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Match ratings vs Sutton

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Slocombe 6 - Not much wrong with his performance. Not much to do 

Kelly-Evans 8 - Got down the right very well and despite Sutton targeting him for his lack of heights, it didn't phase him and put in a fighting performance 

Rawlinson 6 - Solid. Dealt with Sutton's forward threats well. 

Turner 7 - Commanding as normal from the human fridge freezer. Good confidence on the ball when he brings it out of defence.

McCrory 6 - Shaky first half but settled down afterwards. Supported the left wing in the second half as Notts grew into the game more

Doyle 6 - Recycles possession as he does and put in a good shift. Controls the play

Rose 6 - Poor first half in which he couldn't pass a science test never mind a football. Better in the second half like most of Notts' players

Booty 6 - Shouldve scored in the first half with the goal at his mercy. Always looks for the forward ball which is good to see

Boldewijn 5 - Drifts in and out of games despite showing what he's capable of on occasions 

Wootton 7 - Dominated their centre half and held the ball well. Won most flick ons and scored a beauty. A good days for work Kyle

Dennis 6 - His usual bag of hard work but how he hasn't scored from close range is beyond me



Thomas 6 - Came on and worked hard. Linked the play alright and was lively

Shields 5 - Had a short few moments on the ball when he came on and looked lively. Don't remember him receiving the ball afterwards

Graham N/A - Came on and covered for Rawlinson late on in the game


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Piethagoram's mean of 5 in a ground worthy of a 2

1st half view from behind the goal, 2nd Half from the side

Slocombe 5 well protected , did what was needed

Kelly Evans 7.5.MotM If only he was taller and bulkier, then again he wouldnt be playing in this league. Impressive in putting a foot in and intelligent use of the ball. Sutton rargeted him for his lack of height...couldn't see if he was at fault for the goal conceded..

Rawlinson 5.5 Solid but still believe Bird is a better option

Turner 6 Experience and knows what is neeeded

McCrory 6.5 Neat tidy doesnt waste possession

Doyle 7 Got a grip in the second half as he recylcled possession well

Booty 6 One wasteful cross and shot in 1st half. However, he does put in a good corner generally. Still not enough bite in the tackle

Rose 5.5 Disappointing 1st half, really needed to step up a gear 2nd half

Boldewijn 3 playing 5 mins within 90 isnt acceptable. He should be tearing teams apart but doesnt

Wootton 7 much better than Yeovil's appearance. Won headers, held up well and a great goal

Dennis 6.5 His runs were not necessarily spotted... Actually quite impressed with his attitude over last season's endeavours


Thomas 5.5 Wrong substitute for Dennis. Did OK

Shields 4 Not impressed. Didnt seem capable of beating his man

Thomas n/a


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Would your ratings differ from the first to the second half @ARLukomski @Piethagoram?

It sounded like Notts picked up in the second half and started to control the game, yet also play much better. I don't know about the chances - as Regan Booty had one cleared off the line in the first half right? But from the comments I have seen and read, we played some good stuff in the second half.

Those complaining it was dire or abysmal seem to be wanting Notts to play like Real Madrid.

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@Chris First half was very poor. Wasteful passing too. Second half a lot better. The poor performances in the 1st half are balanced out by better ones in the 2nd.

I made 3 points in my vlog after the game if we are to move up the table. 1) Got to start playing for 90 minutes, 2) Need to take our chances, 3) Be braver with the ball in the oppositions half

Booty should have scored first half. Dennis shot saved by keeper, no keeper on goal line, 2 Sutton players there and he hit it straight at one of their players' feet. Dennis had a free header from close range which he should have scored

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48 minutes ago, Truefootballfan said:

But we need to start scoring from 6 yards out ...... 

Notts needs to try more from long range, the players seem to only try to walk it in.

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i have seen a lot of comments on facebook which says wootton did not do much, only scored a decent shot.

how much better did he perform over the last two times? does he seem to be settling in?

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