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  1. think notts should put everything in the club shop on sale, this would be one way bring in money. obviously it will have to be online orders but im sure purchases over £50 could get free delivery.
  2. Welcome to PON Rio, will give you a sub later.
  3. Good player, I’m liking the eye we have for young upcoming players.
  4. If the UK goes into lock down, fans will need somewhere to go or something to do. It’s an half empty bottle perspective.
  5. Reassuring to know, hope they don’t sack or lay-off ant staff.
  6. I don’t think they will be the only club to suffer to be honest.
  7. @chipmunx that could work, cutting the relegations and fixing the issue after that.
  8. Nobody will buy Enzio from us, I would be Ardley will back him because he's part of the up form now. If Ardley stands by him now, which he has all season I believe he will be a regular starter next season.
  9. He's on fire at the moment. His best goal is the lob against Aldershot, sweet shot.
  10. At the moment I feel he deserves to be in the squad, based on his form. Rose has been poor most of the season, you can't play O'Brien and Doyle together, it just limits things.
  11. Everyone else is different, so no issue and if they partner each other I feel they can do well.
  12. I don’t think those in high powers are thinking things through, today was fine at Notts. Issues is sets of fans that aren’t hygienic and are the problem. I think Notts could keep playing, but other clubs will get it so this can’t happen.
  13. This would be nice! The disruption and work could be painful at first tho.
  14. I hope our fans still go and don't opt to stay at home, we need them there.
  15. Have to go for another back to back win, keep pressure on the teams around and hope Barrow slip up.
  16. Very good game, Aldershot looked good on the ball but awful where it mattered. I thought they would stun us but managed to hang in there. Grew in confidence once Roberts found the back of the net.
  17. I see no reason why we can't do both, there's no saying the cup will cost us promotion but that will need to be our first priority.
  18. If Mark Stallard was there, we would know because he calls it down the middle. I didn't go but will watch out for the highlights.
  19. @KB1862 it's possible, or parents to idle to take their kids to school.
  20. I thought it might be interesting to talk about weekly TV shows, that PON members don’t miss?
  21. I don’t mind Ketchup, but I don’t have anything else and I only have it with chips or those kind of things.
  22. Hope we go back to full strength soon, or at least know how long each are out for roughly.
  23. I just enjoy unpredictable football, which Notts is. We aren’t a glamorous club with millions not a grounded city team based on family and community.
  24. Welcome to PON @Jenny Wakeford

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