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Ratings vs Dagenham (A)

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Fitzsimons 5 - Made two good saves in the first half but spilt the ball in the 2nd half, gifting them their 2nd goal

Brindley 6 - Got forward more than he has done recently without the end product

Rawlinson 5 - Not his best game 

Lacey 6 - Good in the air but the Lacey-Rawlo partnership had an off day

Bakayogo 4 - Got forward but didn't result in anything. Went back too often, before sending Doyle to football hospital with a horrendous pass

Roberts 5 - Didn't really see much of the ball but should have scored in the 1st half

Rose 3 - Offered nothing all game. Kept attempting the long throws as well which ended in nothing. Don't know how he wasn't subbed

Doyle 6 - Was the only player with an ounce of bravery in his passing until the moment when Zoumana sent him for an early bath

Boldewijn 4 - Sometimes Enzio gets too much stick but today he did not look bothered I'm afraid. Didn't use his head when knowing what pass or run to make. Finally turned up with 10 to go

Wootton 6 - Did what he could with poor service. Tried to do it himself after we got sent down to 10 men

Dennis 6 - Battled away but like Wootton no real service 


O'Brien 6 - Came on and played two passes which make brave passing look simple. Hopefully, fully fit for next Saturday. Need him big time

Thomas 5 - Had the chance to get through on goal once or twice, but didn't get to the ball


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Based on a mean of 5.5

Fitzsimons 4 Gifted second goal undoing some good work especially in the first half and some good distribution

Brindley 5      I am doubting whether he is really better than Toots... Wasted a great crossing chance when he had been put in by Roberts

Rawlinson 5 Fallen blow the high standards now expected and still cannot really pass 

Lacey 6 Cultured with the ball at his feet, less effective in central defending today

Bakayogo 3.5 Caught too often on the wrong side of his man in the first half, and then there was a disasterous hospital pass to Doyle

Roberts 4 Expected more but was really finding his feet. One good shooting opportunity

Rose 3 Work rate commitment missing

Doyle 5.5 Ground covered and movement had him MotM until that incident

Boldewijn 4 Only came into the game in final 10 minutes on the right, maybe as Dagenham tired.. No meaningful contributon  before that

Wootton 5.5 Effort yes, service no

Dennis 5.5 Good shot fired in the first half but how can the forwards thrive on a sparse midfield service?

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Didn’t go to the game so couldn’t make any assessments. 
one thing I will assess though is that the last 2 games were winnable, if we had, I’d have been optimistic about a challenge to Barrow. Now it’s all about can we make the playoffs. I know there are still loads of points to play for but it’s Notts we are talking about and when it really matters they fail to deliver.

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