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  1. Saturday 3pm is kick-off. Get your predictions in! @barnet11uk, @Feral Fox, @KB1862, @Joshua, @Alex, @Canadian
  2. Accrington Stanley 2-1 Shrewsbury Town AFC Wimbledon 1-1 Oxford United Carlisle United 1-2 Salford City Colchester United 2-0 Sutton United Newport County 2-0 Leyton Orient (joker) Boreham Wood 0-1 Stockport County Eastleigh 2-0 King's Lynn Southend United 1-2 Wrexham
  3. Saturday is your latest chance for PON prediction league glory - the rules are the same: post your predictions here by 3pm on Saturday, and don't forget your joker! Accrington Stanley v Shrewsbury Town AFC Wimbledon v Oxford United Carlisle United v Salford City Colchester United v Sutton United Newport County v Leyton Orient Boreham Wood v Stockport County Eastleigh v King's Lynn Southend United v Wrexham
  4. Right now I'd be happy with a draw away to Wrexham, but like others have said, playing in front of an expectant home crowd brings pressure with it. We should concentrate on our own game, playing with the required tempo and not leaving gaps at the back rather than worrying about the opposition.
  5. I fully agree @Dripsey3, we need to pull our collective finger out. I have admin rights, so if the worst comes to the worst I can simply ban Dan and everyone else who looks like finishing above me on spurious grounds. Chris might get cross at me if I ban eight posters just to win the prediction league though...
  6. Saturday's scores: Barnsley 1-1 Birmingham City Fulham 3-0 Stoke City Charlton Athletic 2-0 Crewe Alexandra Oxford United 3-1 Lincoln City Barrow 1-1 Bristol Rovers Hartlepool United 2-1 Carlisle United Boreham Wood 1-0 Aldershot Dagenham & Redbridge 4-2 Bromley Loads of points again this week (apart from a couple of dummies, ahem). Is football getting more predictable? Is home advantage back? Am I picking easier games? Or is it all just by chance? Whichever one it is, @Dan is top of the pile this weeks with an excellent 16 points - congrats! @Dan - 16 @4everapie - 12 @super_ram, @gtownjohnno - 11 @magpiejue, @KB1862 - 10 @Dripsey3 - 9 @nottsnutter - 8 @GrannyPie, @liampie - 7 @jimbob, @Megan_Elizax, @Chris - 6 @barnet11uk, @Joshua, @allardyces tash - 5 @Feral Fox - 4 @ARLukomski - 3 @DangerousSausage - 2 Overall, @Dan moves a point ahead of @Dripsey3, while @super_ram is third. At round 5 last season, the leader was on 37 points and had a seven-point lead. Now I'm on 37 and in mid-table obscurity! But even if you're flirting with relegation like @ARLukomski, there are still 41 rounds to go... Dan - 51 Dripsey3 - 50 super_ram - 44 gtownjohnno - 42 nottsnutter - 42 magpiejue - 39 4everapie - 37 jimbob - 37 DangerousSausage - 37 barnet11uk - 30 GrannyPie - 29 Feral Fox - 29 KB1862 - 28 Megan_Elizax - 25 ARLukomski - 24 Chris - 21 liampie - 13 Joshua - 8 Alex - 7 allardyces tash - 5 Canadian - 4 The next round is Saturday, so expect to find the fixtures on Wednesday as usual. Till then, take care!
  7. Well that was an anticlimax. At least we didn't lose. A good result on Monday night and it'll be quickly forgotten. I only listened on the radio, but for all the possession we had after the sending off, we didn't seem to test their keeper much. Of course the timewasting from Torquay was annoying and at times ludicrous, but let's be honest with ourselves - if the roles had been reversed, we'd have wanted our players to do exactly the same. We brought it on ourselves by falling behind to an unnecessary goal. I was a bit confused by Charlie Slater saying "the man" in the second half, until I realised he was referring to Nemane. Maybe I'll just call him The Man in future to avoid confusion.
  8. As usual, Saturday 3pm is kick-off time. Here's your reminder. @barnet11uk, @KB1862, @Chris, @Alex, @liampie, @Canadian, @Joshua
  9. I'm leaning towards a home win too with our home advantage and Torquay having so many changes. The Barnet game was nice, but it doesn't tell us a lot about how the rest of the season is going to go and I'm expecting Torquay to give us a much sterner test. I don't think IB will play both Taylor and Nemane, he seems to want one of our wing backs to be defensively minded. Could imagine him playing Chicksen and Nemane and then switching to Taylor/DKE for Wrexham. If I were him I'd probably want to bed the new team in a bit before switching around.
  10. Pre-planned lines in commentary are a pet hate of mine. They stand out like a sore thumb and feel really contrived. They should stop being self-indulgent and just be authentic. I did rather enjoy Charlie Slater's raving after Doyle's halfway line goal, but that was spontaneous and from the heart!
  11. Barnsley 1-0 Birmingham City Fulham 2-1 Stoke City Charlton Athletic 1-1 Crewe Alexandra Oxford United 1-2 Lincoln City Barrow 0-2 Bristol Rovers (joker) Hartlepool United 2-2 Carlisle United Boreham Wood 3-1 Aldershot Dagenham & Redbridge 0-1 Bromley
  12. Round five is on Saturday, and the usual rules apply - kick-off is Saturday at 3pm, and you have a joker each. Who will be this week's certified football genius? Barnsley v Birmingham City Fulham v Stoke City Charlton Athletic v Crewe Alexandra Oxford United v Lincoln City Barrow v Bristol Rovers Hartlepool United v Carlisle United Boreham Wood v Aldershot Dagenham & Redbridge v Bromley
  13. So the insurance company is paying it all. Riiiiight. How is it that no other clubs seem to have taken out this amazing insurance? And how is this unnamed insurance company not bankrupt?
  14. I think it'll be nil nil. No way will we score without a 20-Goal-a-Season Striker (TM)
  15. Saturday's results: Coventry City 2-1 Reading Stoke City 1-0 Nottingham Florist Fleetwood Town 3-2 Cheltenham Town Shrewsbury Town 0-3 Plymouth Argyle Hartlepool United 2-0 Walsall Scunthorpe United 1-1 Sutton United Halifax Town 1-2 Maidenhead United King's Lynn 0-1 Southend United Some more big scores this time, the best of them being the 14 points scooped by @jimbob! @jimbob - 14 @Dripsey3, @Dan, @Feral Fox - 11 @super_ram - 10 @4everapie, @GrannyPie, @Megan_Elizax, @Chris - 9 @Alex - 7 @DangerousSausage, @nottsnutter - 6 @gtownjohnno, @magpiejue, @barnet11uk, @ARLukomski - 5 (and what a fine number that is!) @KB1862, @Canadian - 4 That leaves us with this table. @Dripsey3's reign at the summit continues, while @Dan joins yours truly in second. Dripsey3 - 41 Dan - 35 DangerousSausage - 35 nottsnutter - 34 super_ram - 33 jimbob - 31 gtownjohnno - 31 magpiejue - 29 Feral Fox - 25 4everapie - 25 barnet11uk - 25 GrannyPie - 22 ARLukomski - 21 Megan_Elizax - 19 KB1862 - 18 Chris - 15 Alex - 7 liampie - 6 Canadian - 4 Joshua - 3 And that's that for another week. The next round is on Saturday, so I'll probably post the fixtures on Wednesday. Thank you all for playing!
  16. Awesome result, 5-0 away from home on the opening day is about the best you could wish for. It sounded like we created chances in the first half, but the final ball wasn't quite arriving where it should. Once we scored, Barnet folded. It was probably a good time to play Barnet, as they have so many new arrivals, and we'll have tougher tests. But all the same, our three likeliest goalscorers are all off the mark and the whole team has been given a real confidence booster ahead of two tricky-looking games. Oh, and we're top of the league
  17. Wow. Reading the riot act to the media like that so early in the season can be pretty counterproductive if you're not careful... As for playing Hewitt at right back, I can only assume Mansfield are missing their days out at Meadow Lane and are gunning for a place in the National League. I thought Hewitt could do a job at CM at that level if paired with someone decent (Yates) or experienced. It was also handy to have a midfielder who could step into central defence if need be. But at RB he was an absolute disaster, yet we persisted with it for what felt like years. By the time the penny finally dropped and he was moved back into midfield, his confidence was shot.
  18. This is OK. The season can stop now. Alty to join us in the playoffs please.
  19. These fixtures kick off at the usual time of 3pm Saturday. Let's be having you! @super_ram, @barnet11uk, @GrannyPie, @liampie, @Joshua
  20. Don't really see the sense in talking about a smaller ground. We're way lower in the leagues than we could be, so it's not surprising that we're not going to get close to filling it. The loyal fans are still around, but most others simply aren't interested in NL football. Or League Two for that matter. That could change if we start moving up the leagues. I'm less pessimistic than @Chris here and absolutely think we could play in the Championship again, although it's a long way away now. There's no reason we can't aspire to being where Peterborough and Luton are - Luton themselves were in the National League in 2014, but reached the Championship five years later and have stayed there. It takes good planning and a bit of luck. You couldn't say it's our natural level after a 25-year absence, but I refuse to believe we can't reach the division Wycombe were playing in last season. By the way, Luton's ground holds around 10,000 and they've been looking for a new ground for decades as Kenilworth Road's capacity has seriously stunted their growth. We could one day come to appreciate Meadow Lane's capacity. When the ground was rebuilt, we were in what's now the Championship and had only been out of the top flight for a couple of years. I don't think even the bleakest pessimist would have foreseen what would happen from 1995 onwards. Going back to tickets, the club definitely needs to draw in more casual fans and, as Chris says, ethnic minorities. If people don't think they'll be welcome at the Lane, it's down to the club to go out there and make them feel wanted. All schemes work best when the team is delivering on the pitch though - don't expect a lot of interest from anyone if we're knocking around the middle of the NL!
  21. Coventry City 1-1 Reading Stoke City 3-1 Nottingham Florist (joker) Fleetwood Town 0-2 Cheltenham Town Shrewsbury Town 1-2 Plymouth Argyle Hartlepool United 2-0 Walsall Scunthorpe United 0-1 Sutton United Halifax Town 2-2 Maidenhead United King's Lynn 2-1 Southend United
  22. Welcome! If I remember rightly, we had a half-hearted attempt at this in the Trew era - the prices started out normal, but would have fallen when we sold certain quantities of season tickets. It didn't work. For the scheme to work, the club would have to take the risk and reduce ST prices significantly from the start, otherwise we'll just sell our usual 3000. Another issue is that Notts probably couldn't sell as many. When they launched the scheme, Bradford had recently been on the Premier League and were by far the city's biggest club. Neither is the case for us, and the National League is a really hard sell for casual fans. One issue we have generally is the big gap between ST and single ticket prices. High match tickets might push people towards season tickets to save money, but they also have the effect of putting off people who would come on a more casual basis. Ultimately, very few people actually pay full whack for match tickets when you take away the ST holders and concessions. Is it worth it?
  23. It's round four of the prediction league already - and if this one seems a bit more tinpot than usual, that's because the National League is included too. They all kick off at 3pm on Saturday, and remember your jokers! Coventry City v Reading Stoke City v Nottingham Florist Fleetwood Town v Cheltenham Town Shrewsbury Town v Plymouth Argyle Hartlepool United v Walsall Scunthorpe United v Sutton United Halifax Town v Maidenhead United King's Lynn v Southend United
  24. Tuesday's scores: Millwall 1-2 Fulham Peterborough United 2-2 Cardiff City AFC Wimbledon 1-1 Gillingham Oxford United 1-0 Crewe Alexandra Wigan Athletic 1-1 Wycombe Wanderers Bristol Rovers 1-0 Oldham Athletic Port Vale 0-0 Carlisle United Walsall 1-1 Scunthorpe United This round, no fewer than four of you scooped nine points - well done! @nottsnutter, @gtownjohnno, @super_ram, @jimbob - 9 @DangerousSausage - 8 @Dripsey3, @Dan - 7 @barnet11uk, @Chris, @liampie - 6 @KB1862 - 5 @Joshua - 3 @magpiejue, @GrannyPie - 2 @ARLukomski, @Feral Fox, @Megan_Elizax - 1 This week's table is a bit longer as three new players entered the fray. And @Dripsey3, it's time to take another screenshot - you're still top! Dripsey3 - 30 DangerousSausage - 29 nottsnutter - 28 gtownjohnno - 26 Dan - 24 magpiejue - 24 super_ram - 23 barnet11uk - 20 jimbob - 17 ARLukomski - 16 4everapie - 16 KB1862 - 14 Feral Fox - 14 GrannyPie - 13 Megan_Elizax - 10 Chris - 6 liampie - 6 Joshua - 3 There isn't much time to glory in your magnificent performance / agonise over your terrible start though - the next fixtures are on Saturday. They're online already - thanks for playing and see you over there!
  25. Remember this is a midweek round - kick-off is Tuesday at 7.45pm! @nottsnutter, @gtownjohnno, @4everapie, @barnet11uk, @super_ram, @GrannyPie, @KB1862, @jimbob

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