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How footballs changed in general


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Let's discuss how footballs changed, either for the better or worst. Share your memories of the early days of football and compare to modern day!

For me the cost needs to be looked into. I was quite excited about the FPR, which should give the clubs the upper hand during negations. Another negative is how the media and general image of opposition fans are 'unfriendly' from my experience they're very welcoming.

The better things is the development, it is moving forward. However, as a 90's era football fan. I don't have as much to discuss with regards to this, however I am sure others will. Please do join in! This could be good fun. :)

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I think our minds would have been altered if we had kept our place in that league in 92', We missed out on a lot of $$$$$ and what was it? only 2-3 games that sealed our fate. We were so close yet so far away. 


Football in general had to Change from the 70's & 80 tribal wars (Hooliganism) Did Hillsborough change that somewhat? I don't know.  


Today's football is ok, fairly entertaining. They are paid way way way too much, and i see more and more cheating coming into it, as in Diving, feigning  injury etc etc   

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I think the very thing we are taking part in now has changed the way we 'enjoy' football. The emergence of message boards, good or bad, have really moved the conversations from the back of the stands or in Notts case in the Navi to the ether with people who we don't really know.

Gone are the days when you would catch the football buses in and talk football then. Same with the trains as well. The old away day specials used to be special because it was full of fans who you could chat to. Now its too expensive to catch it for most.


You were right to identify the cost factor as the biggest change. Is was never a case where everyone could afford to go every week, but it far more in reach of most people than it is now. Put that aside the fact that alot of homes and nearly all pubs show Sky or BT football premiership games most nights, the top league now seems a million miles away, where as in years gone by the first division was a big ask, but it was 'doable.'

Now I can't ever see Notts in the Prem, let alone staying there.


Shame Munto was a total lie really as that might have been our one and only shot at the magical land for the next ??? years!

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Football has clearly been corrupted by money. Just look at the locations of the next two World Cups after this year's edition. The football that teams were forced to play with at the last World Cup. The weird rescheduling for the sake of television rights. And the constant advertising and changing of football strips which have a different sponsor whether it's home or away!

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   Football has changed considerably since I first watched the Rams back in the 1950's. The balls are much lighter now and not like cannonballs when it was wet.There were no shirt sponsors then, just the local businesses in the match programme which was also much cheaper then but very basic.

   Some of the laws have changed- a player could pass back to his  goalkeeper then.

   Referees assistants were linesmen and no 4th official.No red or yellow cards either or substitutes.

   Very little TV coverage just the FA cup final and some internationals.No TV pundits or action replays

  There was certainly a lot less money about and players wages were restricted.

 There are a lot of other things I can't think of at the moment but I do think there is much that is better and sadly some things that are not.


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I can't really compare from years and years ago, but there is more diving and players acting like they are hurt just to get the other player red/yellow card or even ust abit more extra time. Some clubs are worse than others for this.

The price of players is way over the price it should be.

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