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  1. Apparently Stockport have sold around 1,800 tickets! It’s going to feel like/is a big game. The result against Tamworth was a boost but they are two levels below and Stockport’s players will be considerably better. I’d expect the likes of Palmer, J’OB and Cameron all back in the starting line-up. And it’s a massive bonus that Rawlinson will be in contention for this game too. I’d stick to a 3-5-2 personally, especially if Roberts is out. Then you’ve got the option to play Rodrigues upfront or drop him into midfield and play Mitchell with Woots. We could switch back to a 4 man defence and bring Nemane on if it isn't working out. No idea what the final score will be, wouldn’t be that shocked if we lost, equally wouldn’t be shocked if we won 3-0. All I know is that we don’t seem to do boring games at ML at the minute…
  2. Given that we had a look at Andre Wright in the summer I’m sure Georgie Kelly will be a player we are aware of. And I know he’s not a striker but that Ross Tierney looked decent as well, only 20… JJ Hooper is still without a club, more experience than Mitchell but probably too similar of a player. Mark Stallard was very complimentary of Billy Waters from Halifax, he really liked his movement. Shame Lewis Knight has had so many injuries as we’ve never really seen what he can do, in terms of a striker who'll run in behind (and with his pace) he should be ideal.
  3. Maybe Slocombe isn't just going to walk straight back into the first team! I didn't think his loan would be extended but I'm pleased it has been.
  4. That is very generous of you to give them a game against 10 men!
  5. That picture is flat and the earth isn’t (pls don’t tell me we’ve got flat-earthers on here!) so it does look odd. Here's the flight-path on the globe Wow, yeah think I’d need some convincing too. I can only just about deal with the channel tunnel!
  6. I can’t see Patterson staying. With the five-sub rule he’s not to even going to get on the bench so the chance of any game time is very low. I agree with you about the competition for Slocombe though, it would be useful. Just got to hope Brooks is keeping him on his toes in training! You could make more of a case for Brennan, for me that will depend on how serious Lacey’s issue is. The one bonus is the NL has no transfer window so if we did have a similar situation we would be able to bring players in.
  7. Those 3 losses pretty much eradicated all thought of our unbeaten start. That win against Yeovil has quietened everything down again. That said those 3 games revealed some weaknesses, call them what you want but lack of focus, lack of desire, lack of calmness, even a lack of clinic finishing. You learn from your mistakes and all I can hope is that we have! The injuries definitely haven’t help but I like that IB doesn’t want to use that as an excuse as it’s a squad game after all. For those coming in it’s a chance to prove themselves and show why they deserve a spot in the first 11. Some people are still questioning the squad as a whole, even I'm not 100% convinced. Are our forward options as strong as they can be? Do we need more of an nasty edge in midfield. It's way too early to properly judge the new signings, a lot of them are young and I just think a bit of patience is required. So I'm not overly concerned right now... We're going to have ups and downs over the course of a season. Let’s just hope the next few games see us back on the up again!
  8. I wonder if the recent switch to 4 at the back has been down to injuries. We have plenty of options for a back 3, I think both Brinds and Chicksen are quite comfortable there and I’ve got no real worries with them in a back 3 (assuming the opposition aren’t too direct!) It’ll be interesting to see if a Lacey, Rawlinson and Cameron back 3 is as formidable as it sounds... And I know Cameron is captain and therefore likely to start but if we stick to 4 at the back it’s worth remembering how good the Lacey and Rawlinson partnership is.
  9. Much needed win and thank god we got to play Yeovil when we did because they sounded pretty toothless. Probably should’ve scored more, but given the recent results I’m not complaining. We really are quite a threat from set-pieces now, that’s another goal from a corner. Ruben had a good day, he’s back in goal-scoring form. And Cameron back too, I think he will have given everyone a boost going into that game. Mini-crisis averted!
  10. I don’t quite know how we got ourselves into the situation of being overran like that. Where was the midfield for that goal? Why was it just Sam there? But yeah I totally agree he doesn’t do enough to stop the initial run, he's got to at least try and tackle him.
  11. I can see why emotions were running high after the game. They went head to head by all accounts but that IB said it was a nothing incident just "handbags". The red card really got them fired up and in a weird way I wonder if had been 11 v 11 would they have got the same result? (We wouldn’t have had 10 mins of injury time that’s for sure). Sometimes in games red cards do inspire teams, us v Dagenham and Sutton last year just two examples. That said there’s obviously something not right to just capitulate like that. I’ve have liked have been at the game just to see the comparisons between that and the Woking game.
  12. Halifax fans will say that’s justice for the red card but c’mon we had to see that through! I don’t know what to say…
  13. I’m just hoping we can get a win, we’re going there with a point to prove now. A good result will show the character and desire of the squad.
  14. I thought we started the game well and deservingly went in 1-0 up. Their disallowed goal was a sign of what they are all about but we desperately needed to get a 2nd goal and then once Woking scored we just fell apart… 4-1 flattered them but I agree we’ve only got ourselves to blame for the loss. They were massive and their game is all about physicality, but for 70 minutes we pretty much dealt with it. Once the second goal goes in we just lost all thought and composure though. Our approach is admirable but you need a balance and for me yesterday in the end we got bullied. Woking is one of those games where you want (need) Cameron and Rawlinson. And to top off the bad result, it sounds like Knight is injured again.
  15. Hopefully Lacey will return, I agree Woking will be a lot more direct than Altrincham so he’ll be needed. They are a big team but they were slow at the back last season. Knight and Knowles caused them so many problems with their running in behind and I think we’ll need Nemane and Mitchell to do the same. With Roberts out if you go back to Woots and Ruben upfront like last season in a 3-5-2 then I’m not sure where Nemane/Mitchell would play… You’d have to go 4-2-3-1 with Ruben in behind, Mitchell on the left and Nemane the right... Effiong will probably have a masterclass against us and I've no idea what the score will be but I’ve got a feeling it’ll be a bit of a goal fest (cue drab 0-0 draw).
  16. For me it’s hard to imagine a game of football without heading. All free-kicks would be shots or a simple quick pass. And as for corners, it would pretty much be the end of them… I think the game has evolved anyway and now in general we see a lot more of the football on the floor. And the balls now are cushioned and much lighter. I found an old football in my dad’s shed over the summer… Think it was from the 70’s, it’s very thick and felt heavy and horrible. I’m all for the research though, like you say the proper stuff where the effects can be evaluated will be years away. But maybe something as basic as just tracking how much a player is heading the ball. Could you then possibly get comparisons to how much it was years ago? I think heading, both matches and training, now is something that is far less frequent.
  17. I think Mitchell will chip in with goals this season, his only game where he played as striker was Wrexham away, recently he’s had limited game time and been pushed out wider. Once things started to click for him at King’s Lynn he very quickly got a move to Chesterfield. He’s still settling in but I think he’ll get his first goal soon, and hopefully he'll push on from there. I’m more worried about a lack of a physical presence in the midfield and weirdly I still I think we’ve got a slight issue trying to figure out the best starting formation that will allow our attacking players to thrive. We have good squad of players, with lots of potential so we’ve got a chance. Right now that top spot is something I’m more hopeful than confident about getting.
  18. @allardyces tash do I need to take full responsibility for the loss now ? In all seriousness it sounded poor, really poor. Off the pace all game, we’ve seen it in spells in games before but to be slow ponderous and off it all game just isn’t good enough. Thought that the injuries to the defensive players might have galvanised the attacking players but obviously not… Probably the most unsurprising thing was Cal got his 5th yellow card. It's days like these when you just think, I hate being in the national league.
  19. Yeah with regards to Jake Kean, sounds like he's an emergency, last resort option. Like if Sam Slocombe woke up ill on the morning of a game and we had no time to sort another keeper. It’s a shame about Slocombe though a first clean sheet for a while would’ve given him and the defence some confidence going into this weekend. Patterson sounds like as a good a replacement you could get at short notice. Lee Johnson the Sunderland manager (always down to earth and never comes across arrogant ) said “he’s a very good goalkeeper, it’s a gift in one sense, he will do very, very well for them”. Made me laugh that, “a gift”… Like he’s basically given us a month of clean sheets by giving us Patterson! That said I won't be complaining if he manages it, fingers crossed for one this weekend!
  20. I’ve had a look at their squad and they got some decent players, some players that were really good a few years ago. Players like Ben Pringle and AJ Leitch-Smith, it’ll be interesting to see if they’ve still ‘got it.’ I was impressed with them (and us) at the game at Meadow Lane last season, think the second meeting was a bit forgettable though. IB's big choice will be whether to play Chicksen or our new loanee, Brennan. Personally if we are going with a back three I think Chicksen deserves the start… A back four, Brennan probably would be better suited to partner Lacey. Can we keep our unbeaten start going? I hope so. I think it’ll be close though and so I’ll go for another hard-fought win. Altrincham 0 Notts 1. Rodrigues to score.
  21. So Cal Roberts has quite quickly amassed 4 yellow cards: Torquay (Dissent), Wrexham (Foul), Aldershot (Simulation or was it the reaction after?) and Maidenhead (Dissent). I think I’m correct that 5 cards equates to a 1 match ban. With our supposedly easier fixtures coming to an end would you rather see him get booked this weekend (meaning he would miss Woking at home) or just wait and see how it plays out knowing that he could then miss one of the tougher games? Here’s our next 6 fixtures: Altrincham (A), Woking (H), Halifax (A), Yeovil (A), Stockport (H), Bromley (H). And do you think IB needs to have a word with him or is this just a one-off unlucky succession of bookings?
  22. I’m encouraged by what the Sheffield Weds fans have had to say about him, lot’s of good and potentially not far off getting a chance with their first team. And a 1-month loan is pretty low risk, but hopefully if he does well we can extend it and keep him with us.
  23. And so it begins, who had 7 games into the season for the first manager to be sacked? Well two managers have gone in the same day. Harry Kewell leaves Barnet second from bottom with 2 points and 0 wins. Danny Searle leaves Aldershot third from bottom with 4 points and 1 win. I'm more shocked with the Aldershot one, they played well against us and the teams before us by all accounts. They've just won and draw as well so I feel they would've gradually been on the way up. And they've played us, Chesterfield, Boreham Wood, Yeovil and Solihull - all teams in the top 10. Not an easy start at all. I think they've made a big mistake there. As for the sacking of Harry Kewell, he isn't exactly a guy that fans warm too, but he's signed a lot of players in the summer - and a lot of them have been players he's worked with before. Yes they've started badly but when a manager signs a whole new squad you've got to give him a bit of time... I think Barnet will really struggle this season.
  24. Far from our best, first half was sluggish almost everyone was off their game and it was far too easy for Maidenhead. Better second half though, we limited Maidenhead’s threats and looked more solid. Good to see Cameron has replaced Ellis nicely as a real threat in the oppositions box too. Did Lacey really get a touch? I was too far away to tell. I do still wonder if we need a more physically dominant midfielder though, someone who will break up play more and just be a general nuisance for opposing midfielders… I know we’re yet to see Vincent but I don’t think he’s exactly a brute!
  25. Slocombe – 6.5 - Good save in the first half, quick to come and deal with balls into the box. Brindley – 7 - Usually positive and forward on the ball, some good strong defending as well. Lacey – 7 - Good distribution, very solid on the whole dealt well with Blissett. Cameron – 6.5 - He's also good on the ball but defensively he was caught out a few times. Taylor – 6.5 - Grew into the game, always tried to get forward and some good powerful runs. Francis – 6.5 - Some of his passing was great, some of his passing not so. Second half he dictated the game more which was encouraging. Palmer – 6.5 - Similar to Francis, both looked a bit off the pace first half. Full of running but just thought when he got into the final third he wasn't great. Roberts – 6.5 - Probably our best attacking threat, think he needs to be stronger sometimes rather than just going to ground looking for a soft free-kick. The less said about the penalty the better. Rodrigues – 6 - Really off game for him first half, passing was poor and overdid it at times when just the simple option was on... Better when he moved higher up for the last period of the game. Mitchell – 5.5 - Quiet game, a couple of good runs on the ball but didn't really trouble the Maidenhead defence. Wootton – 6 - Can’t fault the work rate and tidy on the ball when we pinged it too him but the Maidenhead CBs dealt with him. Subs Chicksen – 7 - Solid, very calm on the ball, always seems to read the game well. O’Brien – 6 - Added a bit of energy but like the other midfielders passing wasn't always great. Kelly-Evans – N/A

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