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  1. Brooks is now on loan at Worksop Town. Jake Kean is registered as a player if needed. Sounds OK, but Slocombe lacks competition. What I saw against Solihull looked a fair distance short of being a team - I hope we get a settled team and gel quickly. It'll be interesting to see where Roberts fits in. As he's really not suited to playing as a wing back, we'll probably see him behind a sole striker, which in turn explains why we're a bit light in terms of centre forwards.
  2. I'll do mine first. Millwall 1-0 Fulham Peterborough United 2-2 Cardiff City AFC Wimbledon 2-1 Gillingham (joker) Oxford United 2-0 Crewe Alexandra Wigan Athletic 1-1 Wycombe Wanderers Bristol Rovers 2-1 Oldham Athletic Port Vale 2-0 Carlisle United Walsall 1-0 Scunthorpe United
  3. The results: Barnsley 1-0 Coventry City Hull City 0-3 QPR Lincoln City 2-1 Fleetwood Town Morecambe 2-0 Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 Doncaster Rovers Bradford City 2-1 Oldham Athletic Mansfield Town 2-1 Newport County Rochdale 0-0 Scunthorpe United Loads of points again this time, with no fewer than five of us making double figures. The best was @barnet11uk with 14 points - congrats! @barnet11uk - 14 @Dripsey3, @DangerousSausage - 12 @magpiejue - 11 @4everapie - 10 @gtownjohnno, @super_ram - 9 @Feral Fox - 8 @nottsnutter, @Megan_Elizax, @KB1862 - 7 @Dan, @ARLukomski, @GrannyPie, @jimbob - 4 We have our first table - the first leader is @Dripsey3, followed by @magpiejue a point behind. Dripsey3 - 23 magpiejue - 22 DangerousSausage - 21 nottsnutter - 19 gtownjohnno - 17 Dan - 17 4everapie - 16 ARLukomski - 15 barnet11uk - 14 super_ram - 14 Feral Fox - 13 GrannyPie - 11 Megan_Elizax - 9 KB1862 - 9 jimbob - 8 There's not long to wait till the next round - it's on Tuesday, as we've got a full League programme. So the fixtures are up already - see you over there!
  4. Before the Woking division has even kicked a ball, the Football League - and the prediction league - are onto their third match. This is our first midweek round of the season. The rules are the same - predict the scores, add your one joker and good luck! Predictions can be submitted up to kick-off - 7.45pm on Tuesday - and everybody is welcome! Millwall v Fulham Peterborough United v Cardiff City AFC Wimbledon v Gillingham Oxford United v Crewe Alexandra Wigan Athletic v Wycombe Wanderers Bristol Rovers v Oldham Athletic Port Vale v Carlisle United Walsall v Scunthorpe United
  5. Our best phase coincided with me leaving the room (which happens a lot when I watch us on TV), but that had me worried. We looked chaotic at the back and had great difficulty getting the ball out of our own half at times. There was a phase in the first half when Solihull looked like scoring every time we lost the ball, which was often. At times we looked casual and sloppy all over the pitch. The sending off was petty. It did look like a red to me - Rawlinson's challenge was clumsy and he was the last man. But all the same, it wasn't a dangerous challenge and this was a friendly in which both teams would have been better served if it had remained 11 against 11. Roberts is wasted in CM, it isn't his position at all. Him and Francis in a midfield three is too lightweight, as we saw in the first half. I think we're best served with him or Ruben just behind Wootton, and that's what I'm expecting to see next weekend. It was important to give Mitchell some match practice today, but I think he'll be on the bench at best.
  6. Barnsley 2-1 Coventry City (joker) Hull City 1-1 QPR Lincoln City 2-1 Fleetwood Town Morecambe 2-0 Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday 0-1 Doncaster Rovers Bradford City 0-0 Oldham Athletic Mansfield Town 2-1 Newport County Rochdale 1-1 Scunthorpe United Saturday at 3pm is kick-off. That's tomorrow. Be there! (Or be somewhere else.) @nottsnutter, @4everapie, @jimbob, @KB1862, @william1984, @barnet11uk, @liampie, @CliftonMagpie, @Chris, @allardyces tash, @TheSkipper, @Alex, @Canadian, @weymouthPIE
  7. Our second round of fixtures kick off at 3pm on Saturday. Have a go at predicting them and see how many points you can get - and don't forget your joker! And feel free to get involved even if you missed round one, the more the merrier! Barnsley v Coventry City Hull City v QPR Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town Morecambe v Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday v Doncaster Rovers Bradford City v Oldham Athletic Mansfield Town v Newport County Rochdale v Scunthorpe United
  8. Good thread, have a like. 1. Are we returning to the football league? Nope - glorious play-off failure beckons (football gods, please let me be wrong) 2. Position finished? Third 3. Top scorer? Cal Roberts (IF we hold onto him in January) 4. Top assists? Rodders 5. Player of the season? Cal Roberts 6. Most yellow cards? DKE, if he plays enough 7. Number of goals conceded from set pieces? 18 8. Position of first loan signing? Centre forward 9. Points from first 3 league games? (Barnet A, Torquay H, Wrexham A) 4 (WDL) 10. Average attendance? 5419
  9. @Piethagoram is it Glossop North End? They definitely played in the Football League. I know I could just Google it but that would feel like cheating I also wish Mousehole AFC a long and successful FA Cup run.
  10. Hi @steve61, we do have a long-running prediction league on here. The rules are a lot simpler (3 points for a correct scoreline, 1 for a correct result, and double points for one joker fixture), but I think calculating the odds for twenty-odd posters would be pretty time-consuming, unless you could automate it somehow. Plus I'm rubbish at maths. We're definitely open for feedback and suggestions for future seasons though. The prediction league includes fixtures from the Championship, Leagues One and Two and the Conference, and it started yesterday to coincide with the start of the season in the Proper Leagues. But if you want to give it a try, the more the merrier! There are still 45 matchdays to go
  11. The results: Bristol City 1-1 Blackpool Luton Town 3-0 Peterborough United Cambridge United 1-1 Oxford United Rotherham United 2-0 Plymouth Argyle Sunderland 2-1 Wigan Athletic Exeter City 0-0 Bradford City Hartlepool United 1-0 Crawley Town Tranmere Rovers 1-0 Walsall There wasn't a single away win among that bunch, and so there were plenty of points in our first round. @Dan is our first leader on 13 points, with @nottsnutter close behind on 12 and no less than three others on double figures! @Dan - 13 @nottsnutter - 12 @ARLukomski, @magpiejue, @Dripsey3 - 11 @DangerousSausage - 9 @gtownjohnno - 8 @GrannyPie - 7 @4everapie - 6 @Feral Fox, @super_ram - 5 @jimbob - 4 @Megan_Elizax, @KB1862 - 2 The next round of matches is on Saturday, but I'll post the fixtures a little bit earlier than usual this time in the hope of getting one or two more on board - so probably on Monday or Tuesday. Thank you all for playing and see you then!
  12. It's a risky move for Grealish as he could easily find himself warming the bench there if he doesn't take off straight away. But if he wants to be in the trophies and play in the Champions League, City is probably the place to be. And if he's a flop there, he can always come on loan to us! The traditionalist in me is a bit sad he didn't stay with Villa and let them build a team around him, to be honest, but now only the wealthiest and most successful can actually hold on to their best players.
  13. It starts this Saturday! So now I'm going to be cheeky and nudge those of you who took part last season (although newbies/returnees are also very welcome): @Dripsey3, @super_ram, @william1984, @GrannyPie, @barnet11uk, @magpiejue, @jimbob, @liampie, @CliftonMagpie, @KB1862, @Chris, @allardyces tash, @TheSkipper, @Alex, @Canadian, @weymouthPIE Regarding the format, the object is to predict the wider Football League rather than just concentrating on Notts. As was the case for the previous two seasons, the Bananarama League will be included, but it doesn't start for another couple of weeks. To ensure that at least two divisions are always playing (and to ensure we have 46 rounds), rounds will take place on matchdays when Leagues One and Two are in action.
  14. Bristol City 2-1 Blackpool Luton Town 1-1 Peterborough United Cambridge United 0-2 Oxford United Rotherham United 1-1 Plymouth Argyle Sunderland 2-1 Wigan Athletic (joker) Exeter City 2-0 Bradford City Hartlepool United 1-2 Crawley Town Tranmere Rovers 1-0 Walsall
  15. Players who score 25+ goals a season are rare and the idea that you can pin all your hopes on one bloke who will score loads of goals is outdated. We've already got Wootton, who'll get about 15 to 20, and Roberts and Rodders should comfortably get into double figures given the chance. If you've got several players who are a goal threat, you're in a better position. All the same, we do need another striker to compete with Wootton, and we only really have Mitchell (I don't see Sam and Knight as strikers). Fingers crossed he lives up to his promise at KL.
  16. Another football season is about to begin, so it's once again time for the famous PON prediction league! Everyone is welcome to have a go - whether you're a grizzled old campaigner with a sophisticated algorithm-based prediction supercomputer, or a complete newbie who just goes with gut feeling. The more the merrier! And this is how it works: At least two days before every matchday I will post a thread with eight matches to predict, two each from the Championship, League One, League Two and (from late August) the Conference. You then reply with your predicted scores. The cut-off time for posting is kick-off. At the end of it all I'll then post a table with the current standings. Scoring system: 3 points for a correct score and 1 for a correct result. So if you predict Oldham to beat Bradford 2-1 and they do, you get 3 points; if Oldham win 1-0, you get 1 point. Each round you can also choose one match as your joker - any points you win for that match are then doubled. Simply post your predictions under this thread! The opening fixtures kick off at 3pm this coming Saturday and are: Bristol City v Blackpool Luton Town v Peterborough United Cambridge United v Oxford United Rotherham United v Plymouth Argyle Sunderland v Wigan Athletic Exeter City v Bradford City Hartlepool United v Crawley Town Tranmere Rovers v Walsall
  17. I don't think 7 goals in 1100 minutes for King's Lynn is too shabby really, but I don't really have much else to go on. But are we sure about this? It doesn't really seem to fit IB's talk about an "attacking option" rather than an out-and-out striker. Going by that, I'd expect someone who can also play as an attacking midfielder, unless Mitchell is coming as well. Whoever does come in, we do need a genuine alternative to Wootton.
  18. A "key" transfer? How about this bloke? https://www.transfermarkt.com/matthew-lock/profil/spieler/476061 Fighting Camels are now my second favourite team.
  19. I never thought it would happen, to be honest - I thought they'd be the latest in a long line of prospective owners who just vanish at the eleventh hour, leaving us wondering whether they'd ever existed at all. And the fact they hadn't even been named didn't make me optimistic. So the day the takeover was finally announced seemed almost dreamlike, and the way they've gone about their business is in marked contrast to their predecessors. Just hope they have the chance to guide the club through the Proper Leagues soon.
  20. That is awesome! Reminds me of the stuff Google Translate used to spit out ten years ago. If you like that, give https://www.engrish.com/ a visit!
  21. I thought the same initially, but until last season he'd never even reached double figures for a season - it was more like 6 or 7. So it may well be a case of cashing in while his stock is high, especially if Wrexham really did offer triple what Cambridge did. Grimsby will be gutted they missed out on that one.
  22. Roberts and Rodriguez will score plenty if they both stay fit, but Wootton does need some competition. The trouble is, Wootton is hugely important to this team and will play whenever he's fit - and so whoever is brought in will spend a good part of the season on the bench. So I wouldn't expect a marquee signing in that area. Wrexham's signing of Paul Mullin, who scored 32 goals for Cambridge last season, puts this in the shade, but I wouldn't panic about either. There's no guarantee it'll work out when a striker joins a new club - how many have we signed who were prolific elsewhere but couldn't hit a barn door for us?
  23. Interesting one. I think variants 2 and 3 are quite likely - a 343 shape allows us to play both Rodders and Roberts alongside / just behind Wootton, at the price of making us lighter in midfield. Alternatively, we could stick with last season's shape with a number 10 just behind Wootton. Rodders is excellent in that role, and Roberts surely would be too - but then we'd have two of our best players competing for one spot. I don't like the idea of Roberts as a wing back. A lot depends on how our new-look midfield performs, but I'm already liking the look of this team better than last season's.
  24. That home kit is nice! Clean, elegant and a big improvement on last season's effort. Will most likely be having one. Like the fact that we've had white socks three years running too, looks so much better than the predominantly black kits we've had IMO. Didn't realise white flashes on the inside of shorts were a thing, but it's only minor. As for the green away shirt, yuck! Some seem to love it though. There's no accounting for taste

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