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  1. He does have to take his share of the blame , but gutless players week in week out taking the wage they haven’t deserved at all this season is more to blame , he for his part has backed the judgement of his appointed manager for the footballing side , he has also in my opinion been massively let down , January omg how big is that just got to be bang on , no hope otherwise.
  2. That was awful, think as said by many we can only hope for an extremely good January, that is an absolutely massive ask , if January isn’t good this team will definitely take us out the league no question.
  3. Well done guys , agree with what you say , not going to be for purists this one , it’ll be a battle first and foremost, can we win the battle hmmm not sure , hope so , A Tranmere Esk performance would be brilliant and of course same result would be fantastic, 3-2 Notts COYP all Notts aren’t we
  4. As above irrelevant just another rookie manager who is finding his way in management, well done to him for taking that job on could argue a soldier leading from the front for them though, which could inspire them , he could see early nothing doing with Munto and got out can’t really argue with that , as for today all Notts aren’t we all Notts aren’t we all Notts aren’t we , that vlog keeps coming back to my head about Grimsby, those supporting Notts that day 4-0 down were leaders of the fight , inspiring , COYP today let’s do this .
  5. I read the social media comments after it and it was overwhelming support and good will to the chairman which was brilliant to see just one or two , troll type fools from other clubs trying to be negative, I mean the man has been quiet for a while now but almost immediately and amidst a Christmas message there they are straight on giving it large hahahaha fools COYP AND COME ON BIG AL ALL NOTTS AREN’T WE
  6. As the squad is now it’s a difficult one to resolve, a hard working siege mentality for me at this time is needed , but you need real combatants for that and of the current crop of players not sure enough if any are of that mentality, and mentality that’s so key , come January hopefully one or two of that nature can be added , and put a different slant on this team , COYP
  7. Well done big Al , same to Mr Hardy and family , in my view tries his best for the club here’s hoping for a better 2019 for the pies , COYP
  8. Happy Christmas everyone have a terrific time to all at PoN all its members, let’s hope for a better 2019 COYP
  9. As ever brilliant watch , ya bang on with your review, for me January is absolutely huge , but ya know what that support in the face of adversity was immense, well done everyone proud of you , that same defiance and unity and togetherness needs to translate to the team , can move mountains that , COYP , indeed , all Notts aren’t we .
  10. The same grit and determination shown against Tranmere last home game will be needed , this won’t be pretty, but omg the 3 points would be beautiful, don’t care how we get them but COYP get them , home points tally from now until the end of the season will be the key to staying up for sure .
  11. It’s a massive 3 points for sure , home form could be no will be key to staying in the league , we need maximum points as often as possible, a defeat to these would be demoralising for everyone, but in perspective it’s only 3 points and personally January is much bigger in our survival hopes for me got to get it bang on absolutely no room for error, COYP you can do it .
  12. Just need the same from the players a good fighting spirit , stick together, a win would do wonders , but a full ninety minutes performance of a good hard working standard would be appreciated by the fans , coyp let’s get this revival on the road .
  13. Match Day and what makes it for me is sharing the day with my daughter these days , when we can get as it’s not easy at the moment , it would start with a simple WhatsApp chat a pic sent in my notts shirt and wait for my daughter to pic me up , we’ll chat on route about everyday stuff then our focus turns to the match . We may get a drink in the navigation, make our way in , take our seat in the kop , enjoy the banter between fans and our nervous excitement kicks in , we love it when the kop is in full cry and we thoroughly join in , win lose or draw we give our support and enjoy our father/daughter time at the footie .
  14. What a powerful thread , so proud to be on PoN firstly , such a topic , so sad horrible to hear of such negative and hurtful experiences in life , there is no place in in society for such hatred , it’s never humour either . My own family experience of this is something that still angers me and so disappoints me too . I had a huge fallout with my brother during the Paul Ince managerial time , to cut a very long story short after a particular game we were chatting on the phone as we often did , the anger in his voice was plain and he came out with a horrible comment calling Paul a black b , I was shocked and pulled him up on it , apparently I was out of touch with the feeling ‘ on the kop ‘ we had harsh words and there is much more to this experience I could add but I think I have put enough to get the point across. The sad part is also his hypocrisy as my children are black and just couldn’t/wouldn’t see it being hurtful to us as a family that one of our own could be like that while sharing our family times but being like that . We haven’t spoken since , he still attends as a season ticket holder and I only go now and then and make sure I don’t have contact , we would always go together home and to many away games over the years prior . When this topic raises its incredible ugly head which sadly it will it brings it all flooding back , and to be honest makes me angry and so very very sad and particularly ashamed of someone I used to love as a brother.
  15. Is it just me or is that just a tad arrogant, if I was AH he would have needed to sell to me the total imbalance in our squad and how he thought it would have been ok . Must say at the time of his departure I was for giving him more time . If he had returned he would have definitely taken some selling to a lot of fans . Plus if I was AH it was a conversation I wouldn’t have had , glad I’m not big Al must say .
  16. @samwatto2008 Bang on with that I think you just beat me to posting similar points really , lots of points to contest and hopefully a little wheeler dealing in January and improved performance levels by a good few we can then hopefully keep our league status , but it would be hugely complacent to think we are to big to go down we most certainly are not as you say , coyp fight the fight
  17. No as on the other topic JT has been solid and the kind we need at the club need a couple like him in midfield if possible, blood and thunder tough tackling no nonsense type
  18. Lots of us were @Magic magpie , but the lads turned his form round fair play to him
  19. Agree with @super_ram and @ARLukomski after the terrible form of early season and as mentioned the criticism done really well to turn his own for on its head in a team devoid of confidence and form , well done Fitz , hope it could inspire others to do the same .
  20. As normal enjoyed the vlog , can’t say I disagree with any of your comments very accurate view in my opinion and especially with what you feel about the window and players out and what we need , in NA we must trust

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