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  1. I can see a close draw like 1-1 happening, I think they'll be more defensive with Cal Roberts. I'm sure they'll do their homework, we need to do ours!
  2. Welcome to PON mate, nice to have you here @Alex
  3. Great win! Massive result but a very poor performance again. I would always take the win though.
  4. Notts tends to struggle against weaker teams though, I thought Aveley would have given us a run for our money. Harrogate aren’t special, and by time the final comes whoever makes it will have a weaker team on paper.
  5. I have shirts, newspaper clippings and programmes of the games I've been to. It's not that special
  6. Pleased, as I think we drawn the hardest of the 3. If Notts makes the final, I feel happier facing off against either of the other 2 teams.
  7. Think with Ardley is he does himself no favours, he could make better decisions at times but I do feel it balances itself out over the season.
  8. If it goes ahead, we need to put them in their place and go to win. Use the excitement of the weekends goal thriller, let them do the team talk and just play hard.
  9. It’s there when we win, some need to be better leaders on the pitch.
  10. 5-0 credit to them for making it this far, i do feel sorry for them but what a game.
  11. He looks decent enough, would have preferred a CM but another player who knows how to score isn’t bad. Just hope he gets the service needed.
  12. Any of the top scorers should be considered, no better manager than Alex Furguson. Maybe Bobby Robson?
  13. If it was the first time fair enough, but what about us? We’re the ones being messed about by their crap pitch.
  14. Coronavirus do you think it will spread further into the UK? Every 5-10 years, something like this happens but it's the first thing the media here has me concerned about.
  15. It looked like we had a strong squad, with cover, but I think Ardley pushing players out backfired a bit. I mean, even those he signed will be wanting to stay on his good side.
  16. @joeheadlandWelcome to PON
  17. It’s a joke, they need to remove the sand if it’s such a problem.

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