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  1. It’s just very embarrassing, I hope the new owners avoid the ugliness that comes round with this crap. I do find it hard to understand some of our supporters.
  2. CCleaner and the one inbuilt into Windows 10 is fine.
  3. Ardley seems to be colllecting whoever he can get now, I think it’s short loans because of the cost involved and that he can keep his options open. Unimpressed!
  4. It’s the same people paying for things, hope those who dropped out when the club needed the support aren’t included.
  5. 2 to 3 seasons max, he’s too good for this level and us.
  6. I have a feeling they will win 2-0, I’m very nervous.
  7. I think we should have tried to keep in when Notts dropped into League Two. He’s joining clubs where he doesn’t play enough.
  8. I don’t know, who replaces him John Sheridan? It seems to have gotten worse since in terms of crap managers.
  9. Good news! It’s deserved and time a black player like Justin Fashinu has been recognised.
  10. I’m not a member of lifeline due to my age, I would like this but guess I need to wait.
  11. No school!! I have been doing the usual stuff, gaming, watching YouTube and films. Eating snacks and relaxing.
  12. I thought he managed in the states, he’s not a very good manager. He had a lucky break with his first job.
  13. It means nothing that the club is the biggest, if anything we should be cruising the league but it shows how difficult it can be.
  14. I know some bang on about injuries but imagine if the best in form players started.
  15. Anyone planning to go to see the game?
  16. Notts did okay until Woking scored, that took our sting out of the game. Had Notts of won, people would be more grounded but it’s not a defeat.
  17. It’s sad, hope he manages to see his kids grown and fights it for awhile.
  18. Hard to say much, I’m struggling to see how he would get into the team.
  19. He never seems to last long, good coach but not so much a manager.
  20. If you pick a player who’s struggling, it’s not his fault. He did well in the World Cup but I feel too much pressure had been put on his shoulders.
  21. Think it’s the type of game that Notts normally does well in, if Woking come organised, Notts just had to use the quality that is there to break them down. It should be a good game.
  22. The horrible facilities at away grounds, I don’t expect luxuries but a usable toilet would be nice. You know, typical standards?
  23. This cropped up on my Facebook feed last night, it’s interesting.
  24. @Joshua same here, I do a light bit of gaming and internet browsing but it’s school that takes most of my days up.

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