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[Rumour] Jason Banton & Miles Addison

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Would you welcome either as signings or perhaps both of them?

Jason Banton is a player who seems frequently linked - He was mentioned when we struggled in League One last year and if Twitter is to be believed he's training with us, along with the former Rams defender Miles Addison. I can't claim to know a lot about the pair - Miles seems to be quite inconsistent, whilst to a degree so is Jason but he's a player who does have spells where he seems on fire (in terms of performances).

I'm overly sure what they offer us though, discuss... 

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banton is a winger who offers pace and trickery and on his day any fullback would hate as for he wouldn't get in the team what other winger is in the squad ?

Snidjers no Burke no valencic no 

Also branston knows him Fullarton has coached him at palace knows him the links are there for him off both people 

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can gaurentee Snidjers is on his way out so to will be amervor now matter how good he looks in reserves also I can't see valencic staying as after he scores he's vanished.

i expect those 3 to be gone maybe Audel who won't get above milsom or Adams at left back not better then holis or Bennett or Hewitt or Mackenzie also Taylor McKenzie expect him to be going to.

So that's about 4-5 players that might not get a look in 

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let's jus put it this way the bloke isn't playing or making the bench  it's a matter of time before they come to a agreement of mutual termination.

And I actually liked Genaro but when you ain't even involed it's a sign of hey you're not wanted Itl either be a loan or cancel contract.

And I belive all the Dutch lot are on there way Stan may not be tho trust me Snidjers will not be here next year either gone this season I just have a strong feeling that the Dutch are going that's my gaurentee no inside knowledge etc.

Its clear for all eyes to see he isn't involed in the plans of the future and if we sign banton which I belive we may if fit then that will be the final nail.

Not sure about Burke either I mean he hasn't even had 5mins on the pitch since Fullarton took over 

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@AmericanPie To be honest, a bit nonplussed. MacKenzie from Donny has already blotted his copybook with his comment like I am here to get match fit? Where's the commitment to Notts to impress? I think we were trying to look at Banton last summer. Given his recent record of rejection, I would rather keep Snijders. As regards Addison, Bournemouth are normally a good judge of a player, so maybe there is more hope here.

I also see he was captain of Bournemouth so maybe the leader needed in central defence

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Addison 27 captained Bournemouth played at higher levels big 6footer built physicaly Snidjers is not even on the bench anymore if that's not a clear sign then I don't know what is ?

Banton choose to leave Plymouth went to Wycombe scored in his last apperence then left attitude maybe 

Branston wanted him in the summer moniz didn't and judging moniz signings he can't be any worse 

Branston now wants him again and Fullarton coached him so 


Now the problem with loans is I hate them one month they are either getting fit which takes 4 weeks or more they won't commit due to injuries etc or if they set the world alite they get called back a lot quicker then you need a new CB to come in

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On 04/02/2016 at 01:49, AmericanPie said:

@Piethagoram what do you think of these potential players?

I would also wonder about @Northants Pie opinion as you both come across as thoughtful on the player front.

McKenzie is just here to serve a purpose, primarily for him but i'm sure we'll get some benefit out of it. 

The Banton signing just shows that JF is like the american president, on the face of it he runs the show but in reality he is just a puppet.

Banton is just a bad attitude and less skilled version of Snijders, but hey ho as long as Branston wants him we'll sign him.

I reckon Addison heard the rumours and thought yeah fecking right...

Edited by Northants Pie
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