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  1. It's good to have Jim committed, I didn't worry about if he stayed or went. I thought of him as being the type content to stay at a club.
  2. Those accounts are ran by sad people with no lives.
  3. Wrexham will be a tough cookie to crack this season, Phil will have them organised well.
  4. Its risky either, whatever Ian Burchnall decides I will be happy but it would be nice to start blooding in the youths.
  5. Both concepts are stunning, I wouldn't mind either but I hope the home shirt is half as stylish as this.
  6. I am a tad bit doubtful about this actually happening, I don't see why he would repeat another season in the National League and not just try to take on League Two at this early stages of his career.
  7. Its good to see Sam commit to the club, good keeper and one who would be hard to replace.
  8. Paying per game as I will be doing other things this year, but I am happy to pay more in the long term to help support the club.
  9. Its good to be welcoming you to the community @Joshua Barnes.
  10. Ruben Rodrigues gets my vote, by far the best and most consistent player across the season.
  11. Mark Ellis for me has been a solid signing, I hope the club tries to keep him here.
  12. Looked like he put it towards goal, could the wind help? Probably but that could've of been something he knew about.
  13. I think its a good signing, if he's good enough only time will tell but I hope he can give us something extra. DKE is fine on the right side IMO.
  14. Hello @SpellbindingCaskey, welcome to PON.
  15. I doubt most fans are bothered about the reasons why, he says it's Covid related then that's what it is. If the clubs happy to release a player linked to another club, than I don't see much to complain about. It's best he departs and we use his wages wisely, I have always felt Wes Thomas did his best for Notts. It's a shame to see him move on but I have accepted it.
  16. I don't think he is the most natural strikers on goal but for a young lad, he works hard. I think he should be given more game time based on his goal ratio and recent performance, it's very easy to rate some off.
  17. All the best to @GrannyPie, hope @super_ram is coping well too.
  18. Fair play to Wes Thomas, he's got a new born and has to protect his family. Notts should be supporting him during this time. Could Notts get that striker back on loan that was here last season?
  19. Happy Christmas to one and all, hope you all managed to have a fun day!
  20. It's about right these days, good old Monty Python.
  21. Sam Slocombe 6.5 - Did what was needed and commanded his area well. Richard Brindley 7 - Very good all round performance. Dion Kelly-Evans 7.5 - Solid in playing at left back, good movement and passing. Ben Turner 8 - Solid partnership with Rawlinson, defended well. Connell Rawlinson 8 - Lead the back and thought well to protect Slocombe at all times. Ruben Rodrigues 8 - Such a good signing for Notts, very good performance. Jake Reeves 7 - Good all round play, does what Doyle can't and works well with those around him. Michael Doyle 7 - Exceptional passing, got the ball moving and lead well. Jim O'Brien 6.5 - He did fine but never contributed much towards the play. Enzio Boldewijn 8 - Good to see him at his best again, solid performance. Kyle Wootton 7 - Worked hard for the most part, held things up and worked hard. Subs: Tom Walker 6 - I would've switched Walker for Boldewijn but he did okay.
  22. Both players are doing it, but it was brilliance on Brindley's part to read the play.

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