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  1. He looks a good player, one that seems to be promising and eager to play. From what I have seen my views on him has changed and I welcome him to start when possible.
  2. Hopefully, the new owners can cover any loses. They at least know that our fans are loyal enough to fight for the club and give them what we can afford.
  3. Whatever will be, will be. Let's just enjoy seeing him wearing the Notts shirt, as we did with Alan Judge, Matt Ritchie and Jack Grealish.
  4. Good signing for our level, I agree his experience could be useful.
  5. Have you done anything special to celebrate? Happy Birthday @super_ram.
  6. Good to see Notts tried, I feel this is more to prevent the club having any sort of whiplash more than anything.
  7. Welcome to the site @joeheadland
  8. Notts made it easy for Hartlepool, who did play better for the most part but I think it would have been different if more players had turned up properly.
  9. It wouldn't harm, I think the majority is down to the tactics and lineup. The poor performances could be pinned to the players not stepping to the plate, not listening to instructions or just not being good on the day. All of it comes back to Neal Ardley, he needs to be more hands on during games.
  10. A coin that both sides of the argument can collect and cherish, I haven't seen one yet!
  11. I feel Lifeline deserves the focus at the moment, I don't disagree that the club goes back on the early bird purchases far too often. At the same time, I think fans can be patient to remind the club.
  12. Fans who don't network but only think about their own crew or club, we are non league now. Its starting to get silly.
  13. It's nothing to be excited about, he's just cover and I don't see him getting much chance to play.
  14. Take the point but Notts needs to stop wasting attacks focusing on Cal Roberts and Enzio Boldewijn. Cal Roberts played magnificently well. But Notts looked better when Jim O'Brien was sliding those through balls in to feed Kristian Dennis or Kyle Wootton in the first half, it became all lump it to the wing and pass it back.
  15. Is it just 1 more game Wes Thomas is suspended for now?
  16. You have to hope that they let the occasion go to their heads, and that they underestimate us. They're quite far down the pyramid of English football, so we need to approach the game respectfully.
  17. Post as and when you can, if you can't I am sure nothing will change in your absence. I tend to have spells where I step away from Notts but I always come back to PON because it's a quality website. Welcome back to the fold @hissingdwarf.
  18. But who says Notts needs to pay the players wages? If they want him to get some game time and to develop further, and have seen a club they wish to send him. Surely it would be on their backs to pay?
  19. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Ben Turner can be given time and end up as someone who comes on when either Alex Lacey or Connell Rawlinson is tired.
  20. It's going to be interesting to see how Neal Ardley balances the six injuries to the squad, we have to hope whoever comes in can do a job and plays to impress him.
  21. Those that step up need to show why they deserve to start, the squad has depth and its time we used it. Notts have had large squads for years now, some there's got to be players to cover the injuries. Hopefully, someone can grab an early goal to take much of the nerves off the game.
  22. I prefer Marvel, but I do like DC. I don't have a favourite superhero, at least not just one that stands out.

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