10. Got to say I like JOB here comes the but , sign if he is going to but it’s for Notts County not NA if he is going to still be here , it’s the club you and any other player would play for not any given manager , so if that decision is to be made down the line commit to the CLUB , sign for the CLUB
  11. The title sums my feelings up totally gutted , we finished exactly where we deserved to finish , the going’s on behind the scenes have absolutely caused this abomination of a season, fear for the future while the ego that is AH is involved.
  12. If new owners are in the wings and that is a big if , for God’s sake look at the mess that is of AH making , this mess is about a man with no experience taking the helm and doing an incredibly bad job , do they seriously think he has and credibility in running this football club? I would be seriously concerned with there judgement as well as that of AH . Our best hope is for s takeover but not with AH anywhere near the club .
  13. The manner of the defeat was the most disappointing, inept doesn’t even touch it , very very poor , if ever there was s game to play high tempo in ya face pressing to stop a team playing that was the game , but no let them play there way , just so poor that was .
  14. I’m not convinced even if they slip up we are capable of capitalising , we haven’t in any part of this season , down on Easter Monday for me sadly , at least set the team up to have a go Ardley
  15. Agree Doyle must come off set plays , why ? Contrary to the song he always gives the ball away , absolute joke and take him off when he has stinker , in honesty they all had one .
  16. Can only say I hope that is accurate, it would mean a chance of an absolute clear out and a chance to rebuild, maybe keeping the younger players and giving them a chance .
  17. I’ve been missing a while as I haven’t been well , but I have been keeping up with things , with everything that’s gone on for the last few months it’s no surprise we are in a mess , mathematically not gone yet , but the reality is we are going out the league , things at the club just aren’t good and it’s taken it’s toll , with so much turmoil you just can’t create long lasting positivity and with that comes poor performance after poor performance, it’s just so sad to see .
  18. Just watched a video of him in training today, was well involved looks fit and ready to go , seemed in good spirits too , be a huge plus to have him back , , we need him for sure , come on enzio.
  19. Just seen on bbcrns that It looks like PH is going to join Nathan Jones at stoke , thoughts on this community, will he be missed ? Has big Al had time to learn much from him ? Has he had much of an impact?
  20. Seems like Jamie Turley signing for Orient good luck to him
  21. Can’t stand them , if we can’t get players from other clubs then something is wrong at notts , don’t go begging to them how ever good they may seem academy wise they could always do the same again no honour at all .
  22. My word we need a win , if we get a good performance then we could if it’s as abject as last Saturday only one result I’m sad to say , with the games that are fast approaching we need a win , are these games now must win ? I think so
  23. It’s fake news , or at best just a general comment as all clubs are for sale , complete and utter mischief even .

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