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Member Of The Month (June 2014)

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Well it's crept upon us ever so quickly, really - I almost forgot. I think I owe @cheeky~k8 a Thank You! (she reminded me).

Now we're approaching the new season, so it's time PoN get's back to the golden age and I will make sure I put the right amount of time in from here on. It's good to see members coming on and mixing, especially with it being quiet. I have to admit I usually would worry, though I've been spending a lot of time with my family and within another area that's kept me very busy.

Thank you to everyone who reads, posts and puts up with certain people who ramble on! (sorry). ;)

Each contribution really is part of our foundation and without your support, especially within the past few months I doubt there would be such a community. Hopefully others will come back and join in again, if not I'll have to get the PoN Team onto them! Who needs the A-Team! I pity the fool who messes with Granny!

Okay, this month @hissingdwarf decided who deserves the award. He gives special mention to she I dare not say (basically it's not for me to say she didn't get awarded). It's hissingdwarf @GrannyPie! Honest :P

@Canadian - This feels very much like deja vu, however you're back and rightly so. You deserve the award for your dedication to PoN and although it's bronze, knowing you next time you'll be only back once again. Thank you for all your effort mate!


@Dana Shoup - The star on Facebook and Twitter, finally you've got the spotlight within the community. Really glad you joined us here mate, you talk sense and your views are always interesting. Plus we need to keep mixing where our overseas fans are from! Well Done buddy. Keep it up!


@Dripsey3 - No detention for you pal! You've done your homework, kept us updated with the World Cup and even entertained us with the prediction league for the WC! You've been busy and spotted by HissingDwarf. On a personal note, quite a few months now you deserved to be mentioned and somehow it hasn't happened but your contributions are vital (so keep posting). Good stuff! Onwards and Upwards :)


Well Done to all the Members of the Month!

Please take the time to spread the community spirit and congratulate all 3 members. YOU PIES!

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Thanks all. The WC predictions keep us going. Won't be long before Weymouth will be limbering up for next season!

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Well done everyone, nice to see people rewarded for their efforts.

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Well done @Dripsey3,@Dana Shoup and @Canadian and everyone else who helps make this site so special. :thumbsup:

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