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Keep? Sell? Sign?


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It's a little early for me to discuss signings, there is some gems (youngsters) from big clubs set to be released - whilst I am unsure about the more experienced players. Derry will have to convince 'em, as this season might put good players off and it will go down to what league we will be in.

Gary Liddle needs to be tied down - Get him to sign a new contract
Alan Sheehan - I would hope we could get him to renew his deal
JCR (If he's out of contract) <-- I don't think he is. :huh2:
Spencer and Murray need to be offered longer deals

Release - Leacock,Roberts....

I feel I'm missing some :update:

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i think its important that we tie up the key players, we need the likes of liddle, sheehan, spencer and murray. if jcr is out of contract, we could do with him also. i would hope we bring in some more youngsters with real talent and sign experienced players around them, we could do with more established faces!

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Agree with above.A lot depends on whether or not the great escape happens.Bart is another player to keep.One thing is certain, whatever happens in the league,there will be a big shake up.

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I see a lot of the existing squad leaving, if we stay up it would be nice to keep the backbone and the most senior faces of the squad. I am not really concerned with who should go, however Fotheringham is one I would expect to see depart.

He has not featured much or given enough to warrant a place.

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Ok then here we go... not sure who is still under contract so I'll work on the all out of contract basis.



One of the keepers. Bart has been very good, but Speiss looks just as good to me.




Mullins from an experience point of view.






Tyson on pay as you play only deal.

Melvin / Nangle / Dixon not sure. haven't seen enough so is that a bad thing? If so get rid.


All the rest get rid of them asap. Don't keep players around who haven't been good enough this year. if they weren't up for it this season then they never will be.

Mutually agree to cancel contracts on any that have still got time left or send them on loan again with the loaning club paying their wages. either way, get rid.


Sell one of the keepers for cash. Try to get cash for Haynes, but dont think we will so loan or cancel.

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