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  1. Reminder - kick-off is Saturday 3pm. @jimbob, @super_ram, @barnet11uk, @KB1862, @GrannyPie, @Feral Fox, @liampie, @allardyces tash, @Alex, @Canadian @gtownjohnno - your prediction of a 9-9 draw between Stockport and Wrexham looks a tad ambitious. Did you mean 0-0? If so, say the word and I'll change it. But don't blame me if they do actually draw 9-9
  2. I was a bit sceptical about us signing such a young keeper again. But many Sunderland fans really do seem to rate him - he started this season as first choice before they brought in another keeper from Bayern II. Let's hope he lives up to his promise and keeps some clean sheets for us.
  3. Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Cardiff City Nottingham Florist 1-2 Millwall Morecambe 1-2 Accrington Stanley Oxford United 1-0 Gillingham Hartlepool United 2-0 Exeter City Sutton United 1-0 Carlisle United Dagenham & Redbridge 1-1 Solihull Moors (joker) Stockport County 1-1 Wrexham
  4. That just shows a lack of understanding of English football and the idea of the 92 teams. We have B teams playing up to the third division in Germany and it's a disaster. Two were newly promoted this season, Dortmund II and Freiburg II, replacing Bayern II, who were relegated. Both had OK (but still below average) crowds in the few weeks before the Bundesliga started, and are now heading for three figures. SV Waldhof used to play Freiburg II in the fourth tier and didn't even bother opening their away end, as no away fans came. Plus, it's fundamentally unfair to play opponents who can field players bought by their parent club for millions. It's handy for big clubs with huge squads and literally no one else.
  5. What did you all do for your holidays this year? Did you take the opportunity to flay to a green list country, or did you stay in the UK? Here in Germany, nearly everyone I know stayed in the country. One friend nipped across the border to Austria, while my neighbour went to Mallorca, but that's it. We went to Lake Titisee in the Black Forest, which is almost 1000 metres above sea level. Sounds nice until you realise it has its own microclimate and is several degrees colder than most other places! It's certainly picturesque, but I do wish I'd moved closer to a beach... What were your holiday haunts this year? And did any of you manage to combine it with a Notts away match?
  6. As Sepp Herberger once said, after the prediction league is before the prediction league. So here's the next round. Kick-off is 3pm on Saturday, and remember your jokers! Blackburn Rovers v Cardiff City Nottingham Florist v Millwall Morecambe v Accrington Stanley Oxford United v Gillingham Hartlepool United v Exeter City Sutton United v Carlisle United Dagenham & Redbridge v Solihull Moors Stockport County v Wrexham
  7. Apologies for the delay in posting the scores, I committed the scandalous crime of going on holiday during the prediction league season. But now I'm back, with bright red legs thanks to the one sunny day we had (and a lack of sun cream). Anyway, the scores: Middlesbrough 1-2 Blackpool QPR 1-2 Bristol City AFC Wimbledon 0-1 Plymouth Argyle Portsmouth 1-2 Cambridge United Bradford City 1-1 Barrow Tranmere Rovers 2-0 Salford City Bromley 2-0 Barnet Torquay United 1-0 Southend United --- @KB1862 got his joker right and scooped this week's highest score: @KB1862 - 7 @4everapie - 6 @nottsnutter, @Megan_Elizax, @barnet11uk - 5 @magpiejue, @jimbob - 4 @gtownjohnno, @Chris - 3 @ARLukomski - 2 @Dripsey3, @Dan, @DangerousSausage - 1 --- @Dripsey3 and @Dan still lead the way, with the competition making limited inroads this week. Dripsey3 - 64 Dan - 63 nottsnutter - 55 magpiejue - 54 gtownjohnno - 54 jimbob - 52 super_ram - 51 4everapie - 49 Megan_Elizax - 43 barnet11uk - 42 DangerousSausage - 42 KB1862 - 36 GrannyPie - 36 ARLukomski - 34 Feral Fox - 29 Chris - 27 liampie - 16 allardyces tash - 8 Joshua - 8 Alex - 7 Canadian - 4 The next round is on Saturday, so the fixtures are up now. See you there!
  8. Defending a financially doped petro-club makes me feel a bit dirty, but some of City's season ticket prices are in the same ballpark as Notts - starting at 325 pounds in the last season before the lurgy. That includes fewer games, but the quality of the football is probably slightly better than at the Lane. They certainly aren't expensive for the league they're in, so I don't think prices are the root of their problems. Like others have said, when they were knocking around in the second division City had a loyal and passionate fanbase of 25-30,000, so slightly more than teams like Wolves and Sheffield Wednesday and definitely nothing to be ashamed of. But now they boast a team that is among the best in Europe, and they are expected to draw the crowds to match. But doubling your fanbase is easier said than done, especially when you share a city with the best supported club in the whole country. It's also likely that a fair number of long-serving fans have drifted away recently, and they're struggling to find the new fans to replace them. I don't think Guardiola really appreciates this. Another issue is that the Leipzig game was one of the seemingly never-ending group phase games in the Champions League, a competition that is so bloated that even some of the continent's best-supported clubs struggle to fill their grounds for it.
  9. Kewell's a celebrity manager living off his name and a good half-season at Crawley. All the same, 7 games is extremely early, especially with all the new signings they had.
  10. I'm definitely in favour of more research on the link between heading and brain injuries. It's a difficult one and I don't pretend to know the answers. It seems intuitively obvious that the link will be strongest in those who played in the 50s and 60s, when the ball was heavier than today. But what about the frequent clashes of heads - an inevitable result of challenging for headers in any era? There's at least one nasty clash in every match, and probably more in training too. I hope the powers can be can work something out to protect the safety of the players without altering the fabric of the game in the way that @Fozzy described. Trouble is, it'll be decades before we know if it works...
  11. Welcome to the pleasuredome, @Eloise Ward! Feel free to get involved, the more the merrier!
  12. Not long to go - get your predictions in! Middlesbrough 2-1 Blackpool QPR 2-1 Bristol City AFC Wimbledon 2-1 Plymouth Argyle Portsmouth 2-0 Cambridge United Bradford City 2-0 Barrow Tranmere Rovers 1-1 Salford City Bromley 3-1 Barnet Torquay United 1-1 Southend United (joker)
  13. Saturday is prediction league time again - please post your predictions by 3pm on Saturday, and remember those jokers! Middlesbrough v Blackpool QPR v Bristol City AFC Wimbledon v Plymouth Argyle Portsmouth v Cambridge United Bradford City v Barrow Tranmere Rovers v Salford City Bromley v Barnet Torquay United v Southend United
  14. We're making it exciting aren't we? A win is great, we're still unbeaten too, but four goals conceded in two home games isn't great. There's so little room for error if you want to finish top, you need to stamp out bad habits like this.
  15. The scores: Blackburn Rovers 2-2 Luton Town Bristol City 0-0 Preston North End Oxford United 0-0 Wycombe Wanderers Shrewsbury Town 1-1 Crewe Alexandra Forest Green Rovers 1-0 Northampton Town Walsall 3-1 Mansfield Town Halifax Town 3-1 Southend United Stockport County 0-3 Yeovil Town This week's winner is @jimbob with 8 points - congrats! @jimbob - 8 @Dan - 7 @Megan_Elizax - 6 @Dripsey3, @barnet11uk, @ARLukomski - 5 @gtownjohnno, @nottsnutter, @DangerousSausage - 3 @4everapie - 2 @KB1862, @liampie - 1 Which all means that @Dripsey3 and @Dan continue their reign of terror, but the field is tight behind them. Can a challenger emerge from the pack? Dripsey3 - 63 Dan - 62 gtownjohnno - 51 super_ram - 51 nottsnutter - 50 magpiejue - 50 jimbob - 48 4everapie - 43 DangerousSausage - 41 Megan_Elizax - 38 barnet11uk - 37 GrannyPie - 36 ARLukomski - 32 KB1862 - 29 Feral Fox - 29 Chris - 24 liampie - 16 allardyces tash - 8 Joshua - 8 Alex - 7 Canadian - 4 The next round is on Saturday, so I'll be posting the fixtures in the next couple of days (I'm on the road on Wednesday, so I'll try to make it sooner). Have a good week!
  16. Forget to send in your predictions for Saturday do not! 3pm as usual kick off is. Good luck! Yes, hrrrm. @super_ram, @magpiejue (you replied to the wrong thread), @4everapie, @jimbob, @GrannyPie, @barnet11uk, @Feral Fox, @KB1862, @Chris, @allardyces tash, @Joshua, @Alex, @Canadian
  17. Wrexham's owners have obviously made the club well known internationally, and that opens doors. EA are obviously of the opinion that the interest in them justifies adding them to the game. I'm not all that fussed. My last football game was PES, and I was quite happy to rename a team and change the kit until I'd made my own Notts! FIFA went downhill when they started following the microtransactions trend. It's high time FIFA and PES had a decent challenger IMO, they've dominated the genre for far too long.
  18. Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Luton Town Bristol City 1-1 Preston North End Oxford United 0-1 Wycombe Wanderers Shrewsbury Town 2-2 Crewe Alexandra Forest Green Rovers 2-0 Northampton Town Walsall 0-2 Mansfield Town (joker) Halifax Town 1-3 Southend United Stockport County 2-1 Yeovil Town
  19. A trip to the seaside early in the season is never bad. Hope we take a good following. I can't say I'm too familiar with Weymouth, but they're not cannon fodder and clearly know where the net is. The players need to take fixtures against less glamorous opposition just as seriously as the Wrexhams - then I'm sure we'll bring the points home with us.
  20. I'd say the teams that got stuck in their ways are the ones who refused to go along with professionalism and stayed amateur - Sheffield and the university teams, which were previously giants of the game. Notts went from really struggling against Sheffield in our annual fixtures to absolutely hammering them in the years just prior to the FL, and then of course we went our separate ways. Our problems were much more recent and nothing to do with traditionalism. I'd say that our "strategy" of sacking multiple managers per season was very modern Going off on a slight tangent, Notts helped bring about the penalty kick in 1891 thanks to a deliberate handball on the goal line against Stoke. Our opponents missed the resulting free kick and the penalty kick was invented just months later.
  21. Nooo @magpiejue, these fixtures are from last season! Click here for this week's round
  22. The seventh round of the prediction league on Saturday it is. At 3pm kick-off is. Forget your jokers do not! Hmm. Blackburn Rovers v Luton Town Bristol City v Preston North End Oxford United v Wycombe Wanderers Shrewsbury Town v Crewe Alexandra Forest Green Rovers v Northampton Town Walsall v Mansfield Town Halifax Town v Southend United Stockport County v Yeovil Town
  23. Am I right in thinking we didn't actually play on the first day? That our opening fixture against Everton was delayed for some reason? There was less fanfare than we imagine today - on a poster reproduced in Darrin Foss' book, a League game is given lesser billing than a cup match and a friendly. By the 1880s fixture lists had grown pretty long, and each one had to be arranged individually. This was a bit of a bind, so having a league of the best teams where you play each other twice was an easier way of organising things. Of course, the founders had no idea what the League would grow into...
  24. This week's scores: Accrington Stanley 1-0 Shrewsbury Town AFC Wimbledon 3-1 Oxford United Carlisle United 2-1 Salford City Colchester United P-P Sutton United Newport County 2-2 Leyton Orient Boreham Wood 0-0 Stockport County Eastleigh 3-3 King's Lynn Southend United 2-2 Wrexham With 11, this week's top scorer is @magpiejue, who - along with @GrannyPie - not only predicted Southend's 2-2 draw correctly, but also nominated it as her joker! @magpiejue - 11 @Dripsey3 - 8 @super_ram, @GrannyPie, @Megan_Elizax - 7 @gtownjohnno - 6 @nottsnutter - 5 @Dan, @4everapie - 4 @jimbob, @ARLukomski, @Chris, @allardyces tash - 3 @barnet11uk, @liampie - 2 @DangerousSausage - 1 @Dripsey3 jumps back to the top of the leaderboard ahead of @Dan, while @magpiejue also moves to within shooting distance. There's a lot of predicting still to be done though. Dripsey3 - 58 Dan - 55 super_ram - 51 magpiejue - 50 gtownjohnno - 48 nottsnutter - 47 4everapie - 41 jimbob - 40 DangerousSausage - 38 GrannyPie - 36 Megan_Elizax - 32 barnet11uk - 32 Feral Fox - 29 KB1862 - 28 ARLukomski - 27 Chris - 24 liampie - 15 allardyces tash - 8 Joshua - 8 Alex - 7 Canadian - 4 And that's it for another week. Our next set of fixtures is on Saturday, so they should be posted on Wednesday. See you all then!
  25. I was out and about yesterday (and am not allowed to see the highlights until tomorrow, thanks BT), but it sounds like quite the thriller. Delighted we won obviously, and coming back from behind shows character, but I'd have found a clean sheet more encouraging. The main thing is that we won - beating the teams that aren't in the running for promotion needs to become a habit.

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