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Through Thick and Thin: Adam Baker’s 30-Year Love for Notts County


For over 30 years, Adam Baker has been a dedicated supporter of Notts County. He has shared his experiences and memories as a fan of the club, from his earliest memories of supporting the team to the changes he has seen in the club over the years.

Adam's love for Notts County began in the early 90s when the team was promoted to the old first division under Neil Warnock. “Being from the south not knowing your geography much at 9 years old I picked a top flight team like kids always seem to do and here we are today…” Adam recalls.

As a child, Adam's favourite players were Mark Draper and Tommy Johnson. "I think it was these players in that iconic home bitter shirt I really remember as a child," he says.

Over the years, Adam has seen many changes in Notts County, both on and off the field. "Where do I start with this question… in the 30 years I’ve supported them it was unfortunately changing for the worse, dropping divisions, flop players on big expectations, and the club wasn’t run very well” he says. However, more recently, Adam has seen a positive change in the club under its current owners. "The change has been phenomenal… crowds larger in non league than league 1, quality of football and the players we recruit now is so much better and thought through” he says.

Adam's happiest moments as a Notts County fan include attending both Anglo Italian cup finals at Wembley as a child and going to his first ever game at Meadow Lane vs Burnley as my dad was a Burnley fan. Little things like just going to my team's home ground as a child was up there for me," he says. One of the most joyful moments we experienced earlier this year was undoubtedly the thrilling promotion party. "So many fans crying with joy in the stands! Proper happy moment that," Adam recalls.

On the other hand, Adam's saddest moment as a Notts County fan was being at Swindon watching the team drop to non-league for the first time in their long history. "I held my coat over my head for about 10 minutes at full time in that away end," he says.

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On a typical match day, Adam sets off on a Friday morning after rush hour and stays at a friend's house in Nottingham for the weekend. He enjoys early beers in the Navi and soaking up the great atmosphere. After watching the game, he heads home on Sunday back down the M1 with a sore head.

Adam stays connected with the club and its community through social media groups and official club websites. As I’m a long way from the club. 

In addition to following the team's progress on social media and official club websites, Adam also enjoys connecting with other fans and sharing his experiences as a Notts County supporter. He has made many new friends through his love for the club and enjoys spending time with them on match days.

Being a Notts fan has without doubt impacted Adam's life with a lot of natural highlights over recent years supporting them. "But, wouldn’t change it, we always do things the notts way… prime example is the playoffs this year 120 min win vs Boreham Wood, then to take us fans to penalties at Wembley and win just grips me and that’s why you can’t beat supporting this superb football club! Not sure what I’d do without them? COYP!," he says.

Notts has also had a major positive impact on Adam's life during difficult times. "I lost my dad in October 2019 to a brain tumour that affected me massively, also an awkward break-up from my daughters mother after 7 years in terms of emotionally and financially after dad's death. So getting up to Nottingham and watching my team is almost a relief from getting away from the norm even if it was for a weekend now and then!" he says.

Adam's love for Notts County, despite the highs and lows of supporting a football club, fuels his enduring dedication. He steadfastly stands by them through every trial and triumph, eagerly anticipating the creation of countless cherished memories as a devoted magpies fan.

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this is a great story of adam, is this not what being a notts fan is all about? its great to see that hes involved his daughter, i was never into football into my early teens. so i can imagine its a nice thing they can bond over. you are doing notts proud adam, keep it! 👋🏻

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His decision to support Notts was unconventional but commendable. It’s rare to see someone choose a team outside of the top five these days. Kudos to Adam for his wise selection. Despite the highs and lows, it has only served to strengthen our community. As @liampie pointed out, it’s lovely that he’s involving his daughter. She didn’t have the luxury of choice like Adam did when it came to picking a team. Fortunately, Notts is on the rise. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, @Chris, and thank you, Adam.

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The concluding part is indeed poignant, when Adam discusses the loss of his father. It’s hard to fathom such an emotion, but it’s heartening to see him persevering and honouring his father’s memory. The 90s were a golden era for our supporters, a time before my own, but I am grateful to be witnessing a similar resurgence under Luke Williams. It appears that Adam made a wise decision all those years ago, and I wish him all the best. I hope his daughter finds as much joy in Notts as he did in his youth.

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It's pleasing to observe that supporting Notts has provided him solace during a challenging period. Undoubtedly, the forthcoming season and the promotion achieved last year will hold significant importance for him. The article is highly commendable and makes for an enjoyable read.

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What a fantastic read! It's wonderful to come across stories from fellow fans about their experiences supporting the club. Each of us has unique encounters, which strengthens the bond we share. The highs and lows we go through truly contribute to our resilience and fortitude.

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It’s not just about the love for the game but the community around it. Taken through a journey of emotional peaks and troughs, Adam's story is a reminder of why we love Notts. This connection transcends the game; it’s much deeper and much more personal.

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Adam’s story really touched me. He loves his club a lot, even when times are hard. I was moved by how he found comfort in football and his mates when he was having a tough time. This shows how important football is - it’s more than just a game, it’s a lifeline. It’s lovely to see how the Magpies fans stick together, whether they win or lose.

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Adam is a true fan of Notts, showing his love for the club in good times and bad. His words are strong and make us think: even when things are tough, we can find joy. For Adam, that joy comes from Notts County. His story touches our hearts!

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What an impactful narrative! Adam embodies the resilient spirit of Notts fandom. I was particularly moved by his ability to seek solace in our beloved club during tough times. The emotional depth in his experiences resonates with fans like us, and it's stories like these that affirm why we love football and especially Notts County.

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It is nice to read the story of a dedicated supporter and his life following his favourite team. There are stories just like this being made week by week and year by year.

And that is going on in every part of our Country and across the World. A Football Club supporters story is a story for the ages.



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