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Dan Gosling’s Excitement for Notts County’s Progression: A Boost for Magpies


In a recent interview, Dan Gosling, the former Premier League and Championship player, expressed his excitement about joining Notts County. "I feel really happy," he said, "the club is obviously doing really well this season, the stats speak for themselves." Gosling's enthusiasm for his new club is palpable, and his words reflect a player eager to make an impact.

Gosling, who had been waiting for a good opportunity since November, was full of praise for the club and its management. "I've heard a lot of good things about the manager from various people. People speak really highly," he said. His admiration for the manager and the positive feedback he has received from others clearly played a significant role in his decision to join Notts County.

Despite having the option to stay at Watford, Gosling chose to challenge himself at Notts County. "I wanted to challenge, I wanted to sort of be challenging for something, looking into the future as well," he explained. His desire for a new challenge, coupled with his ambition to be part of a successful team, led him to Notts County. He was particularly impressed by the club's performance last season and is eager to be part of a team that's winning and playing good football.

The club's recent signings, including players like David McGoldrick and John Bostock, have also caught Gosling's attention. "It helps looking at the squad and how well they've done, and they've added, it means progression for the club," he said. The addition of such high-calibre players to the squad not only signifies the club's ambition but also provides Gosling with the opportunity to play alongside some of the best in the game.

Gosling, who had a bad injury last year, has been training with the under 21s at Watford and at Wycombe to get some first-team environment under his belt. Now, he's eager to get out on the county ground and start playing some football. "It's just about playing games," he said. His determination to return to the pitch after his injury is commendable, and his eagerness to play is evident.

Despite spending his entire career in the Premier League and the Championship, Gosling is excited about the challenge of playing in League 2. "Did I envisage going to League 2? If I'm honest, no. But here I am, and I'm going to embrace the challenge," he said. His willingness to step out of his comfort zone and take on a new challenge is a testament to his character and determination.

"I couldn't have picked a better place. I'm really happy," Gosling concluded. His words reflect a player who is not only excited about his new journey but also confident in his decision. As he embarks on this new chapter with Notts County, fans and teammates alike will be eagerly anticipating his contributions on and off the pitch.

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it does like hes come here to play and that come january his decision will be based on the amount of games he played and what we can offer him. i like that he does not want to sit idle and collect wages for doing nothing, i hope he does well and can fill the void that the loss of matt palmer brings. i think he could be a great player for us, someone that has the quality to do the quiet things which gets us going.

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The acquisition of Dan Gosling appears to be a commendable move by the club, especially considering it’s only a short-term arrangement. This provides both the club and Gosling an opportunity to assess his compatibility with the team. If his performance proves satisfactory, I would be in favour of extending his stay for the remainder of the season. Beyond that, it remains to be seen what the future holds, but overall, it’s a promising signing.

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Dan Gosling’s eagerness to join Notts is just what the team needs to retain its momentum. His praise for the manager and his excitement over the club's newest signings shows his dedication to thrive at Notts County. What stands out, though, is Gosling's willingness to challenge himself, even as he had the opportunity to stay in Watford. To see a player of his calibre enthusiastic about playing in League 2 is very encouraging. Glad to have him on board.

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It’s not just Gosling’s obvious talent that excites me, but his positive attitude, work ethic and genuine excitement for Notts County. Choosing to step out of his comfort zone, even after having a career in Premier League and Championship, is something that reveals a lot about his character.

The excitement he's bringing to the team, when combined with the quality that our recent signings bring, could indeed lead to a very successful season. Notts seems to be developing a squad that's not only talented but also high-spirited and desire to play on a regular basis.

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Gosling’s interview reveals his palpable excitement for the club. His respect for the manager, thrill over new signings, and readiness to embrace challenges rather than dwell on past achievements are truly inspiring. His eagerness to play and contribute to the club’s success is a mindset all players should adopt.

His passion, coupled with his skills and experience, can foster a positive environment within the club, motivating his teammates to step up their game. It’s invigorating to see such fervour from a new recruit. Considering his resolve to return to football post-injury, I’m certain Gosling will be a significant asset to the team.

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Gosling seems incredibly eager to play for Notts and that's exactly the spirit we need. His respect for the club and its management, combined with his readiness to challenge himself in a new league, says volumes about his attitude as a player. A club can have all the talented players in the world, but it's the passion, drive, and determination that often makes the real difference. I, for one, am very excited to see what Gosling brings to the team. 

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His honesty is commendable. I appreciate that he refuses to collect a wage for merely warming the bench or missing match days. It speaks volumes about his character and, in my opinion, makes him more of a true footballer because he simply doesn’t care. There’s a stark difference between being a team player who waits for their chance and someone who actively takes money for doing nothing, draining the fans and the club.

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