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This season is still all to be played for!

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In one corner, you have some fans who don't have faith in Neal Ardley and then you have people who just want to see him get on with things. Most of the comments I have read have highlighted they just want to see Notts do well, few expect promotion. Those that do are hardly being negative, if there are fans out there that wish to see the club fail, they're not supporters.

They would only be a small minority too.


In recent games the clubs form has been woeful, I feel the defending and tactics to a degree are the real reasons why we have experienced a few bad results.

Naturally after relegation, some fans might be inclined to believe Ardley isn't the right man for the job. I personally don't blame him, yet he could have saved Notts and if he didn't set out for what appeared to be draws things may all be different. I say this as a point, I accept it happened and just feel I would like to see the club moving forward.

There seemed to be a sense of positivity floating around the club prior to the defeat, so what has changed?

I just want to see Neal Ardley focus on the games as they come, figuring out how to adapt to games would help. Ignoring his gut feelings, or excuses about why things aren't doing well isn't productive. If you agree, disagree, want him out it's beside the point. He is the manager of Notts County.

Just get on with it.

The season is still there if the hopes to finish inside the playoffs, breeding chaos through smoke screen isn't going to help. If anything, the lack of focus and negativity that it breed will just become the short term excuse as to why things didn't happen.

A win tomorrow would be massive, there has to be some sort of focus now we are almost half way through the season.

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i have always said mid table would do me.

i do feel the squad is capable of reaching the playoffs which would be amazing, if we did not do this i would accept it. i do feel neal ardley should have bitten his tongue, if the club wanted to get fans on side they have the means via the media team. i am disappointed in a sense, as this will create a cloud.

nobody knows how things will effect what.

all i do know is that we are good enough to do well, i expect a few defeats and iffy performances. i hope that the manager and players strive for better, do i feel ardley could be doing better? yes but at the same time i acknowledge he has a lot to do.

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I don't fear relegation, so there's little point starting to panic.

Failing to reach the playoffs isn't important, proper progress is - we need to focus more on each game and adapting well when the time is needed. I think the majority of fans can accept a poor performance, it's sometimes the manner of which that hurts people the most. After a few days, most will knock it off.

It's important that we do escape this league as quickly as possible, I think this is realistic in 2-3 seasons.

Notts has this amazing habit of failing to keep cool, I am disappointed by Neal Ardley - I understand and I accept his view. There does seem to be some people who are never happy, however these types are a minority.

All is to be played for, we don't need excuses for failing though.

In my eyes this isn't the case, we are doing well all things considering. Ardley needs to take a step back, look at the performances and if he's unhappy with certain players he needs to admit changes are required.

I strongly believe this is the case now, I know we called for consistency with his squad selections but at the end of the day we can accept 2-3 changes based on tactical decisions and of course poor form.

I'm amazed that he thinks there's a problem.

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Of course this season is still there to play for. We're only 4 points off the top 7 with almost half the games gone. 

We have showed we can be a good team but we haven't been consistent (of course cos we only started signing players 3 days before the start of the season). We shouldn't keep using that as an excuse though as it does have it's expiry date. 

However, we must realise tweaks have to be made in the team, whether it's just a simple player swap or a change in formation. Ardley needs to realise you can't play Doyle or Rose together as we do not create anywhere near enough. It's also up to the players to start being braver with the ball and recognise where them crucial passes need to be played and when to be played to break down the opposition.

I was expecting mid table at the start of the season but with the squad we built, my course of expectation changed to a play off battle. We have been in and around them so far and we went on a good run of form to get ourselves into a position to be in a play-off battle this season. 

Slight tweaks in the team are what's needed and a need to speed it up when teams high press against us.

If these circumstances happened in League Two, we wouldn't be as we are but as it is non-league, we are all worried about being stuck in this league for years and that's understandable. 

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Until the last 2 games people were beginning to believe that we could push for the top. One really poor performance set up 2 defeats on the bounce and the Ardley out brigade were out in force.

In September I thought we would do well to reach a playoff place although deep down was hoping for the best with the team the manager put together. After a really good run I began to dream that a push for promotion was on but recent performances have brought realism back into my thinking and the hope of a playoff place isn’t beyond us. I’m not naive enough to to think we would win the lottery of the playoffs but all in all I think that would be a decent 1st season in the National League.

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Now that the cup has came and gone, it means Ardley needs to get to grip with the season and squad. Everything is there to be played for, but if he insists on not making changes. The club will just become very substandard.

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