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Premiership B Teams in FL


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Yes, the FA are actually considering introducing premier league B teams into the Football League.: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27289819


I can't think of anything worse than watching Notts play in an empty stadium against another club's reserve team! It's a stupid idea. If they want B teams in a league, make a B team league. Don't destroy proper football just to please the big clubs and give some fanboy who couldn't even point to Manchester on a map but owns a replica shirt so thinks he's a real fan the chance to say he's actually been to see a game, albeit against Tranmere Rovers. No thank you!


In fact would it even be helpful to the big clubs? They want to produce players who can play at International level. Would playing away at Dagenham & Redbridge on an awful pitch really be beneficial? I can't see it myself.


So memebers of the FA - stick this idea where the sun don't shine!


Rant over.

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Don't like the sound of that, obviously it favours the big clubs rather than League One and League Two clubs, plus it would make it even harder to get back from non-league which is already hard enough for clubs to do.

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I'd be surprised if anyone liked this idea. Seems ill fated from the off. That probably means the FA will go ahead then!

The dafter the idea,the more likely it is to happen!

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Why don't they set up a separate B league? That would make more sense. Make it an U21 or U23 league. Adding B teams to the football pyramid makes no sense. 

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The Spanish league is a clear flaw to this.

Real Madrid sign promising players, after a year of having them around the first team. They're sent to the B team where they're literally stalled in terms of development. Why do they snap up players? So that other teams within the top division are unable and it's important that youngsters see a proper development plan. I can see Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and even Arsenal to a degree doing this.

Instead of players like Sturridge finding their feet eventually with Liverpool, after City and Chelsea deemed him not good enough. He would end up playing for a B team and no real chance of making the national team.

Do we really see B teams giving up their better players? They'll try to keep hold of them, so they can do better which isn't really the point behind the idea. I see this being abused badly.

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