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failed notts players who had the ability & technical skills


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I think a lot of youngsters have the skill and technical aspects needed, they just don't have the confidence, experience or mental strengths to make it.

Those three aspects come from playing regularly and being guided, Notts doesn't mould players really but I think in recent years we have had quite a few 'experienced' players that have not made the grade.

Two names that stand out off the top of my head is Danny Haynes and Yoann Arquin.

One failed because he was declining in his ability but he didn't really give his all (mind you he had little service) and Yoann Arquin seemed to think he was a bigger player, so his head was never on his performances but he believed too much in his own ability.

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2 hours ago, Chris said:

Yoann Arquin seemed to think he was a bigger player, so his head was never on his performances but he believed too much in his own ability.

Reminds me of Enzio Boldewjin right now. 

For me more of recently because I took a break from football would be Adam Collin. Because he just never gave his all and got too cocky in our play off season and thought it would be given to him on a plate. He walked out onto the pitch week in week out with his head up his arse. 

Another one maybe currently Enzio Boldewjin. He has all the ability and skill but is yet to really apply it. I personally think he wants out already and is trying to get goals for his own personal record to put him in the shop window therefore our 'star man' isn't really helping.

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God, we've had some bad un's, but I will not go with any from the Trust years onwards as they have all been pretty bad, so none have disappointed!

So, back further in time I have really struggled to single out two as there have been a lot, but for my first I would just have to go with Michael Emenalo, what an absolute pile of 💩 he was! Always remember the fact that the paper said we had signed a world cup star. Yes, but he played in defence for Nigeria and they had no defence in the 94 WC finals! Didn't look too bad on the ball, but completely clueless on how to play the game. 

My other one would possibly be Francis Tierney (narrowly beating Garcia and Mendez), looked pleasing on the eye, but just had no confidence in trying to beat a man, or win the ball. For me he was the most disappointing of Allardyce's signings as he did have some ability, unlike some of his other signings (Ahem, Rapley).

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