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Standout players so far this season?

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Lets be constructive a little here okay, I want members to name 3 players who have stood out for all the right reasons and 3 who haven't.

Leave a short sentence about why and how they can improve.

Standout players for me.

Kristian Dennis: When started he's looked lively, always looking like a goal threat and despite not starting he has stood out for me.
Jim O'Brien: A few under par performances but generally a driving force within the Notts squad this season.
Dion Kelly-Evans: A good performer, probably more of a winger than a defender but he gives a lot of width to the squad.

Standout players who need to improve.

Enzio Boldewijn: I accept he's weak at defending and may not like it, however when he under performs which is often, he doesn't carry the team it carries him.
Michael Doyle: Not as good as promoted by the club or some of its fans, he could use his experience in a wiser way but is often wasteful with his decision making.
Ben Turner: He doesn't look fit in my eyes, generally struggles but does okay. He could be on the other end of the spectrum with a little more application I feel.

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It's a difficult one for me as I am an exile, who would be basing their opinion on commentary, comments and ratings.

Therefore, I can't really choose three players.

I would agree that Jim O'Brien is having a positive impact from his performances, whilst Enzio Boldewijn hasn't contributed much more than goals. Mark Stallard has said numerous times he has the quality but fails to make an impact.

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I think the consistency levels of performances have been quite high, a few bad performances and sometimes this effects the team overall but nothing alarming.

Players who need to improve.

Mitch Rose: A great player who can spread the ball well, I feel in the last month he hasn't played to the level that we are used to seeing and he needs to find that form again.

Wes Thomas: I don't question his effort or application, more his ability to take perfect goal scoring chances which fall to his feet. He's been quite underwhelming with his finishing, missing sitters you would expect a striker to score and scoring ones you would suspect him to miss.

Can I say Neal Ardley? He has a large squad now, with players who have done well when they've started but for some reason he decides to favour changes which does reflect on performance levels. His tactics seems to be improving but during games there is more that could influence the game in a positive way. Allowing attacking minded players to help finish games off for starters.

Players who have done well.

Dion Kelly-Evans: His pace and overlapping on the right hand side is a joy to watch, he looked a little small against Eastleigh who seemed to target this but overall I think he's been outstanding.

Sam Slocombe: Steady hands, yes mistakes have been made but overall his presence helps the club.

Nathan Tyson: Before he picked up his knock, I felt he was one of the standout player for his attitude and way he has committed to games.

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I don't think any of the players have been "weak" or massively disappointing, I do feel all the signings have been very good not just on paper.


Regan Booty: He was looking like he would be on fire after scoring, I think being relegated to the bench impacted this form a bit but overall he does look sharp when coming on. I think with Michael Doyle's suspension, he will shine more and hopefully find it out to be dismissed again so easily.

Kyle Wootton: Started off slow but he's giving Notts a lot of height and movement up top. I think he could be a player who could score 15 goals this season if we play to his strengths.

Jim O'Brien: Just a brute and generally good player on the clubs books.

Room for Improvement:

Michael Doyle: I think he's past his best but offers the team that important experience, he needs to avoid these stupid sendings off because it could have a negative impact.

Enzio Boldewijn: I think Ardley needs to find a way to allow Enzio to focus on attacking, I don't think he should be the focal point or main outlet but I do think he's best being given some freedom. I'm not saying he shouldn't defend, I'm saying it should be balanced a bit more. Allow him to stay out wide, so he can cut in and take players on when countering teams.

Sam Graham: We can see he can be a fantastic player but he's probably the most inconsistent for me, he's a tall player but panics against quicker players. If he does, he generally looks weak.

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I think the following have been great.

Dion Kelly-Evans: A livewire of a player, great at getting forward.

Damien McCrory: Mr Consistency! He gives 100% every game and is just a robust defender.

Regan Booty: I hope this lad starts ahead others now Doyle is out of the picture, he's everything Notts has lacked over the last few season and he will only get better.

Those that need to improve...

Wes Thomas, he's quite wasteful but a good player. Michael Doyle, I don't see how he always finds himself starting. The fact he just backs Ardley up isn't enough. 

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standout players for good reasons:

regan booty: he looks a very capable young upcoming player.

dion kelly-evans: fantastic signing, good pace and effort given.

mitch rose: fantastic presence on the pitch, a true leader and someone who shines when notts plays well.

standout players for improvements needed:

ben turner: slow off the mark at times, good at battling but could be much better.

michael doyle: very overrated, sideways, backwards or outwide kicks. very lacking, he could be much more than just an experienced player.

enzio boldewijn: waste of time to start him, he wants the ball but fails to deliver bar the odd wonder goal. i think attacking games he could do better.

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I think the recruitment has been very good this season, all the players strengthen the squad and I have said this before. I can't think of a player that has disappointed, well, aside from Michael Doyle, who is extremely overrated, but is exactly what we have been calling out for. We have needed a hard hitting midfielder, who can calm down the play and spread it around. I do think he shouldn't always be starting, him as the captain isn't the best decision either.

3 players who have stood out and impressed me so far.

Mitch Rose: When he plays well, which is most of the time - he injects a calm head that is keen to get the ball forward. He's a very effective passer, very direct and his pace offers Notts a lot in both attacking and defending.

Kristian Dennis: He should always be starting in my eyes, he's looking good on goal and works throughout the pitch often linking up with the early build-up play.

Dion Kelly-Evans: A true winger in my eyes, he's good at getting forward and likes to have time on the ball. I see him more of a player to link up with the right back, I honestly feel he's weaker in this area of the pitch but does give a good steady performance.

I've only been disappointed with...

Micheal Doyle: He's not as good as people claims, often kills off momentum and I fail to see how he deserves to start all the time. He's not a leader in my eyes either, I think Mitch Rose did a far better job and I have said all this before his red card(s).

Enzio Boldewihn: Very good player, yet if you demand a steady performance from everyone - then he shouldn't be starting. If it wasn't for some of his wonder goals (which like the strikers he's missed so easier chances) - I just feel he could do a lot more. In the most recent games, he hasn't looked like the same player. If something else is going on, well, okay, but he should still challenge himself to beat players and contribute.

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