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  1. I'm surprised he's ended up there. I know he's had injury problems but I thought a lower NL team/NL North or South would've signed him. If he stays fit he'll find the Southern Prem an absolute breeze.
  2. Yeah from what IB said post-match it doesn't sound like he's an out and out striker… But I guess he could just be trying to not give anything away. Then he’s goes on to say “We’ve worked really hard for a while and been really patient…” I reckon this is someone from the “A-List” we’ve thought he’ll be worth waiting for. I’m sure with Football Radar we’ve looked over a lot of players and Mitchell is probably someone we have looked at. But from what’s been said I’d be very surprised if it was him. The fact the number 7 shirt wasn’t taken when we announced the shirt numbers suggests we’ve been holding out for this guy – whoever he is! Just hope we can actually get it done!
  3. My guess would be either a loan striker coming in, but maybe instead of an 18 y/o like Knowles we’ll be looking at someone a touch older, someone from an U23/Reserve squad. Or we’re waiting for teams in League 1 & 2 to finish their transfer business so more players become available again. It’s right not to rush, no point signing a player for the sake of it, the season’s still weeks away. Much better to wait and actually sign someone who can compete with Woots.
  4. Probably not, Notts is about a 2hr trip for me now - and I'm not a dedicated enough fan to make the trip for friendlies! I'm happy to wait for the season to start and I hope to be at first home game against Torquay.
  5. Thanks for the info @Piethagoram be interesting to see when their trials come to end if any are signed up. You'd be potentially looking at just the 1 from the 4 there then (I think IB has already ruled out re-signing McCrory.
  6. So it’s not for an attacking/defending coach but for set-pieces and re-starts; including, thrown-ins, corners, free-kicks, goal kicks and kick-offs (I could do that bit!). And opposition analysis off the pitch. I thought our set-pieces (in an attacking sense) have been pretty dangerous since IB came in. We scored quite a few, yes maybe we need a re-think for defending set-pieces but if we come up against a team with a load of 6ft + players and some of our players marking them are 5ft 9' or whatever you’re just naturally at a disadvantage. I’ll be interested to see if a new coach can make a big difference here, and therefore if it's really worth it.
  7. I think Cal will be alright now, if the specialist clinic in Germany (I think it was there) can't sort it, nothing will... The fact he's been able to train for a while now and had 30 mins of game time is a good sign. He lasted about 10 mins when he was first bought back against Hartlepool. Fingers crossed this injury is a thing of the past for him now! I've seen the pics and it's interesting that D-KE has the armband in the first half, and then Wootton in the second - he had it for the second half of the Coalville game too. Woots a real contender for captain this season? You've been to both games now @Piethagoram any trialist's standing out for you?
  8. Yeah, people seem to think it’s around 8k, maybe it is 10k either way he'll be the highest paid player the NL. @BESTpie is right it’s just not sustainable, especially if they’re looking to add a couple more on a big wage too. Unless they’ve managed to get a good chunk of money from their Tik-Tok sponsorship they’ll make a big loss this season... And they’ll be a lot of pressure on Mullin too now. On that money I think you’d want 35 goals from him. Jamie Vardy and Andre Gray both scored 31 and 30 goals, when they were in non-league - Mullin will do well to reach that level. When Ricky Miller scored 40 goals for Dover they still only finished 6th, so even with a great goal scorer nothing is guaranteed in this league! Don’t get me wrong he’s a good player but I certainly don’t think it’s money well spent.
  9. Christ, yeah, Wrexham's early signings were nothing special but now they've signed Mullin on a three-year deal... Insane signing. Wonder how much he’ll make from that move?
  10. Yeah, on paper it looks like a case of too good to be true! Why has someone who played 36 L1 games last season dropped into the NL? But it sounds like it was a case of wanting him more than other clubs and that he bought into what we are trying to do here. And playing under IB now (who got the best out of so many players the back end of last season) he should be able to show us why he was a league player with so many games under his belt. Quite excited to see all our new midfielders in action. We’ve gone from a trio with Doyle, O’Brien & Reeves where the youngest was 28. To potentially Francis, Vincent & Palmer where the oldest will be 26!
  11. A bit of competition for Cal? I know he's great but we can't let him drop those standards! And I think Nemane can play as an inverted winger as well, if we have Joel Taylor getting forward down the left then Nemane in an inverted role could be more useful. I still think IB likes the idea of having attacking players in the wing-back role if we need to create more. Joel Taylor looks useful in one-on-one situations, but this is where D-KE/Brindley struggle a bit. And who knows maybe Nemane is better at defending than Enzio? I'd rather have a dilemma picking the team every week then just thinking we've got a good first 11 and the rest are back up. I'm very pleased we've managed to sign him! Now us and Torquay, it's becoming like Liverpool and Southampton, they got anyone else decent?
  12. Yeah, an odd choice. They’ll have a brand-new team and just that alone makes things harder. Their plus point is Gary Johnson though he is a good manager for this level. No idea where they’ll finish but I’ll be amazed if they have a better season than last. As for the actual winners, literally can’t predict it. The last two teams to win it have been Barrow and Sutton, no-one predicted them. Probs be someone like Dagenham or Eastleigh.
  13. I do understand the slight concern given the Will Patching signing, but he was younger, we were his first move away from City and he didn't fit KN style or system. Looking back you can see why it didn't work out. Francis is a bit older, has moved abroad and played in L2 last season with Harrogate. And he's suits how IB wants to play. Doyle’s role is a big one to fill, but from what I've read about him he should be capable of taking over. By all accounts he’s a good player (a bit like Miller) but just not that suited to how Harrogate wanted to play, hence he didn’t always play in midfield for them. This is a bit about why Francis wasn’t offered a new deal at Harrogate: On Francis, who impressed in both his natural position in the centre of the park as well as in an auxiliary left-back role, Weaver added: "It was certainly another difficult call. "We were actually discussing a longer deal with Ed earlier on in the season, but he put a pause on those talks because it was at a time when he had just come out of the team, which was understandable. "When we've looked at it again, we just felt that Josh [Falkingham], Lloyd [Kerry] and Thommo [George Thomson] were the players who have excelled in the middle of the park this term. "I think Ed is best suited to a 4-3-3 or when we played the midfield diamond and obviously we usually tend to go with the 4-4-2 system.”
  14. Some interesting signings there, unless you're Torquay! They've lost a few key players now. A few clubs have had a quite a large turnover of players, particularly Grimsby and Barnet. And with Torquay needing to add a load maybe getting them and Barnet early will work in our favour. Stockport probably the team with the marquee signings at the moment with Whitfield and Quigley. Some names that stick out for me (as a lot I've never even heard of!): Josh Rees who's gone to Boreham Wood, he'll score goals from midfield, granted he's given licence to get forward. Ben Fox another good midfielder, now at Grimsby, think the Analysts Bar Pod spoke about him. Ogogo and Murphy two are very good players at this level for Southend. Jeff King and Miller will be two very good attacking wing-back options for Chesterfield. Interesting that Solihull have signed Boyes, think he the LB that was supposed to join us on loan last season... I wonder if we were in for him this time around.
  15. I have to say I prefer this season’s kits to last. I like a wider stripe and the white sleeves on the home, I think I prefer it to the away shirt. The matched mint badge is a nice touch, it is plain maybe a touch of texture in the away shirt would've made it even better. I don’t like the shorts though (I never buy them) the colour on the inside of the leg looks a bit odd to me.
  16. Pretty sure that's not Nemane, too big and not his hair style. No idea who it could be though... Also the guy next to him I assume is another trialist too.
  17. Yep, both players sound very similar too so it’ll be interesting to see who gets the better deal! There’s a short vid on YouTube from when he won the U21 player of the season award at Stoke a few years ago. He obviously had something about him, maybe just never got the chance. Hopefully he can kick on with us.
  18. Yep, even been moved down on google too, an actor who's in Casualty is the first person who comes up now. I thought he might have signed for another national league side/national league north side surprised he's dropped to them. His lack of pace was probably the biggest issue, he just needed to play in a team that sits deep!
  19. I’m not too worried.... yet! Other than Chesterfield and Barnet who are signing a good few (I think Harry Kewell is just going through a list of his previous players) no-one else has been massively active. Stockport just signed their first player and I don’t think Wrexham have signed anyone yet. I’d rather wait and end up getting quality than panic sign players cos we think the numbers are looking a bit short. It’s weird last time we did the majority of our recruitment early (and spent a wedge) we ended up getting relegated. And then the season after we did all our transfer business last minute and we got to a play-off final!
  20. I do wonder if Dion Kelly-Evans and Jim O'Brien are moving on, everyone else has been announced now and I thought after Chicksen we'd get D-KE and JO'B quite quickly after... I think by the end of a season a player knows if they want to stay at a club or not, so I'm surprised they're still potentially mulling things over and I get the feeling both are quite happy here. The more days that pass the more sceptical I am about them re-signing...
  21. Interesting appointment for them, not one I expected. Lots of similarities between Wrexham in the this league and Sunderland in L1 – big budgets high expectations and he struggled at Sunderland… I wonder if their board are believers of the old "you can’t play football if you want to get out the NL" mantra… Since we’ve been in the league the 4 teams that have been promoted (Barrow, Harrogate, Sutton and Hartlepool) all played good attacking football. None of them were defensive and direct, it’s alright being organised and hard to beat but with only 1 auto spot you really need to rack up the wins.
  22. With the semi-final and final both at Wembley we're never going to get a better chance of winning it. The noise from the crowd against Germany sounded decent from just hearing it on the TV, the home supporters will be a massive advantage again. I'd have loved the chance to attend, I'm sure it's probably already sold out but £170 to sit in the gods for the semi's and then £250 for the final is a complete rip-off. How can that be justifiable for a game of football?
  23. Now this one probably is a complete fantasy but... Ian Burchnall signed Ravel Morrison for Ostersunds. No doubting the talent but would it ever work out? Casper Sloth all over again? He hasn't ever settled anywhere...
  24. Good question. I'd certainly like to see him in action, FA Trophy games and the qualifying rounds of the FA Cup would be a good starting point. But if Slocombe got a injury early in the season that meant he'd be out for a while I think it would be too early for him... But then I'm saying this having never seen him play, so who knows maybe he'd come in a do well! If you want to develop a player you either have to play him or loan him out so he can get game time. I think IB said he wanted 3 keepers so maybe there would be scope to send Brooks on loan to a team in the divisions below.

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