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  1. The squad seems to be okay, from the videos I have seen they're look healthy and I imagine they will be keeping themselves fit. I think whatever happens the club will be stronger after this.
  2. Schmeichel Hughesy FA Trophy & Play Off Win. Moniz Lose to them 6-0 & 5-0 but stay up Back to back promotions Edwards & Duffy
  3. I have heard of it, but I have not got round to giving it a watch just yet.
  4. Great job with the wallpaper @Chris, you should be proud of this.
  5. I didn't realise he was 81, it's sad though. Rest in Peace.
  6. Shopping is different but pleased stores are doing the distancing with people respecting that. It's very quiet at the moment. I'm just plodding along regardless and changing as is what required.
  7. It's not really my thing to watch full games, I would have to be super bored to sit down at a screen to watch a game I already know what happens.
  8. Good work, all are quality. Share more when you can I am sure people will enjoy them.
  9. I used to be and for a very long time, I never won much but I should look to rejoining it.
  10. Welcome @Greene! Nice to have you amongst us.
  11. The issue is when you're bored, everything is harder. Combat it before you do, it's easier to end up distracted.
  12. I agree with what others have said, @Chris is right people need to work together if it is needed.
  13. Welcome to PON @CooperPie, would you be up for telling us a little bit about yourself.
  14. Great vlog @Rio Doherty, you have some skills with your camera.
  15. It's very rarely smooth sailing for Notts, but lets remember, Notts won the 09/10 with a lot of turmoil.
  16. The Death of Princess Diana The end of the Second Boer War First 'Dreadnought' class battleship in the Royal Navy Britain declaring war on the Ottoman Empire
  17. No chances for me. I will find things I can have my pennies worth on, provided PON has discussions I will be tempted to have my say.
  18. Canary islands are a nice place to go. You can't beat how relaxing it can be in my eyes.
  19. Welcome to PON @Rio Doherty
  20. https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/national-league-statement-national-league-competit-61601?fbclid=IwAR2VXlCBfLRxMltRd8ZPvCJXgyptV0He_U2VwEymRru99OKEV6v6jujBJa0
  21. I think yesterday was another good team performance, nobody deserves a rating below 5.
  22. If they suspend the league, leave it as things stand and pick up the playoffs once it blows over.

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