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How can Notts make the most of their academy system?

The ideal situation for Notts would be to produce our talent that could further allow the club to spend its budget more wisely in the transfer periods, however in recent weeks we have seen promising talent released and although it's quite normal that only a few make the grade in terms of professional contracts. I do feel we could be fast-tracking youngsters, gaining experience for them much quicker and supporting their development stages.

Don't get me wrong, it will take quite a few seasons to catch with other clubs but our academy is ran very well.

I am interested to see opinions on how fans feel we could further improve the academy, what we can do in order ensure we produce quality and provide them the support they need to be vital key members of the Notts County squad.

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Young players need to be given their chance in the first time - if they're good enough.

Nowadays young talent is hoovered up by big clubs at a ridiculously early age. It's hard to compete with that. Notts used to be seen as attractive for young players as they knew that if they did well, there was an avenue into the first team. Tommy Johnson chose us over Newcastle for exactly that reason, and that's the best way to sell the club to promising young players in the future too. We need stability throughout the whole club though. It's all too often the case in football that when a new manager is appointed, a club's whole footballing approach is thrown overboard and the youth team gets ignored.

There's also the danger of falling into a vicious circle: youth team players aren't promoted - good young players go elsewhere for better facilities/opportunities - the youth team players we have aren't promoted ad infinitum.

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the better players we have should be loaned out, its why being in l2 isnt good for the club at all. if we was higher up we would be able to get them actual league experience but most are not ready. we never really push them and when one does well, they are replaced with another unknown. howe and osbourne is my case and point in this argument.

we only really do well with youngsters from other clubs because they are prepared to step up and if they fail, its easy to dismiss them.

notts dont seem ready to bring through talent in a supportive environment, nolan has not played many and i dont think much will change next season.

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I have been slated for suggesting such myself @Super_Danny_Allsopp but I do think certain players could have been moulded into League Two players, I think the problem for us if they don't adapt quickly - they are most likely going to get lost.

The winger that came on against Newport doesn't look remotely good enough but time will tell.

I think it was Alex Howes.

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People will rate youngsters differently but in the early stages it is all about ability.

Performances, reading and understanding come from playing regularly. Get the youngsters in games against a good quality opposition team and devote a fair amount of time to provide the understanding they need in order to move forward. If you fail with any of these aspects you might as well not bother.

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I remember when Tommy and Drapes broke through into the first team and never looked out of place (Tommy especially, it took Drapes a bit longer). We then had a bit of a golden patch with Slawson, Simpson, Sherlock, Cox, Johnson (M), Walker and Galloway all playing first team football at age 18, or so for Notts and I would love for those days to return, but unless they get a chance it will never happen. 

We all want home grown talent to be given a go and I think because of that we have more patience with them, but I can't see it happening with the budget restraints. They are cast off too easily and have to now be exceptional, but if they are, the Premier League clubs will come and take them from us before they even get to sign pro terms.

As @liampiesays, we need to get up a division and then have a chance of loaning out our youngsters to National league sides for experience, it sort of worked for Richards, although I am dreading to see if he is retained for another year as I think it is what he needs.


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