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Scottish/Irish/Welsh Youngsters

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Why do clubs look overseas especially Notts when there are good young players who just need a bit of experience in the Scottish/Irish and Welsh leagues?

The standard of football is probably comparable to ours or just below.

Even, looking at young English players seems to have been forgotten by Notts in favour of experience and resale value. Notts should start to look at young players from within the UK, along with giving their own youths time to develop.

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I think you've answered the question yourself, @Joshua.

The issue with signing young players is the fact you have to put time, mentorship and, development into these players. Something which we don't seem comfortable with, perhaps due to our barebone coaching staff for the first team and, of course the level. There are good players in the Scottish leagues, these are often snapped up by the bigger clubs within the Scottish Premiership. Over in Ireland, they do find their way to Championship/League One/League Two teams commonly.

Example, Ronan Murray was a gamble for Ipswich as he had done well at youth level.

By time he found his way to Notts, he was still considered to have potential but the interest in getting the most out of him probably came at the wrong point in his career. I still think he did okay for us, his injuries never helped but never did the stuff behind the scenes.

As our scouting network improves, I am sure we will canvas the UK much better but I suspect any big talent will be sniffed out by bigger clubs.

We'd either need to wait to take a chance on this not working, or continue to work with experienced professionals within the 21-16 age range in hopes for a good value on reselling them in the future for big returns. Even this is unlikely, unless we can manage to fight for promotions or be in a running for them at least.

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I echo @Chris has said. Remember, youngsters below the age of 23, still attract transfer compensation. Notts cannot offer a realistic career path for our own youngsters as we seem to have trouble funding the gap between youth and 1st team ready.

I am aligned with our owners using their contacts / data to identify foreign talent.. However, post 1st January, our ability to sign that EU talent seemingly will be hindered. 

Russia had a limit on foreign players but the effect was to drive the wages up for youth / young Russian players...but with no real improvement in the skills of the teams

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i think scotland and ireland are both nations where a different type of player can be found, if we look at ruben his style of portuguese and dutch football is obvious. i am encouraged by our current recruitment but maybe we could pick up a few young players.

issue is they need to play and be motivated towards fighting for their place imo.

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Scotland has a lot of promising players hungry to carve a career in football just to escape poverty, some of these have success in short spells and then fall off the map. I do agree its an area that we should be exploring with the unknown issue with work permits.

We don't want to many players requiring these, but would it effect this if Scotland gained independence?

Welsh footballers aren't worth the time IMO.

Any good players out there will be picked up already by an English club.

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