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  1. Good interview, I think there's a obvious reason as to why Shaun Derry is now a coach.
  2. I don't feel there is any comparison to Cal Roberts, but still Tom Walker is a very good player at this level. I would like to see more of him going at the opposition as he's useful on the ball. A faster CM in the middle would be my next addition if Notts can.
  3. Did Rodders play on the wing against Chesterfield? It's all to play for, both teams will want to win and I can't see them sitting back to accept a draw. They pushed against Sutton, so there's a lot more fighting within the squad since the start of the season. I just want to see Notts play some complacent football, if they work hard the result should follow.
  4. Nobody has outright called for Neal Ardley to go? That surprised me. I don't get the concerns, most will know its early doors and it takes time for Notts to settle. Considering everything happening in the world, football seems the least important but I do not see danger of relegation. Progress some times requires a step back, in order to move forward. Sticking with a manager for a change would be nice.
  5. Corn Flakes but they don't taste as nice as they once did.
  6. Notts does lack the quality of someone who can just keep their head done, put in a steady shift and avoid trying to do something flashy. Craig Westcarr for me is a player that the clubs misses, out wide or as a striker he would score and perform quite well.
  7. I don't think being top of the league would satisfy some of the fans Notts has.
  8. Imagine being on the end of that defeat as a professional footballer, it must be humiliating.
  9. Trevor Christie Tommy Johnson Mark Stallard Lee Hughes Jon Stead
  10. I'm going to predict a 1-1 draw, we can't win them all and a point would be a good outcome. Something for the team to improve on with games away from home. I can see Meadow Lane being the main area for points that are picked up, but a slow start never hurt anyone away from home. Confidence and performances have been good, avoid allowing stress and expectations to impact the squad away from home.
  11. Cracking goals, you can see the training ground work coming into play.
  12. @Dave Dornan, welcome to PON. Do join in.
  13. @colin savage, welcome to PON. Don't be shy.
  14. I plan to watch the majority of home live streams, away I am not so sure about the quality compared to the worth of it.
  15. I have seen the arguments that Neal Ardley will stick with the diamond formation, because this is what formation he had in mind when signing the players so far, I disagree. They're professional footballers who will be able to play any tactic that they're coached well enough in. I think we will see a return of the 4-4-2 formation. Slocombe Brindley Lacey Rawlinson McCrory Doyle Enzio Rodriguez O'Brien Sam Wootton
  16. I think some fans might be eating their own comments once Sam finds his feet, Wootton didn't start a blaze when he arrived. I remember reading people who claimed signing Ameobi would've been better. Look how that turned out.
  17. Welcome to PON @CurtisNCFC.
  18. Some of the results and performance will ground the expectations a little, pre season is not a stage to worry. Majority of signings have gone down well, more time is needed.
  19. Ordered the home kit, awaiting the release of the training tops and any new coats.
  20. One more season isn't going to hurt, but it's hard to see how he would be a regular over players like JOB who still has a lot more to give.
  21. I would pass as he would be rarely used unless of injury. I'd rather see a youngster as backup.
  22. I for one do not want to see Notts going all guns blazing. Take it slow, grow in confidence and get a real feel for what Barnet has about them. If we go for their throats early on, its only going to lead to the shaky defence that we tend to see.
  23. Sounds like a Leicester City fans username, but pleased to see you're still posting.

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